429-Episode 419 Rosalina (1)

 Peromus and the scorpion-faced shopkeeper are still negotiating the price of the two earrings.

(Okay, okay, it's getting good. That's Peromus. You're right, Peromus. The shopkeeper can't back down now, can he?

 Allen fully admires Peroms' negotiation method.

 The owner of a store in a prime location takes pride in his achievements.
 Once you're at the bargaining table, you're not likely to back out of a deal.
 Especially if he is trying to admonish Peromus, the young merchant who provoked him so much, as a successful man.

 I told Peromus to make sure he buys it.
 I'd like to see him pay half of the 2.4 million gold coins the shopkeeper just offered.

Well, let's leave the deal to Peromus. The woman with the orange hair. Are you done shopping?

 Allen leaves the negotiations to Peromus and looks at the accessories on the shelves and the women who are looking for them.
 Then, the orange-haired woman to whom Allen had just given the earring seemed to complete her purchase.

"These are the two earrings, right?"


 She's talking to the shopkeeper.

"Are you a participant in the competition?"

"Of course."

 You are confident of your presence and that your appearance is unrecognizable.

"I'll need to see your registration card.

"I'm sorry. I left it at the inn."

 The orange-haired woman replies, and the clerk seems to have noticed something.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir, but we have a rule. You must show your ID.

"What? The person who just bought the ticket was able to buy it without it.

 The person who finished shopping before the woman with orange hair was not a participant in the tournament and could shop without a participation card.
 She stubbornly asked me to show my entry card, and I complained that she was being unfair.

"I'm sorry, but all participants are required to show their participation cards."

"What the hell is that? Forget it. I'll go to another restaurant."

 "Fine then," he says, placing the earrings on the counter.

"...... I'm sorry. I'd like to go over a few things with you over there."

 The clerk seemed to be convinced of something by the orange-haired woman's attitude.
 He looked at the two store guards standing at the entrance.
 Something was wrong, and she hurried to leave the store.

"What's the matter with you? I'm busy preparing for the convention!"

 A security guard blocks the path of a woman with orange hair, and she fusses in frustration.

"I'm sorry, sir. It'll be over soon."

 "I'm sorry, it'll just take a minute." "Don't make too much noise," she soothes.
 The women in the store are looking at her, wondering what's going on.

"Hey! Where are you touching?

 The two security guards grabbed the woman by one arm each, and she was lifted up and flailing her legs while screaming.

"Please don't freak out. We just want to talk to you about why you couldn't show your ID.

 The clerk tells her not to make a fuss because the conversation will be over soon.

"There's nothing to talk about!

"I have nothing to say! This is our chance.

 The orange-haired woman is grabbed by both arms, causing a commotion, while Allen approaches, pondering something.

"Hmm. Another one? There's been a lot of that lately. This store appreciates your help with the convention."

"I'm sorry about this, sir."

 The shopkeeper who had been negotiating with Peromus for the earring stopped the deal to suppress the commotion and came over.
 He then apologized for the commotion to Allen, who clearly had the air of a nobleman.

"No problem. So, another forged entry card, huh?"

(I'll just say it like it is.)

 I want to know what's going on, so I ask him what's going on.

"Probably so. "Probably, yes. Forged entry cards or participation in a tournament without qualifications. It's very common this time of year."

What do you mean, "not qualified"? You don't get to decide! Rosalina can enter the tournament!

 The word "ineligible" enraged the woman.
 The word "ineligible" made the woman furious.

'Commander Ivanum, please take your men and come into the store. When you come in, please make sure you talk to them appropriately.

 In the midst of the women's commotion, Allen used his bird F summoner's skill, "Transmission," to call the Commander of the Iwanam Knights, who was waiting outside.

"What's going on? Master Alec."

 At Allen's call, the knights, led by Commander Ivanum, came into the magic shop.

 I asked him to wait outside the store in case something happened.

 Using the "Transmission" skill, you can target your words.

"Hmm, looks like we have a little problem. Bring this woman to the palace. Be polite."


 Overwhelmed by the knights, the guards of the store seemed to let go of the woman.
 The knights then escort the noisy woman out of the store.

"Thank you for your help. Thank you very much."

The shopkeeper thanked Allen for controlling the commotion.

(I'm totally in on this, aren't I? I'll just make sure it doesn't become a problem.

"Well, it's my duty. I'd like to contribute to his Majesty in other ways. The earrings are a necessity. I hope you'll cut me some slack."

 With that, Allen looked at the shopkeeper and grinned.
 I'll ask you to moderate your negotiations with Pelomus.

"Well, is that, after all, the start of a war?"

 The shopkeeper noticed something.

"Hmm? A war? Did I slip up somehow?"

 The shopkeeper made a good mistake, so Allen glared at the shopkeeper.

"No, no, nothing at all!"

 At this point, the shopkeeper is finally convinced of the identity of Allen and Peromus.

 The shopkeeper's guess is that Alec, who has knights under his command, is a nobleman from a good family and is the head of the family, although he looks young.

 The reason why such a noble young man is asking for a rather expensive earring is none other than this.
 We think that he is trying to win the war that Ignomus is waging.

 There is a rumor among the merchants that Ignomus, who has started a civil war, is going to take control of the ground in order to gain control of his subjects.

 Once the diva contest is over, he will turn his attention to war.

 The only way to win the war on earth is to acquire expensive equipment.
 For that purpose, she must have heard that the palace treasure had been sold and came to our store with her subordinate merchants.

 The scorpion-faced shopkeeper might have said, "Perhaps you're buying the earrings to win the war and gain territory on earth? I was about to ask.
 There is no doubt that he is trying to acquire equipment that is expensive enough to bring down a house.
 The reason why he is asking for such an expensive item that he is willing to take such a gamble may be that there are concrete plans in the palace for after the victory of the war.

 The shopkeeper would like to hear about the future, if possible, as it would affect his future business.
 However, Allen replies, "There is nothing to talk about at this time," as if he is asking us to guess from his expression.

(Thanks for the nice misunderstanding.)

 This way, even if the information gets to the palace and they ask, "Why were you buying expensive equipment if you were doing market research? This way, if the information reaches the palace and they ask, "Why did you say you were doing market research and buying expensive equipment?

"Then we'll leave the Peroniki behind. Please continue negotiations."

"Yes, sir."

I'm afraid you're gonna have to watch your back. I'll tell you that, too.

"By the way, owner. What is your name?

"What? My name is Kasagoma.

 The owner of the store, Kasagoma, said his name, though he wondered how he knew it.

"Hmm, you must be Kasagoma. I'll keep you in mind for any further help I may need. I'll keep that in mind."

"Yeah? I'll be glad to help you.

 When the war starts, the wizards will be in great demand.
 You mean you'll ask for help when the time comes?
 Perhaps you'll be in charge of the store when we open a branch on land after the war?
 The owner of the store, Kasagoma, began to calculate the money account in his mind.

 As for Allen, he knows that he absolutely needs the earrings.
 Since Peromus is going to have a hard time negotiating with him at this point, he smells more talk about the future to avoid losing the negotiation.
 If he negotiated too hard, he might not be able to make a profit in the future.

 While misleading the shopkeeper, Allen left, leaving the negotiations to Peroms.

(Oops, there it is.)

 A short distance from the magic shop on the main street, a group of knights were waiting to restrain a woman.
 I told the knight captains of Iwanam to wait a little further away from the store.

"Rosalina is innocent! Yes, she is. It's some kind of a trap. What are you staring at?"

 She had orange hair, beautiful green eyes, and was wearing light clothing that showed a lot of skin.
 She is a contestant, so she has a very good figure.
 Rosalina is wary of me, thinking that I am about her age.

"There's a restaurant down the street that I recommend, so let's talk there.


 Allen said, "Let's go to a place with good sweets.
 He tells the knights to kill some time and then go pick up Peromus.

 Tell Peromus where you are and what you're doing by using the Avian F Summoner's Awakening skill, "Transmission.
 The special skill "Transmission" can only transmit words, but when the skill "Transmission" is awakened, it can transmit images and sounds.

 The summoner of Bird F shows Peromus the scene in the sky so that he can see where he went.

 After entering the restaurant and taking a seat, I asked Peromus what he would like, but he was very cautious, so I ordered some sweets.

(If it's any good, I'll have to give Luke a few souvenirs. He's been in a bad mood lately.

 Unlike Allen and Peromus, who now have access to the palace, Luke's role in maintaining the magic tools does not allow him to go to the city or the palace.

 That's why he hasn't left the building he's been given, and he's not happy lately.
 If there are any good sweets, I'll bring some back to him as a gift.


 While Rosalina continues to be silent and vigilant, a shopkeeper brings her the sweets that are a specialty of the Imperial City of Atlanta.

"So, why did you forge a participation card?

 I ask Rosalina, who doesn't want to say anything even after the colorful sweets arrive.
 Her tone is rather rough, taking into account the situation of the other party.

"I have no obligation to answer you.


"What? So you want to take Rosalina to the palace?

"No, not really. I don't care if you go away with her. I'll just report that she ran away when I tried to take her.

(It's a pain in the ass, so I won't even do that unless the palace gets the message.)

"Oh, really? Well then!"

 Rosalina then stood up, as if to say she had no business.

"If I were you, I could use my connections at the palace to get you into the tournament.

(I don't have such connections.)

"What? What do you mean?

 Rosalina stopped in her tracks.

Rosalina stopped. "There are always exceptions to everything. I'm in a position to make that exception. What do we do? You seem to be having a hard time buying even a single ornament at this rate.

 Rosalina seemed to be thinking about her own situation when she said that.

"...... Okay. You can enter the tournament. What's your name?"

 She spoke to Allen as if she had made a decision.

"As I said in the store, my name is Alec. Are you sure you want to call me Rosalina?"

"Rosalina is fine. So, what does Alec want with Rosalina in the tournament?

 What does he want from me?

I see, you're not moving at all. I think he's a commoner by the looks of him, but he's got a very competitive personality.

 As confident as she looks, she seems to have a rather brazen personality.
 Checking Rosalina's demeanor, her brow wrinkled as she demanded a quick answer as to what her purpose was.

"Of course I have a purpose. I heard that if you win a prize or more in the diva contest, Makris will give you the Holy Pearl."

"What? Could it be?

 Rosalina's eyes widened.

"Yes. I'll let you participate in the tournament. I'll let you participate in the tournament, and if you win a prize or more, you can give me the holy grail. I'd like to talk about that.

 Allen gave Rosalina a bad look and offered her a deal.