5 something found in the forest

 Maybe it's because the sun is high, or maybe it's because the trees are widely spaced, but it's not insanely dark in the forest.

Still, I guess we'll have to come back early.

 Alone, I marked the nearest tree with a machete as I walked toward the back of the house. I can't see the house anymore, but I know the direction of the house because of the knowledge and experience installed in my body.
 I will have to clear up these gaps in my mind little by little.

 I have no experience in the "old world", even as a blacksmith. I think I can do most of the work that was installed, but that's the part I don't remember.
 I have to work out those gaps on a daily basis.

 But I'm not too worried about that. While I'm exploring the forest now, I can see that knowledge and experience are gradually adjusting to my body.
 However, that doesn't stop you from marking the trees just in case, since you don't know at what point the discrepancy will return and you won't know the direction of the house.

 Along the way, my head's experience teaches me to pick out as many herbs as I can fit in my pockets for antifebrile and anti-inflammatory medicines. I'm pretty sure we don't have any at home.
 A sure-fire way to get herbs" is definitely very useful in this world. This might be a good place.

 Then, about an hour on my internal clock, I heard the sound of water. I think I've found a water supply point that would be valuable in our world.
 I headed toward the sound, and sure enough, there was a lake. The one I'm in seems to be downstream, and I can see the river flowing out of the lake in the distance.

 You can't see the shore on the other side from here, so it must be a pretty big lake. We've been exploring medicinal plants and other things on the way up to this point, so if we don't pay attention to anything else, we should be able to get there in about 15 minutes.
 That should probably take care of the water. There's a chance I'll have to make several round trips every day, but considering I'll be spending most of the day in that house, it'll be good exercise. I want to make it a part of my daily routine as soon as tomorrow.

 I took a peek at the lake as well. It's hard to tell because of the water, but it seems I'm about 30 years old, just like I wanted to be.
 Well, a reasonably skilled blacksmith (I believe they did, and my experience and knowledge of "installation" tells me so) and a recent move in, you can't explain a 20-year-old or so.

 The story of a blacksmith who wandered here to escape from something after training somewhere is beyond suspicious. Even if there was, it would be suspicious in its own way.

 It's still early in the day, my body is telling me, so I'll explore the lake's edge a bit more. While walking along the water's edge, stopping occasionally to stare into the water, I made several discoveries.

 First, there are shrubs with raspberry-like fruit in places and tall trees with apple-like fruit. According to the "installed" knowledge, these fruits are edible.
 We still have a stock of foodstuffs, and we have not brought the tools to bring back the foodstuffs that we secured, so we decided to give up for today.

 Looking closely into the water, I see that the water of the lake comes from here, and although it's not visible from here now, there may be a mountain somewhere around here. The water is clean and full of fish. I didn't bring fishing or fishing gear, so I won't catch any today. It will be fun later, but I wonder if you have time to enjoy fishing and fishing as a blacksmith.

 Since you make your living from blacksmithing, of course you should be too busy to do that. Well, if it comes to that, then we can decide on a regular holiday and come back on that day or something. I'm more of a slow life than a workaholic.

 Meanwhile, my body is telling me that it's time to go back soon ...... when I see something lying in the shade of the grass. It must be about six feet tall.
 If it was a normal animal, it was pretty big. I approached the animal carefully.

 It's hard to tell from the shadows, but its head looks like a dog or cat, and its overall silhouette is close to human. I see its shoulders moving wildly, and I approach with some haste. I'm sure the animal can hear my footsteps, but it still doesn't move with its breathless movements.

 When I got within arm's reach, I got the full picture. The animal, or perhaps it's rude to call it an animal. The man was a tiger-headed beastman.

 He was suffering from wounds here and there on his leather-armor-clad body that was thin but had muscles that should have been there. Even though she is lying on her stomach, the leather armor at her side can be seen torn open.
 The area around it is reddish-black, and while it is not bleeding profusely, it is obvious even without the 'installation' that it is the deepest part of the wound.

We need to bring this in now.

 I pick her up from the front. And there, covered in leather armor, are breasts that stick out more firmly than I expected.
 I was horrified, but I didn't have time to do that, so I put my head under my arm and lifted my entire body onto my shoulder. It's what we would call a 'fireman's carry' in the previous world.

"I suppose it would be more romantic to carry a girl in a princess's arms, but this is faster. I'm sorry, but bear with me.

 Contrary to its appearance, I was surprised that I was able to carry it lightly, but I hurriedly returned to "home".