6 help a person

 Carrying the tiger beast girl on my shoulders, I hurried back to the house.

 It took extra time because we went a bit farther back, but as expected, it took us roughly 15 minutes to get home from the nearest shore of the lake.
 Meanwhile, the girl was losing strength more and more. Still, I don't feel the warmth of the house is diminishing, so I'd like to believe that she'll make it just in time.

 Once at home, you gently drop the girl off, unlock the door and open it. I hear a muffled but loud croaking sound coming from the workshop.
 I rush inside and head for the bedroom. Searching through the bedroom, I find a sheet in the cupboard, so I pull out two sheets and place them on the living room table.

 You head to the workshop and start looking again. This time it's a needle and thread and a knife. It took me a while, but I managed to find them both.
 The needle and thread were supposed to be used to work on the scabbard, but this is not the time to talk about that. Blades are knives for sale. We don't have time for this either, so I'm going to take it out.

 Next, go to the kitchen and fill a pot with water and put the needle in it to heat it.
 While the water boils, I go back to the living room, spread a sheet on the table, and lay the girl who was left lying outside on it.
 I don't think so, but it would be a hassle if someone or something came in during the procedure, so I put a blanket over it.

 Now, first of all, you want to take off the leather armor, but the belt is stuck in blood or something, so you want to cut it with the knife you brought with you.
 I thought I could get him out of his leather armor, but the shirt he's wearing underneath is also covered in blood and sticks to him.
 I use the knife to cut this one as well (much more carefully than when cutting my belt). I place the removed leather armor beside it, then cut the shirt down the middle and take it off to check for any other serious injuries to the side.

 The entire area is covered in hair, making it difficult to see, but if it's easy to see, it's a major injury. In the end, we found out that although there were some cuts here and there, the only thing that needed to be treated was a major injury on the side.
 Blood was seeping from there. All this time, the girl seemed to be in pain but didn't seem to notice.

 After checking her injuries, a pot of water boiled. I cut the sheets into pieces and soak them in the boiling water, and then wait a little while before taking out the needle and thread with the cut sheets.

"In times like these, the installation is the key. ......"

 Thanks to the "installation," I was able to do what I had just done, but it was still something that I had some knowledge about. What I'm about to do cannot be done at all without the knowledge and experience of the "installation".

 I took the items out of the hot water and brought them to the table, and wiped the wound on my side with a wet sheet.


 The girl's face twisted into a snarl, but she didn't seem to notice. The wiped wound bleeds slightly again.
 The wound is sewn up with a needle and thread. Without anesthesia, this must also be very painful.
 With each stitch, the girl's face twists. Guilt gnaws at my heart, but this is my way of helping her. She'll just have to put up with it.

 Thanks to the survival skills of the "installation", I was able to suture up a large wound, though not quite as well as a surgeon.
 It may not look good, because it is a technique that is only good if you can save yourself. I apologize if you notice that.

 On the sutured wound, grind up the anti-festering herb that you collected earlier, add hot water, and apply it after it has cooled down.
 Put a cut sheet as gauze over it, and then wrap a thin sheet as a bandage around it, and the treatment for the most serious injury is complete.

 After that, soak the sheet you just wiped the wound with in hot water again, and wipe the whole body with it to make sure there are no other injuries.
 Of course, I felt a little embarrassed because I was a naked girl, but my body and head knew that this was not the right time, so I took care of her without reacting to anything.

 The water in the pot was still boiling, so I turned off the heat. The water was still hot enough to fill the wooden bowl, and now I added the fever-reducing herbs I had taken earlier.

 After a little while, a refreshing fragrance began to rise. It resembled the mint of the previous world. I scoop out some of this water with a wooden spoon, let it cool, and give it to the girl to drink.
 If she is completely unresponsive to anything, it is impossible to make her drink it, but fortunately, when I put the wooden spoon close to her lips, she swallowed it, and I made her drink the entire contents of the bowl. This should help to relieve the pain a little.

 I kept her lying on the table for an hour or so to see if her condition changed suddenly, but her breathing gradually became calmer, so I decided to move her again.

 She's not going to recover from lying on the table at all. I took her in a princess-huggy position and carried her in through the bedroom door, which I had left open, and laid her on the bed.
 Of course, I didn't forget to cover her with a quilt (or whatever you call it, since it's western style).

Feng ......

 I was so tired. I was treated for a serious injury, albeit appropriately, but more importantly, I felt completely relaxed during the procedure.
 I've had a lot of fun today. I'd like to take a break to eat now. Let's sit down on the couch by the side table and rest.

For now, I'll fetch some water tomorrow and start working in the workshop ...... but I need to check on her from time to time and see how she's doing: ......

 As I sat back and thought about the future, I felt even more tired, or rather, drowsy. I've had this drowsy feeling a few times in my previous world. "You know, the one where you fall asleep.

No! I fell asleep and had to eat ......

 I tried to resist, but in vain, as the experience of not "installing", my consciousness sank into a comfortable darkness.