9 Check it out

 I used an experimental knife to cut a bundle of straw to test it out, and the whole tree that I was using as a stand was cut off.

 It's a rather unacceptable situation, if I were to simply state the facts.
 It's a prototype. We had the benefit of "installation" and it was the first time I'd ever made a prototype, so I took it pretty seriously, but I wasn't looking for that kind of magical sharpness. It's too sharp and dangerous.

 I thought maybe I was given some kind of cheat with my sword talent, so I tried to do the same thing with the knife I used to cut Saamir's clothes yesterday, and although it cut through the straw bundle nicely, it didn't cut through the base.

 In other words, the result was a sword (or a knife?) The skill of the knife itself may have some part to play, but it's basically the performance of the knife itself.
 But even in the previous world, there is a saying "you can split a chicken with a cowlick," and this knife is just that. Not many people want to use a knife to cut meat, which would cut through a chopping board.

 However, this knife may be a capable weapon. Normally, knives are effective against unarmored opponents, but their power would be greatly reduced if they were armored with leather armor.
 But this knife, aside from the metal, will be able to penetrate and cut through leather.

 Anyway, I can't sell this one. Fortunately, I made it small enough that it's a prototype, and it'll be for my protection.

 Take the wood you just chopped off and split it into pieces the same thickness as the knife, and cut out a knife shape. Apply some glue to both sides of the board and shape it, then attach the leather belt to the scabbard, and you've got a simple scabbard. It's ready to be carried around for now.

 But it's a shame if everything is made to this quality. I hurriedly prepared three pieces of sheet metal about the same size as the knife I made this time, and prepared the fire pit.

 From now on, I'm going to forge these three pieces of metal, and I'm going to divide them into three groups: one with more effort than yesterday, one with a little more work, and one that is completely lazy. The size is almost the same.
 It's about the size of a survival knife in the old world, a little bigger than my self-defense weapon.

 I had just finished typing three in this manner when it was getting dark. We'll do the rest in the morning. We've got to wake up Samija from her sleep to heal her wounds.

Hey, it's almost time for dinner. Come on, get up.


 Samija is turning over, rummaging in her sleep. Yeah, that's a weird sound.

Sleep is important, but you gotta eat to get well. Well, now get up!

 I pulled off the quilt, and it finally woke me up. After I pulled it off, I realized that this would have been a bad idea if Sami was a sleeper with nothing on. I'll be more careful in the future.

Is it that late already? I slept a lot and I'm sleepy as a fiddle.

"After a serious injury. I think your body is trying to keep you from moving it to make blood or something.

Wow, you're a very knowledgeable guy, Eizo.

Not really.

 I fell asleep before it was dark yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to see it, but I have a lantern in my bedroom that magically lights up. It seems that they included it as a minimum for "installation" and it works for me.
 It's quite dark now, so I put it to use.

Do you think Eizo can do magic too?

Only the easy stuff.

It's amazing what a family name can do: ......

 And was impressed by Samija. There are a lot of people in this world who are at the very least useless.

 Go to the living room and have dinner. Put the root vegetables in the soup you had for breakfast and lunch and reheat it. You've consumed more food for two people, but it still looks like it will last quite a while.

 However, it's not enough to last for two or three months at this rate. In the meantime, we have to find a way to earn money here.
 Basically, I'll have to go into town to sell things here, or accept repairs.

 But for now, I don't want you to leave the house until Samija is able to move around to her satisfaction. It would be too bad to wake up if something happens to the child we rescued while I'm not here.

 Over dinner, we'll have a rambling conversation. We avoid talking about birth stories and so on, but Samija talks about her daily life and I talk about the nature of the world I was born in.
 There is a very high mountain, and it was amazing to see the snow not melt on the top of it.

 After eating, we'll both go to bed. I'll sleep at my desk in the office. I'm used to it in my old world.
 Samija insists that I sleep there, and I reluctantly convince her that I can't let her do that, at least not until the wound is sealed. And so the second day passed.

 The next morning, you wake up and make breakfast as you did the day before, and you wake up Saamya and feed her in the same way. I boil water apart from the food and tell Saamja to wipe herself with it before I go out to fetch water. While I fetch water, I take a dip.
 Maybe it's because it's a lake, but the water is quite cold. Still, I came back with the water feeling refreshed.

 Now we can continue yesterday's three tests. Harden the three knives at three different levels of force in the same way. I am trying to sharpen the knives to a minimum so that they are sharp. When I finished, I wrapped a leather strap around the handle to prevent it from slipping.

 It will be noon before you know it and we'll have lunch. Then I asked Saamir for a favor.

"Samija, I'm sorry, but I need your help when I finish eating this.

Okay, but I don't know anything about blacksmithing.

It's okay. It's okay. It's not me.

Well, I laid down all day yesterday and I'm feeling much better today.

Then please.

 The reason I asked for this is to keep my swordsmanship (or something like that) out of the results of the test cut. If it can cut through to the table because I put the most effort into it, it's probably the performance of the knife.

 After finishing lunch, the two of us move to the work area.

I want you to test the sharpness of these three knives here, right to left. Put the straw bundle on this table and cut it.

Okay. You're welcome.

 Samija sat down on a work chair (just a cut log), placed a bundle of straw on the firewood instead of a stand, took the rightmost one of the three knives nearby, raised it, and slashed at it with great force.
 There was a cracking sound and the bundle of straw was cut. But the blade of the knife had barely cut into the wood. Only the bundle of straw was cut.

This knife is amazing. I see Eizo is good at this.

Thank you. Okay, next.


 Samija got into the swing of things, picked up the next knife and slashed at it in the same way as before.
 There was another crunch, and the straw bundle was cut. The blade of the knife is quite deep in the wood. But it does not cut through the wood.

Hmmm, it's about as sharp as it gets.

"No, what are you talking about, Eizo! This knife cuts like a ton of bricks! Awesome!

 My wife was excited, and I was half relieved. I mean, you probably have to take it pretty seriously to get this done.

Well, well. That's the last one.

"Oh, oh, okay,

 Annoyed by my utterly calm demeanor, Samija picked up the last knife, this time the real deal, and slashed at it.

 It wasn't a crisp sound. There was no sound. But the knife in Samija's hand was halfway into the wood.


 It's all happening so fast, Samija doesn't seem to be able to keep up.

Pull your arm back.

"Oh, oh ......

 Then, as soon as Samija withdrew her arm, the bundle of straw and the firewood were cut off, just like a cartoon or an animation.

"What, what's this?

 Samija is panicking.

Calm down, you're in a lot of danger if you panic like that.

 When I called out to Samija, she looked at me and said

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. Sorry.

 And then he calmed down a little.

"No, it's okay. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

 Of course, if something like that happened right in front of me all of a sudden, I'd be scared. I'd be freaking out too. Just not so much because I expected it to.

 But it's fixed. It was a cheat that was given to me, a cheat that gave me a top priority blacksmith, a cheat that could make things that were ridiculously good: .......