10 preparations for going to town

But the third one's not going to be a regular sale.

"Huh? Is that right?

 Samija says in surprise. I am

It's too dangerous for someone who knows how to handle a blade, but for someone who doesn't, it's too sharp, isn't it?

 I reply, "Oh, yeah.

"Oh, I see. ......

 A disappointed Thermia.

Well, I wouldn't mind selling it to someone who knows how to use a blade.

"Oh, yeah!

"Hmm? What? Do you want it?

Oh, oh. When I was hunting and processing, I thought, "It would be easier if it were this sharp.

Then I'll do it.

 I've got an old one, and I don't want to wait around for its owner, and more importantly, Samija is no stranger to me.

You sure?

Hey, that's okay. I'll just make a little sheath in between the regular sales, but it'll take me a while.

I don't care. You're going to get all this stuff, so I don't want to be complaining about it.

Then wait for me.


 It's starting to feel a little like I'm feeding them. No, I'm letting them live here, so it's practically like I'm feeding them.

 Anyway, this is the direction of what I need to make. Let's not make a great one, but make a decent one while finishing it the next day or so and accepting repairs.

 Then I should focus on "making a few hits" for a while. For me, it's not a big deal, but it's a much sharper blade than normal, so it shouldn't be much of a disappointment.

 Over the next five days or so, I made some staves, sickles and axes, as well as a stiletto and a knife. The new ones I made, even the sharp ones, were made for me.

 For the past five days, Samija has been quiet. I let her participate in the test cutting sessions because I thought that she would become too relaxed if she didn't move her body too much, but even then, she doesn't seem to be giving her best effort.

 When I asked him about it, he said

No, I just want to get well soon so I can use an eizo knife or something like that: ......

 I was told. I see. Next time I'll make you something new. I have a weakness for indirect praise.

 Six days later, a week after I came here, I decided to take out the stitches in Thermia's stitches.

"I'm going to take them out now, but it's going to hurt.

Oh, okay.

 Then he pulled out the thread for the stitches. Samija looked in pain, but she bore it without screaming.

Okay, done.

Thanks for being there.

 Samija rubs the stitches out over a new bandage.

By the way, Samija, let me ask you a question.

"Hmm? What?

"Is there a problem with beastmen going to town?

"No? Just because I don't go out much because I don't have anything in particular to do, I wouldn't be stopped by the guards if I hadn't committed a crime, you know?

I see.


"No, I'm going to take a trip into town tomorrow or so. I'm not familiar with the city over here, so I'd appreciate it if you would accompany me as both an escort and a bodyguard.


"You're easy to accept,

Well, there's Eizo's help, that's for sure. A little help would go a long way.

"Thank you, thank you.

Oh. Well, I'm going to the original roost for a bit today.

"Yeah. Take care of yourself.

 It's like I've already decided to live here.
 I thought so, but maybe if I said so, he would bend his navel. It would be too much trouble for her to get too emotional, so she kept her mouth shut.

 Samija returned around the evening with some personal items.

Is that all?

"Yeah, we move the roost from time to time. So we don't have much stuff to begin with.

"I see.

 I guess I'm more like a hunter. Come to think of it, many of the topics of conversation over dinner were about hunting.
 But the fact that you are willing to live here does not mean that you can't settle down.
 Let's ask him about this when he offers to live here again.

 The next day, after finishing the morning watering, I prepare to go into town.
 It's a day trip, though, so you don't need much traveling gear. I'll take a knife, sickle, axe, and mulberry tree, but only one axe and mulberry tree is too bulky.

 Saamir will serve as our bodyguard, so just take the knife. The knife, which is not for sale, is now on your hip and you are wearing your clothes.
 I'm wearing my usual clothes with an axe, a mulberry tree and several scythes, which is suspicious, but, well, it looks like I've brought something for sale.

 I've also misplaced a few silver coins from the hidden cabinet on the bedroom side table. Probably mine, but...

Are you ready?


 With anticipation and anxiety about going to the city for the first time in this world, we set out.