12 What's your first sales?

 Once you see the outer wall of the city, it's not much further.
 When I say "outer" wall, it's just the "outer wall when the city was first built", and now there's a fence surrounding it, and there's a city within it. That's what we're here for this time.

 Although it's called a city, it was originally a market outside the wall, and the new city came about when merchants who came regularly and were able to make a living in the city set up store and settled down, so we can come and go without worrying about tolls.
 If you don't live or set up store, the cost is minimal. In return, those who do not pay taxes cannot enjoy the full protection of the lord.

 Nevertheless, those who pay taxes also suffer from the same problem, so if there is a crime, the guards will take care of it.
 However, they are only protecting you with a token. If you have a problem with the city people, you may be punished unilaterally.

 As I approached the entrance from the outside of the new city, I saw a guard keeping an eye on the street near the entrance. Although basically anyone can enter, those who have caused problems in this city or other cities are not allowed to enter. They are watching for such people to come in.

Do you have a minute?

 A guard approached us as we were about to enter the city. It's a young man. He is wearing leather armor, but it shows signs of having been used.
 He looks dapper, but he carries a short spear and his body language is unflappable. He seems to be a very capable man despite his age.

"Yes, what is it?

 I replied, trying to be cheerful. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Samija trying to hold back a laugh. You'll have to remember that before and after.

I haven't seen you around here in a while, so tell me why you're in town.

I'm selling my sickles, axes and knives at the free market. Also stags.

Anything else?

Nothing today. You want me to check?

Wow, you're fast. Thanks.

 It'd be tricky if they were trying to bring in forbidden items or something. Since the time I was in the previous world, I've always thought that I should be cooperative in such situations.
 Well, maybe it's because of my appearance, but more than once I've been suspicious.

Okay, you're good.

 The guards who were going through our stuff said. I was a little nervous when he saw the knife me and Samija had with us, but he didn't say anything.
 Maybe they thought it was just like the one they were selling.

"Try to stay out of trouble.

"Of course.

 Now we can go into town, clear. I'm getting a little excited.

 We are going to the free market, asking people on the street for places. The free market is a place where you pay a certain amount of money and you are allowed to sell things there; conversely, you are not allowed to sell things outside of the market.
 In this world, I would like to live in a leisurely manner, so I would like to actively follow the rules.

 Soon after entering the city, Samija and I arrived at the free market. At the entrance we pay a silver coin, receive a wooden tag and a vending machine, and then we look for a vacant place.
 The best place is taken by the merchants who arrived earlier than us or by the local workshop people, so we find a better place and take a position.

 Once you are in place, you set up your knives and sickles for sale on the sales table, the mulberry tree and the axe upright, and you are ready to sell.

Then it's all yours for the day.

 Talk to Samias. Today's bouncer.

Hey, I think she's just standing there.

 Samija shrugged her shoulders and said, well, you never know what you'll find.

 And the next two hours passed without incident. It's a good thing that nothing bad happened, but it's hard to sell things. You can talk to people passing by, but they don't buy.
 These products are very durable and are certainly not something that you will have to replace very often. .......
 However, there is nothing else that can be made and sold easily. You may have to be patient and wait for them to sell, but then the money you have on hand is not going to be worth it. .......

 So as we waited for customers, feeling jittery and grimy, our faces turned grim, making Samija cringe a bit and put off her customers, a few familiar faces appeared. They are the guards who checked us out when we entered the city.

"Hey, are you selling?

"No, not at all.

Oh, yeah?


Well, that's good. Would you sell me a knife?


When I checked you guys out, I thought it was a real piece of work. I can't take my current one to be sharpened or fixed anymore, so I wanted a new one. I'll be disappointed if it's sold by the time I take my turn.

Thanks for that. That's very kind of you.

 I hand him one of the knives I have lined up.

You can pull it out if you want.

"Oh, you don't mind?

 The guard pulls out the knife with great enthusiasm.

"I like this one. How much?

Five silver pieces, sir.

 I discussed this price with Samija before I came here. The price was decided after discussing with Samija before I came here.

"You want it that cheap?

"Of course, of course.

 It's a number-cruncher, and it's a pretty slick one: .......

Here it is, then.

"Yes, indeed . Thank you.

 I received five pieces of silver from the guards. This is what I made myself, and I got the gold in person. That's pretty impressive.

I'll recommend it to my fellow guardsmen if it's sharp.

"Are you sure? Thank you!

 I said to the guard with a broad smile. The guard waved his hand with a flutter and walked away.

 In the end, this was my only sale of the day. Talking about that, Saamir and I headed home, hoping for the next one to follow.