13 unexpected

 The day after I went into town for the first time and sold one knife, I spent the morning making knives. Not much effort at all, just a few strokes. And as I was making it, I was pondering.

 When I was in town, I realized that farm tools don't sell that well at a free market. It's no surprise, then, that the inhabitants of the new city are mainly merchants and artisans who have taken it upon themselves to do so. They basically don't buy farm tools.
 And as for the peasants who go from the old city inside the wall to the fields outside the wall, the peasants whose fields are rented by the lord are naturally borrowing farming tools from the lord, and even the free peasants who have their own fields are buying or repairing farming tools from the lord's own blacksmiths within the wall, who are also in charge of making and repairing the farming tools that the lord lends them. They will ask for it. So, we didn't have to come to the free market to buy farm tools.

 Looking back, there were stores selling knives, long swords, and long and short spears for "self-defense during the journey," but none of them sold farm tools. If we had realized that, we wouldn't have wasted time in lining up the sickles. This is the most important point of yesterday's discussion, and what we should do with our stock of sickles and mulberry trees is the main concern. Well, I'll just cut the grass around the house and work the fields. "You said that you have production skills, and maybe you can get by on your own.

 In the meantime, the knife is definitely the future's main product. It would be nice if the other weapons sold to the guards, but I don't think the guards, who also serve as the lord's private army, would buy a long sword or a spear. It's because they are basically supplies.
 The reason why the guards bought a knife for you is probably because the knife is not treated as an issued weapon, but rather as a personal item that can also be used for work.

 Nevertheless, there will be times when you can make good weapons for the merchants and their guards to sell. I'll have to make some knives in between.

 But as it turned out, I had been working on the knife all day. I think it's going to be this guy who makes the most money right now. And it's time for dinner.

"Hey, Eizo, can you make an arrowhead?
"Hmm? Yeah. I think I'm okay, but why?
I'm going to go back to the hunt in a little while, and I'm hoping that I'll have some eizo arrowhead for that.
"I see. Okay. I'll make you some.
"Yeah! I'm begging you!
"Yeah. Oh, and I'll be in town tomorrow, okay?
"Oh, I'm on it!
 I'm not sure if she's very happy to have her arrowhead made, but she's in a very good mood. The next day, we went out to the city along the same route as before.

 The next day, I went into town along the same route as before. It's good that nothing happened this time and we were safer than we thought, but the fact that it's a full day's work is a bit troubling.

 Get checked by a different guard, enter the city and set up store at the free market. This area is exactly the same as the day before yesterday. The only difference is that this time we only carry knives.
 As for the rest, the number of items is decreasing, so this time I put aside a bunch of test cut straws. The knife itself is not the first one, but you can easily see that it is still much sharper than an ordinary knife. I also have uncut straw, as I thought the customers might want to do that. Come on, we'll sell more today than ever before.

 Maybe it was the effect of the trial cutting display, but two bottles were sold to a peddler-like man by the afternoon. At this point, I've sold more than last time. I pose with my heart in a fist pump.
Eizo, you must be very happy right now.
 I'm so happy that I don't mind being prodded by Samija.
That's because you're selling better. That's because you're selling better than ever.
 Samija looked bemused for a moment, but soon
"Yeah, I hope so.
 And they would return with a cheery smile.

 But, contrary to my expectations, from there, no sales were made. On the way, I sent Saamia on an errand to buy some salted meat, barley, and beans with some of the proceeds, but I had a lot of free time to kill before Saamia came back.
I guess that's about it for today.
 I blurt out.
"Well, you're over the top.
 That's what I hear back.
Well, I do.

 Then, just when I thought we should close up for the day, there was a big change. About five men in leather armor appeared. They don't carry any weapons in their hands, but on their leather armor is the city's coat of arms--that is, the Guard. A group of them is coming straight toward us.
 I think Samija has her hand on her knife. It's hard to tell, but if something happens, she'll try to make a big stand, without regard for her own injuries.

 I hope that's not going to happen if at all possible. Focusing on my concerns, the man at the head of the group said
"Your guy? I sold that knife to Marius.
 The name Marius does not ring a bell. The name Marius does not ring a bell, but the person who sold the knife does.
"Huh, I don't know your name, but is that the young guard? A bit of a gentler feel.
"Yes! That's the guy! I knew it was here. Do you still have any knives for sale?
Yes, I have. I've made it again since then, and it's not selling so well today.
Okay, okay, well, give me all you've got.

"Huh? All?
 When I was confused, I couldn't understand a word he said, and the man was
Yes, all of them. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, he showed off his new knives, and they're top-notch. And they're not expensive. We're in the market for one of those. Sell it to me.

"No, that's fine, I don't mind selling it. ......
"What's the problem?
No, no, no, no, it's only a matter of time.
 I was worried that if I sold enough of my personal belongings to get all the guards to buy them, the blacksmiths within the walls, or the lord, would be noticed, but I reconsidered selling what I had left for now.
Let's see, there are eight left. That's a total of 40 pieces of silver.
"Here you go, 40. Count me.
"Yes, thank you. 1, 2, 3 ...... 39, 40. Yes, indeed, I did. Here you are.
"Whoa, can I pull it out?
Please come in.
 A man pulling a knife from its scabbard. "He's even more adept at pulling out a knife than you, Marius. Perhaps it's a higher ranking member of the guard.
You may also.
 Hand the knives to the other guards who were also there. Each one of them draws a knife and gasps. d*mn, it's a little weird with this many people.

This is good stuff, isn't it?
"Thank you.
 When the man complimented me, I condescendingly returned the compliment, and the men left with a satisfied look on their faces.

 I apologize to the people around me for the strange behavior I saw earlier, and also for the men in guards' armor that were creeping in to begin with, which made it too much of a hassle.
I'm sorry for the disturbance.
No, no, I'm a little surprised, but it's good to sell things.
 I was relieved to hear that from a well-dressed merchant who was selling textiles right next to my space, and I ended the day's business with a sigh of relief.