14 increase

 All ten knives I made were sold out.
 That in itself is undoubtedly gratifying, but of course, we don't have any stock until we make the next one. I'm taking a break from selling in town for a while.
 In the meantime, we have to work hard on the production, but before that, there are a few things we want to do.

 First is the development of new products. I'm going to make some long swords, but not very big ones. The idea is to hopefully sell them to the peddlers (or their guard mercenaries). It would be somewhat more profitable than a knife. I'd like to remember to make an arrowhead as well, since Samija will be very jealous if I forget to do so.

 And the expansion of the house. Partly because of the increase in the number of Samias, but also because of the lack of a guest room. The house is close to the edge of the Kuro Forest, but it's a long way from the city. If you're a regular customer, you're probably just going to have a meeting or hand over something you've made and that's all, so it's fine, but if you're a friend or business partner who's a bit more familiar with the place, you won't be able to stay here either. That said, it's not like I'm going to throw her out into the woods when it's getting late. I think we'll be fine for a while if we add two more rooms.

 We need materials for that, but unfortunately we don't have any dry lumber. If we cut down the trees around here, we can get some lumber, but it will take at least two weeks for it to dry. And to build a room from it would take even longer. But we're still too far from here to even buy it in town. I decided I had no choice but to get it locally.

 This is the woods. There's a lot of material around, but we need tools to get it. An axe and a big saw. I've made the axe before, but it's "for the market" and wasn't meant for my use. So I'm going to make one for me to use only.
 ...... It seems like there are more and more things to make, but I like making things, so don't worry about it.

 First, there's the axe and the saw. The axe is made by layering sheets of sheet metal and heating them on a fire pit, beating them to make thick sheet metal, then shaping and hardening them. It was made to cut down trees, so the blade wasn't made sharp.
 The large saw is made by pounding the sheet metal to make a thin sheet metal, and then make a saw blade with a saw blade, and then sharpen it with a file to complete it. I'm saying it's easy, but it was a full day's work with just the large saw, partly because I'm not used to it.

 In between work, I also made arrowheads. The arrowhead is made by pasting clay onto a wooden mold, burying it in sand to make a mold, then pouring molten iron into a furnace and removing it when it has cooled. The arrowhead is then heated to make a hole for the shaft, which is then sharpened to a sharp point, and the arrowhead itself is complete. After this, there is work to fix the arrowhead to the shaft that Cermiah is holding, but this work can be done the day before Cermiah goes out hunting.

 Now, it is time to cut down the trees. The area around the house is like a small open space, but it's still in the middle of a dense forest. It wouldn't hurt to expand the garden or the planned field a little more.
 While I've been working on the axe and other things, I've been asking Samija to help me with the sawing today, while I've been getting some exercise by drawing water (but only half a bottle) and doing other non-food chores. The reason why I've been in charge of the meals all this time is because, according to Samija, "Of course it tastes better when Eizo cooks than when I do! That's why I'm always in charge of meals. ...... Say what you will, but I'm a sucker for compliments.

 I'll stand in front of the tree, carrying the axe I made. Then I get into a knocking stance like in a baseball game and strike the blade of the axe into the tree.
 Boom! There was no change in the tree, though it made a very loud sound that seemed to go all the way to the sky. It seemed to be ......, but the tree slipped and fell to the opposite side of the strike. A heavy vibration shook the area.
 The cross-section was as clean as if it had been run through a sawmill in the previous world. I'm proud of this product, but the taste of this "cut" is frightening. If I don't cut it down carefully, it will fall on me and my second life will be over.
 Thinking about the future, I decide to cut down one more tree. I also remembered to cut in the direction of the downward swing. I heard a loud noise and vibration again, and finished felling the second tree.

 I used the axe to remove the branches from the felled tree. Normally, it would be better to use a sword machete for thin branches, but I was proud of my axe. I was able to cut them down without any difficulty. Then slam the axe down at a suitable length. Another cone! but nothing seemed to happen. But this one was cut off properly. The evidence of this is that it rolled around the length of the cut when pushed hard. It was repeated several times, and when it was ready to be cut into planks.
 I called loudly to the house. Then Saamir came out of the house with a big saw. I asked her to bring it for me when I called.

Now it's my turn!
Yeah, but don't go overboard. You don't need much strength to do that.
I know. Eizo put his mind to it, didn't he?
It's my tool.
"Let's not worry about it. Let's just cut a quick one off.
 Me and Samija and I stand between a fallen tree. The big saw is between us. With this, we cut laterally to form a board. Normally, it would take some strength and time, but it goes smoothly, just like cutting tofu.
"Haha! What the hell! That's disgusting!
 It's so smooth that Samija starts laughing.
"Don't laugh and mess it up too much, okay?
"I know! I'm careful!

 After all, it took me less than 10 minutes to put the big saw in once.
At this rate, we should be able to carve it up by the end of the day.
I suppose. Normally it would take more, but it's Eizo's tool.

 With lunch and breaks in between, it took a whole day, but we were able to complete the cutting and stacking of the boards for drying.

 Now, we can finally start making the long sword tomorrow.