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I've got the longsword!
I'll kill you to get it.
What are you doing, you guys!

 Without saying a word, I finally created my first longsword.
 When Samija saw me doing this farce by myself.
"What are you doing, Eizo ......?
 What are you doing, Eizo?

 The longsword was made using a method similar to that used to make our arrowheads. Make a wooden mold (male mold), cover the wooden mold with clay, let it dry, and break it in half to make a female mold. The wooden molds can be used several times, but eventually they become worn out and must be remade.
 The female mold is buried in a barrel of sand, and iron melted in the furnace is poured into the mold. The rest of the work includes wrapping the handle with leather and making the scabbard.
 Basically, it is a "general model", but I made several of them, and one of them is a "high class model". I decided to engrave the head of the handle of this high-end model with the image of a fat cat sitting. The motif is based on my favorite cat, Ko, which I have seen on social networking sites around the world.
 Sheaths and carvings like this are normally the responsibility of specialized craftsmen, but I'm a blacksmith with a cheat for products that can be made in a forge. I can't say it's perfect because I'm still getting used to the "installed" experience, but it's something I can look at.
 Of course, I'll be making arrowheads in between.

 In the end, it took me five days to make a new stock of knives and a longsword. It's about time.

 Just as I finished engraving the longsword, Samija spoke to me.
"What is it?
I think it's time to get back to hunting and stuff.
"Right. Bring the shaft to the workshop so I can mount the arrowhead.

 I go to the workshop and prepare the arrowhead and hammer that I've been working on for a while now. Then Cámara came with a bunch of thin sticks.
 After inserting the rods into the holes in the arrowheads, I carefully hammered them into place. Naturally, any distortion in the installation would have a great impact on the accuracy, so I worked with all the strength I had.
 As expected of a cheat, the caulk was installed almost perfectly. There may be some deviations, but it should be at a level of accuracy that no other craftsman can achieve: ......

 After working on ten in this manner, Saamir opened his mouth.
You know what?
 I reply as I work.

"Didn't you ask me to live here before?
Oh. I told you.
"Hey, it's still active, right?
Of course. I didn't say it was invalid.
I'm glad to have Eizo's help. I've barely been able to do anything since I came here, but I enjoy helping out, and it's fun to hear Eizo talk at dinner, and I like to see him make things. So ......
 Then Samija's words stop. The age of the beastman is hard for me to tell as a human, but judging from his voice and behavior, he must be a lot younger than me. It would take a lot of courage for a child of that age to live with you, even if I didn't have the courage to say so. I continue working and wait for more of Samija's words.

So can I live with you ......?
That's because I asked you to live there, of course you want to live there, right?
 Hearing that, Samija says, slapping me on the back.
Yes! Thanks! Eizo!
"I like that.
"That's good! It makes me happy!
 The smile on Samija's face is the brightest I've seen in the short time we've lived together.

Sometimes it's Samija.
"Hmm? What?
"How old are you?
"If you look at how many, ......, it's hard for humans to understand.
"I can at least tell that you're young, though.
I'm five.
"......? Five years old?
 I screamed in surprise. I knew he was young, but five years old was a little too young for my imagination. I wonder if the beast's child is this well-behaved. When I was five, I was probably much younger.
Don't be so surprised. "Don't be so surprised. They say that beastmen and humans age differently.
 Oh, I see. In the previous world (and probably here as well), dogs and cats age very differently from humans. I guess it's similar to that.
"So, how old are you in human terms?
"Well, I think you said you were 25. I've heard that if humans live 80 years, we live about 50 years. I've heard that.

I see. ......
 Is there a difference in lifespan? Still, it's much longer than a normal dog or cat. Twice as long.

And the elephant?
How old are you, Eizo?
Oh, me. I'm 30.
 "You're over 40 on the inside. The last time I saw you at the lake, you were me at 30, so you must be 30.
"Thirty, huh?
"What's wrong?
No, it's just that I'm five years old, but considering the ages of the people I've met in my life, I thought I'd be older.
 I don't know if it's because I'm a beastman, but this guy is sharp.
I'm not sure if it's because he's a beast, but he's sharp.
 "Don't worry, even humans aren't as old as beasts, but 30 years old is already old.

Now, while we're talking, here it is.
"Ooh ...... ooh! It's good! I love Eizo's stuff!
 Samija is excited to see the arrowhead attached.
 It seems a little odd that a young maiden would be excited about an arrowhead, but I'm honestly happy that my work is making people happy.
Thank you.
 I told her so.