16 It will soon become everyday life.

It's Samija.
Oh, my God, that's disgusting.
Oh, my God. Well, anyway, I've got a knife and a new longsword that I'm going to go back into town and sell. It's been about a week since I was there before, right? It's been a week or so since I last went, right?
That's true. ...... Okay, I'll go out with you.
I'll go out with you. - I'll go out with you when the hunt is back on.
No, no, no. I'm not in a hurry.
 So Samija and I get ready to leave for the city.

 Samija has a bow and a knife. It's better to have a way to attack from a distance in case of emergency. And the arrowheads from the bow are my own.
 I'll have a pack of knives for sale in my pack, and I'll have a separate pouch for food on the road, which I'll carry on my hip. I wasn't sure what to do with my longsword, but I strapped it to the top of my pack. I keep one of them on my left hip. The knife for self-defense is in my pocket.
 And I was overjoyed to see that I looked just like I did in the previous illustration. ), but Samija noticed me.
"What are you so happy about?
"No, I was just hoping to sell some longswords.
"Hmm. ......
 I was quite suspicious, but Samija did not pursue the matter further. I wonder if she's gotten used to the fact that I'm sometimes pleased by the oddest things, or if she just thinks that craftsmen are a bunch of weirdos.

 Going through the forest. The longsword makes me much heavier than usual, but my muscles are stronger, so I don't feel slowed down. If I had to rest often, I would consider using a cart, but I don't feel that I need one at the moment.
 However, if I have to carry, say, 20 short spears and 20 longswords each, it will be physically difficult to carry them, and I will probably need to introduce them sooner or later. ...... It might be a good idea to start cutting down trees now to make room for this.

 After a short pause, we were about half an hour away from the road when Samija stopped. There's something out there.
What's out there?
The smell of blood is too strong to tell. Something that eats flesh. It's a forest wolf. ....... It probably knows we're here.
What do we do?
Let's just wait and see. If it smells blood, it's probably caught something and it's eating it, so once it's satisfied with that, it won't come at us.
I see.
If they come at you, ......
And if they come at you?
Then it's time to put that thing on Eizo's hip to good use.
 I think it would be wise to listen to Samija, the senior forest dweller.

 After a moment, Samija said in a quiet voice.
I knew it, it's gone away.
"I see.
 I breathed a sigh of relief. I was relieved. The weapon on my hip would be useful in a pinch, but it was still for sale, and I didn't want to lose it. It was fortuitous that I did not have to do so.

 As I walked toward the road again, I asked Samija.
"What do forest wolves catch?
"All sorts. Mostly deer. Mostly deer. Some rabbits and mice. We hunt deer, too, but they know we don't eat organs except for the heart, so some of them come to take advantage.
 "When I asked about the grass rabbit and the earth rat, he said that the grass rabbit has thin green ears that look like grass. The "earth rat" is earth-colored and lives in a hole in the ground.
 Basically, the creatures of this forest have survived by mimicking and disguising themselves to deceive the eyes of their enemies. In other words, if they had to live in the forest where it is difficult to be seen from the air, they had to make it difficult to be recognized, then there must be creatures with good eyesight at the top of the food chain pyramid. For example, dragons. .......

"Hey, are there dragons?
"Dragons? I've never seen one, but I've heard of them.
 Do they exist? I'd like to see one. But I'm not sure I'll survive watching it. This is just a last hurrah for this second time in my life.

 The road to the city was uneventful. Mr. Marius was standing guard at the entrance.
Yeah, hi.
 I'll call out to you.
Oh, it's you guys. We were worried when you didn't show up.
No, we ran out of stock, so I had to make one. Thanks to you, Marius.
"That. That's a bit of a surprise to me too. I'm sorry if that's a problem.
No, no, there's no problem.
That's all well and good: ....... Is that what you're selling today?
Yes, I'm selling my usual knives and, from now on, my longsword.

Okay. I might come back later to check on you, okay?
Yes, I'll be waiting.

 After exchanging greetings with Mr. Marius, we headed for the free market. I paid as before, and set up a sales table with a few knives and a longsword on it. Not far from me was my neighbor from last time, a weaver, and I raised one hand in greeting. Now, it's time to start today's business.

 I'll be free for a while anyway, so I ask Samija to run some errands for me while I'm gone. It's been a week or so, and our food supply has dwindled a bit. We have enough money from the last sale to cover the cost.
 This time, four bottles were sold before Samija came back from her errand. It seems that the guards are using them, and there are many opportunities to see them.
 In addition to the knives, two longswords were also sold. Both were bought by the same person. It seems that he is a peddler who travels far and wide, selling one for his own use and the other for resale at a distance. He laughed, saying that even if he couldn't sell them, he wouldn't have any trouble keeping them. As a peddler who would want to carry as many saleable items as possible, I think he probably has a good chance of selling them.
 Traveling, however, is also a bit of a dream. If I can afford it, I'll take Samija on a company trip. I don't know when that will be.

 And on the way home, Marius came over with perhaps a colleague, and we were able to sell two more longswords.
Are you sure? It's nice to be able to sell them, but aren't armors lent to us by our lord?
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
 Marius winked at me, looking more like a gentleman than usual.