17 hunting time

 The knives were so-so and the longswords were sold out except for the "high end" models, which was a good result. We bought some more food, and we'll be able to live for another week.

 When I get home, I open up some of the ground barley that I bought into a wooden bowl and knead it with water and salt. Let it sit for a while while, while I organize the food I bought. Samija will be going out tomorrow, so she wants to check the condition of the bow while the sun is still up.

 After finishing, roll out the kneaded dough thinly and bake it in a frying pan. It's like unfermented bread in the old world, like chapattis. With this and a soup of dried meat and root vegetable soup, we'll have dinner.

How's the bow?
"Hmm? Yeah, it was nothing. I used a couple of Eizo arrows and they worked great.
Well, that's great. What are you going to catch tomorrow?
Hmmm, maybe a tree deer or a wild boar. ....... I'd also like to catch some birds if I could.
If you can catch it, your diet will expand.
"Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.
 Samija is clearly excited. I guess it's in her blood as a tiger beastman. They are tired from being out of town and both have tomorrow, so they go to the floor early that day.

 The next morning, we saw off Samija, wearing leather armor and carrying a bow. I've packed a lunch of dried meat in the unfermented bread I baked yesterday.
Have a good day. If you run into a big black bear, come back soon.
I know. I'm off.
 Samija left quickly. Now it's time for me to get to work.

 Today, though, I'm basically just restocking the depleted inventory. Four knives. The longsword won't be ready today, so that'll happen tomorrow. The iron stock is still pretty good, but it will run out soon, and we'll need to find a source for it soon. If it sells at the current rate, we'll be better off looking for a continuous wholesale supplier.
 But even so, we won't be able to get them to bring it here. After several trips to the city and back, we know that living in this forest and being able to come and go with little or no damage is due in large part to the contribution of Saamia, who is able to detect danger before it happens.
 For example, if I had inadvertently walked into the scene of the wolves' meal yesterday, I don't know what would have happened. We would have fought them off, but not unharmed, and more importantly, we would have consumed a lot of time. Then we would have had to return through the dark woods. How dangerous it was to go through the dark woods.

 Given that, it was time to get a cart. It will be all right to keep it in stock for a while, but the limit will come sooner or later, so it might be good to keep it with you now. Think about installing it.
 If you're going to introduce it, do you make it yourself or do you buy it: ....... If you want to make it yourself, you'll need to cut down the trees again to get the lumber. But even if it takes two weeks, I think you'll only have to go into town two or three times in that time, and that's about all you can afford. I'll try to make it myself, and if I can't do anything about it, I'll buy it.

 I spent the evening thinking about this while making the knife, but the quality itself is no different from the "common model" so far. It's just a cheat, if you ask me, but I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I don't have to concentrate so hard to make something better than some blacksmith.
 However, I wonder if that's what it means to live by making things, and since this is my second life, I'll be grateful for what I've received.

 As I was putting away the finished knife, Samija came back.
I'm back!
"Oh, welcome back,
 I'm greeted and Samija squirms when she sees me.
What, what's the matter?
No, something about ...... just made me a little ...... happy.
"Yeah. ....... It's nice to have people around when you get home.
 It's a happiness I never had in the previous world after all. I wonder about Samija. She said she's glad I saved her, but if the big black bear hadn't attacked her, would she have been able to go on living her life as a normal forest hunter, marrying another beastman and fathering children?
 No. According to the Watchdog, even if it wasn't me in there, at least someone saved me. I'm not sure it was good to be me. I'm going to have to try to make people really happy with me.

And what's the catch?
"I killed a tree deer. The guts were taken out and now they're in the lake. We'll go back for it first thing in the morning.
Oh, I'll help you bring it in tomorrow. In the meantime, go wash your hands.
 And it's the usual dining scene.
How was it? The condition of the arrows and knives.
"That was so good! The arrows went deep, and when I handled them with a knife afterwards, I was able to handle them very easily, which was very helpful.
Well, I'm glad I was able to help.
 Afterwards, I listened to a commentary with gestures about how he had killed Jushika with his struggles, and I listened with a smile on my face.

 The next morning, Samija and I came to the lake. I have brought a rope and an axe from the workshop.
Let's see. ......
 I'm trying to figure out where Samias sunk the area.

"Oh, there it is. There's an arrow in it.
Oh, yeah.
It's just a little further in that direction.
Let's go.
 As I approached, I saw a large deer body submerged in the water.
I'll pull it to shore. Eizo, help me.
 "Yes," he said. "We'll hold the deer's legs and drag it along. It was easier than I thought, because it had some buoyancy.

 After carrying it to the shore, you cut down two trees of appropriate size with an axe, cut them to the appropriate length, and tie them together with a rope to make a kind of cart. Tie another rope to the end of it so that it can be pulled. Put the deer on top of it, and you are ready to transport. Samija and I pull it together.
 The deer moves smoothly, either because we are strong enough or because it is lighter than we thought. We're at the house in about 40 minutes. Now for the dismantling.