18 Hunting Results and Assistance

 I brought the tree deer close to the house, so I hung it upside down from a nearby tree and started peeling it. It didn't take long for the knife to be ridiculously sharp, and I finished peeling the skin off in a flash.
 Before the head falls off, Samija points to the corner and says, "Look, here's a broken piece of wood.
"See, there's a broken mark here.
"Oh, really.
 When I was told to look at it, I saw that it had left marks here and there, as if a branch had broken off.
Because of its size. When you run away from a forest wolf or something, your horns can't help but bump into each other.
"Wow, that's pretty obvious when you look at it.
 Samija says proudly. I think it's genuinely amazing to have this kind of knowledge.

"You got them gutted, what's going on?
If you leave it near there, the wolves will come and eat it. If not, they'll be back in the woods.
"I see.
 I guess I'll just let nature take its course. In the previous world, this would have caused a lot of problems, but here it is not a problem.

 When you carve the meat, it looks like something you've seen before in the previous world.
What about the leftover bones?
"I'm going to go someplace far away from here and dump it. Because wolves will eat this too.
If you do it often enough, it's going to follow you around.
I've heard that they are sometimes.
"You're still here.
Yeah. Even if you don't follow me, it's hard to get attacked by a beastman or someone who smells like a man. They know they'll get a good catch without having to hunt it themselves.
"You're smart.
Yeah. Otherwise, I wouldn't have survived in this forest.
That's right.
 If you have been carelessly messing with the hunter, you are now the hunted. I'm sure there's no such thing as a hunter, but there don't seem to be many.

 For lunch and dinner that day, we decided to roast the meat of the deer. I'll hang the rest in the workshop to dry. It's hotter and the humidity is basically lower there because they work with a fire almost every day. But sooner or later, I'll probably want a smokehouse or a warehouse.
 With that in mind, after I finished hanging the meat, I finished the day's work by cutting down the trees again to prepare them for lumber.

 The next day, there would be no hunting for the Camias. That's the custom, I heard. Well, I guess it's a custom because they can't consume that much meat, and they don't want to reduce their numbers by over-harvesting.
 So I asked him to help me with the work today.

 Today's project is a longsword, so I asked him to help me paint the wooden mold with clay.
"This is interesting.
 It's a little like playing with clay. I'll break it up and bury it in the sand. He was happy to see that the mold came out beautifully when he broke it.
 The next step is to remove the burrs. The next thing I asked him to do was to remove the burrs by hitting them with a hammer. I showed him one example and asked him to do the rest.
"Oh, that's interesting, too!
"Oh, that's fun too!" "Okay, well, let's do the rest.
 I finish the blade in the meantime. I was able to finish two of them that day.

 With Samija's help, I finished four of the remaining longswords in my inventory.

Well, I'm going out hunting today.
"Have a good day. I'll be back in town tomorrow, so take it easy.
Okay. I'll be back.
 I wave goodbye to Samija. She disappeared into the depths of the forest, clambering over the undergrowth.
 Now, I'm going to work on my next project.

 The more variations I can make, the better. Now that I have made a knife and a long sword, I will make a spear.
 I will select a 140cm long branch from the tree branches that I saved when I was making the lumber, and cut it into a stick. Once the long stick is made, the next step is to make the spear and the spearhead.

 The ear is made by beating a board into a square pillar, and the base is made into a cylinder and extended so that the neck can be inserted. The tip of the ear is made sharp by pounding, and is completed when it is shaped like a combination of a square pyramid and a cylinder. Some of them have more blades than others, but since this is my first time, I have chosen to use them only for piercing.
 The head is made of a cylinder of iron of the same weight as the ear, and the part where the neck is inserted is made into a cylinder.
 After the tip of the spear was hardened, it was inserted into the neck with the headstock and the short spear was completed.
 As this is the first time to make a short spear, I made it a "top quality model". So it is not for sale. If there were more guards besides Samija, it might be possible to give it to them. .......

 On this day, I finished one short spear. Thanks to the magic tools and my cheats, it'll probably take longer than that. With these thoughts in mind, I turned off the fire in my workshop, checked the dryness of the meat, and finished the day's work.

 Just as I was about to start preparing dinner, Samija came home.
Welcome back.
"Hey, I'm home.
 Samija is embarrassed. I wish she'd get used to it.
What did you catch today?
Today it was a woodcock.
 Samija holds up a couple of birds. They are about the size of the crows of the previous world, and their wings resemble the leaves of the trees here. Do birds mimic each other in this forest? It would have been difficult to find and shoot this thing down. Samija is probably a good hunter, but the fact that she only caught two birds is proof of that.

So we'll use that one today?
"Yes, I'm looking forward to it.
 First, I pick up the feathers. The feathers were a beautiful jade color, so I decided to keep them and use them for decoration when I could. After that, I just keep picking. If I keep the feathers of the body, I can use them for bedding or pillows, but when I asked Samija about it, she said, "Not many woodlice do that," so I gave up. It doesn't seem to take much. I've heard in the past that the feathers of birds that are suitable for this kind of thing can be picked up in huge quantities even if they are small, so it's probably not suitable for them.

 After picking back the feathers and roasting the feathers on a magic stove, open the belly and take out the organs. You can probably eat the gizzard and liver, but this time I decided to throw them away. Samija also said she didn't eat much.
 After separating the breast meat and cutting the wings and thighs at the joints, the meat is ready. I'll grill it with only salt and eat it.
 We had a bit of a lavish evening with deer soup, roasted woodcock, and unfermented bread.
I'll go back to the city tomorrow, but maybe I won't have to buy salted meat.
Oh, I'll get some more.
Come on.
 I said with a smile.