23 Supply lines are important.

 I showed him the longsword, but it too was an ordinary model.
He said, "It's nice, but it's not the same as the one you showed me.
 I'll show this one tomorrow. I'll show it to him tomorrow, and today I'll just make a mold for it.

 When I had dried the mold and turned off the fire in the forge, Samija came back.
I'm home.
"Hey, welcome back. How was it?
 When I asked, she smiled and said.
"I got it, I got the big one.
 He says proudly.
"Oh, you did it. Is it still in the lake today?
"Yeah. We need to drain the blood and cool it down, otherwise it won't taste good.
 Now that we have one more resident, it won't be a problem if we keep a little extra food.
I'm going to prepare some food, so why don't you two go wipe yourselves down?

 And dinner. Since I'm running out of root vegetables, I make a kind of porridge soup with barley, meat and beans. It's high in protein, but that's okay, because Rike and I and Saamya are working hard.
Tomorrow we'll take Rike with us to bring in the deer.
Are you sure?
The more men, the better.
I'll go with you, then.
Yes, please.
 It's not a bad idea to have them get used to the work while they're here, because at some point they might have to do it alone. ......
Speaking of which, master.
What? What is it?
It's time to stock up on ironstone and charcoal, isn't it? Do you have any suppliers?
Yes, I do. ......
 Well, it's not like we're going to run out of iron ore tomorrow, but we need to start worrying about the amount of iron ore and charcoal we have. Up until now, we've been running on the materials we've been given, so we've been making a profit on every sale, but from now on, we're going to have to pay a cost. Therefore, it will be necessary to sell "high-end models" with higher profit margins at the same cost.
 But first and foremost, there is nothing we can do without raw materials.
I only started working on it recently, so I don't have any suppliers. If we keep at it, we should be able to last about a month. ......
You mean we have to find a place to buy it in the meantime?
Yeah. Next time I'm in town, I'll ask Marius or one of the vendors. ......
I'll check with my contacts.
Good luck.
 We'll just have to play it by ear. Oh, yeah.
How's the arrowhead?
It's fine. The skin on the back of a big tree deer is hard, and sometimes a dull arrowhead won't penetrate it, but I was able to penetrate it without difficulty.
"I see. Oh, by the way, you said you don't give your heart to wolves, right? What are you going to do?
Bury it in the ground in the woods.
Bury it?
Yeah. That's how you return the soul to the forest. Then the forest will give you new life.
I see.
 It's like a primitive belief. Rikke was also impressed, so it seems to be a custom of the beasts or only in this forest.
"Samija, you're off tomorrow after the deer, right? Do you want to help again?
Oh, you don't mind?
I don't mind.
 I'm hoping that Samija will help Rike with his work and Rike with Samija's, but I'm not sure if that will happen.

 The next day, the three of us head to the lake. I'm bringing a jug and an axe. First we make a platform for the logs, but as we are felling the trees with the axe.
"Whoa, whoa, mister! What's this?
"Hmm? Oh, this axe.
"This is really wonderful!
 "This is really great! I should've shown it to him yesterday. .......
Do you want to try it?
Are you sure?
Yeah. Be careful, it's really sharp.
 Rikke holds up the axe I gave him. This is very Dwarf-like.

"Here we go!
 "Here we go!" Rike throws the axe at the tree. Korn! There was a pleasant sound. But it doesn't look like anything is happening.

 Rikke looks at me strangely, so I call out.
"Back off, it's not safe.
What? Yes, sir!
 Rikay does as I say and steps back, appealing to me.
"I heard a sound, but there was no response at all. ......
 I know.
"Well, well, well. I'm almost there.
 Just as he was about to turn around, a tree fell down on the opposite side of the axe.
 Rike is startled out loud. Sarmyas.
"It's scary, isn't it? I was a little creeped out when I first saw it. And yet, Eizo seems to be fine with it.
 And I feel sorry for him. Oh, so that's what you were thinking before. .......
"Anyway, it cuts like this, so be careful with it.
"Okay, I understand.
 Rike was a bit scared, but he seemed to have gotten the hang of it earlier and cut down about four trees and processed them into logs.
You're pretty handy.
I've done similar things before.
 I've done similar things before. We tie the logs together with rope.

"All right, let's pull it up, then.
 I called out, and we walked into the lake toward the place where Samija had sunk. It looks pretty deep. There's plenty of room for me and Samija, but Rike might be on the edge.
Rique, wait here for a moment.
 So I headed toward the area where Samija was, and found a sinking deer of considerable size. It might have been over two meters long.
Oh, it's huge.
"Yeah. I wounded it once, but it still ran away, so it took me a while to kill it.
I'll bet.
 It must have been hard to sink a fish this big.
That must have been hard work. Good job.
Sarmyah took my compliment in stride.

 First, Camiya and I pulled the deer to where Rike was. From there, I pulled Rike along with me, and we were able to pull it up to the shore rather quickly.
 After that, as before, we dragged the deer up to the log platform and fixed it there, then drew water into the reservoir and fixed it there as well. Now that the preparations for moving the deer were complete, the three of us dragged the platform.
 It took us a good half hour to get back to our house.

 Now it's time to dismantle it. It was more difficult than last time to lift it because it was so big. The work of removing the skin itself was not so different from the previous time, but Rike was again surprised at the sharpness of the "serious model" knife.
 Samija and I use the knife on a daily basis, so we don't cut anything unnecessary, but if you're not used to it, you might cut the skin or damage organs that you don't want to damage (like the bladder, gallbladder, or colon) when removing the organs.
 I'm going to show Rike the "high-end model" today, but the knife might as well be the "serious model" for Rike.

 The deer was a large one, but it was quickly transformed into meat. The amount of meat was large for its size.
"With this much meat, even if all three of us are big eaters, we can last for two weeks. Thank you, Samija.
 When I said that, Samija said.
"Oh, yeah? Then I'll get some more!
 She said happily.