24 With family and assistance.

 The deer meat that we dismantled was only removed for immediate consumption today, and the rest was divided into drying and salting. The drying is done again in the workshop. Rike helped me with the drying.
When I first came in here, I wondered why the meat was dried.
I'd like to build a cellar one day and dry it there.
 I'd like to have a charcoal shed or a smokehouse if possible. I'll hide in the charcoal shed if I have to. .......

 In the meantime, it was lunchtime, so I decided to have barley porridge and venison steak for lunch. It was seasoned only with salt, but it was tasty enough. We talked about the taste of venison and the taste of wild boar.

 After lunch, it was time for blacksmithing. The mold had been made yesterday, so the shape could be made by pouring iron. When the furnace was magically lit, Rike said.
By the way, you can use magic, can't you? You were using it for lunch just now.
Yeah. Yeah, just the simple stuff.
It's amazing he can forge things. Eizo is a family man.
 Samija suddenly interrupts and brags about it. No, is this something you should be bragging about?
"Oh, is that so?
"Oh, yeah. I'm a wishy-washy guy, and you never know who's listening on the street or where it'll go. Sorry, I just said my name.
"Oh, I see. You don't have to apologize. It makes sense now.
 Next to Rike, Samija is making a smug face. Okay, okay.
What's your family name?
"Tanya. Tanya.
"Tanya. Then I am Lieke Tanya.
How can you say that?
 The second half is Samija.
Because if the master's family name is Tanya, then this is the Tanya Workshop. It's customary for Dwarves to use the name of the workshop, not the family name, so as my apprentice, I will be known as Rike Tanya.
 When you say it like that, it seems to make sense. But...
But there's a reason for that. If you really need me, you can call me Eizo.
"Okay. Then, we'll be called Rike Eizo.
 Hmmm, even though it's customary, it's embarrassing for a girl to use her own name. Then I thought.
"That's not fair!
 Suddenly, Samija said, "That's not fair!
"I'm going to use the same name!
"Yeah, .......
 What is she talking about?
"I can call myself Saamya Tanja or Saamya Eizo!
 It is customary for dwarves to use the name of their workshop as their family name, but I have never heard of such a custom among beastmen.
 But there's no reason to say no here. Samija is family. I'm the one who asked her to come live with us in the first place.
"Well, okay.
 I gave my permission, and Samija was very excited.

 In the meantime, the temperature of the furnace had risen, and iron ore was added to melt the iron. Since it would take some time for the iron to melt, he started to light the fireplace in the meantime. When both fires are lit, it gets very hot in the workshop. You will sweat, and it is essential to have water for drinking. This is the reason why I go to fetch water almost every day instead of every two days.
 The iron is melted and poured into the mold. Samija poured mine, and Rike poured his. After pouring, the furnace is turned off, and the sheet metal is put in the fireplace to heat up. I'm not doing this now, but I'd like to do some folding forging when someone orders me to do it.

 I was planning to make a "high class" ...... knife today, but now that I'm here, I might as well make a real one. The process itself is the same. I concentrated much more than usual, pounded carefully, found the right temperature for hardening, and sharpened nervously with my fingertips.
 The result is a serious "custom-made model.
It's amazing! It's amazing! I can't believe a human can make something like this!
 Rike is very excited.
"This knife is for you, Rike.
Are you sure?
Yeah. It's too sharp to sell, and she's become my apprentice and family. It's dangerous, so be careful with it.

"I understand. I'll do my best to get here.
"Oh, good luck.
 But even for a "custom model", the work time is 1.5 to 2 times that of a "standard model". "If it's a "high-end model," the work time will be within a margin of error from that of a "general model. In that light, it might be a good idea to have two models, Rike's "general model" and my "high class model", as the cost will be high from now on.

 After that, Rike will make the knives. His skill is comparable to mine. However, it is true that there are some parts that are slightly uneven. This means that the weaker parts may break down first, resulting in brittleness, or a loss of sharpness in areas that are not fully hardened. With "cheat" and "install," I know where to hit to make it uniform, and where to keep it uniform to make it the way I want it. Even if you tap it casually, you can definitely work on it. It's a "cheat".
 Also, I noticed that when I took a closer look at the "custom-made model" after working so intensively, I felt as if the iron structure was shining. That's because a steel knife doesn't usually cut a log with a snap. ....... I know that something must be changing, but I don't know what it is because I didn't have the knowledge to even "install" it. It would have been nice if you had included this information.
 I'm going to tell Rike what I found out by "cheating". Rike listened intently. It's a strange feeling, though, since Rike actually has far more experience in the details.

 Next, the longsword. I'll leave the burring part to Samija.
It's fun, isn't it?
"Yeah. Take care of it when you can.
 And I'll take over. Unlike the knife, this one is made of cast iron, but I shape it the same way, beating the iron to make it homogeneous and of high quality. Since this is also a "high class model", I worked more carefully than on the "ordinary model".
"Oh, this is just like the one I saw.
 When I showed it to Rieke, he replied.
"Yes, it is. It should be the same quality.
But it didn't look like much work had gone into it.
"Yeah, you can tell from the axes and knives. That's right, they didn't go all out.
 I said, and he stared at my hands. There was silence in the workshop, and the only sound was the gurgling of the fire in the fire pit.
What the heck is a master? ...... No. I think I know what I'm going for.
 I know where I'm going," he said with a look of determination on his face.