25 conclusion of business negotiations

 I ended the day with four knives (one "special order" and three "ordinary") and two longswords. At this rate, I should have enough in stock by the time I go to the next town.

 For the next four days, I worked on the construction of the new room in the morning, with Samija's help on the days I wasn't hunting. The pillars were reinforced with braces, and the beams were put through. The floor joists and floorboards were put on top of the joists, and the corridor was also built at this time. The new exterior walls of the house will be the outer walls of the rooms, and the corridors will extend inside the walls. This way, even if the number of rooms increases, it is possible to arrange them while allowing for lighting. If more rooms are added, the corridor will become a corridor, and the rooms will line up on the outside to form a courtyard.
 If I make a mistake and there are more rooms than that, I will have to rebuild the house or call in a craftsman with proper building skills to make it more than two stories. I don't have any plans to do so at the moment, but neither Samija nor Rike had any plans to do so in the first place, so the more prepared you are, the better.

 During this period of hunting, Samija took about four birds, which made for a sumptuous dinner, but she didn't go for the big one, partly because she was starting to enjoy helping with the house-building and blacksmithing. I guess the birds don't bother us as much.
 In the meantime, the forge has produced a total of 14 knives and 6 longswords. That's enough to sell. We need to buy vegetables, charcoal, and ironstone instead.

 The next day, the three of us head into town. It's the first time since Lique came to our house. We took a break on the way and arrived at the town without any problems. At the entrance is Mr. Marius.
"Oh, you guys?
You come here, say, once a week?
Hmm. ......
What's the matter?
Well, a couple of guys want to buy a knife and a longsword, so they're asking me to show them how I make them.
Oh, I see.
 We basically come to the free market once a week, but the dates aren't exact . So, in the old world, just because you come on Monday, it doesn't mean you can always buy something. We don't want to lose customers because of that.
We'll think of something. "We'll think of something. We won't set up a store directly, but maybe we'll wholesale to someone else instead.
Please do that. You'd make a lot of money that way.
Yeah. Thank you very much.
 When I bowed my head and expressed my gratitude, Mr. Marius waved his hand in return.

 Hmm, it's true that I'm ready to sell the "high end" models to someone else. At the moment, we're selling out at a steady pace, but that won't change when we add Rike to our inventory.
 And even if we buy ironstone and charcoal on a regular basis, they won't be able to pick them up unless we show up, so we'll need a place to keep them in stock.
 Considering this, it's not a bad idea to start trading with merchants who have stores, even if we don't have one. That way, we don't have to spend the whole day in town as we have been doing, and there are many advantages. Let's consider this as a future plan.

 As I was setting up a sales stand at the free market as usual, a vendor who had bought longswords from me several times came by.
"Oh, it's you. Not today.
"I can see that. I've got something to tell you.
A favor?
Yeah. I'm going to open a store here in town. Not a flea market, but a real store.
Oh, well, congratulations!
Thanks, man. Well, you know. I've been dealing in all kinds of things and I have contacts all over the place, so I'm going to open a store selling all those things. There are no restrictions on what we can sell inside the walls, but in the new city.
Oh, that sounds fun.
Yeah. What I'm asking is if you'd be willing to let me handle your knives and weapons in your store.
Is that okay?
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. Maybe it's because he's a guard, or maybe it's because he gets so many stories flowing in. I owe him more and more. I'll be happy to help you if you need anything.

I don't mind. I know the quality of your longsword very well.
 The emphasis on the word "well" makes me wonder if he used it somewhere else. I don't have the courage to ask now.
I was just thinking that I wish I had a wholesale supplier. If you're interested, I'd appreciate it.
 I agree.
"Oh, thank you! Oh, yeah, my name's Camilo. Nice to meet you again.
 Camilo holds out his hand. I take his hand.
"I'm Eizo. There's a reason I live in the Kuro Forest. I'm going to be wholesaling about once a week, and if it's going to be much longer than that, I'll let you know.
"You live in that place? A guy like you can do it anywhere. ...... No, you're a northerner for some reason. Then maybe it's for the best. A beastman with a dwarven escort would be a rare thing. That's a good time to wholesale.

Thank you. And I'd like to ask you a favor while we're talking.
What is it?
We're running low on ironstone and charcoal. I'm looking for someone who can spare some. Do you know anyone?
Oh, I see. Well, I'll find some and get it for you.
You sure?
I don't care. I'll deduct the price from the price of your wholesale goods, okay?
Yes, thank you.
See you later.
 Camilo and I shook hands tightly again.