26 one decision

 I'll start distributing the products to Camilo today, but for now I'm only keeping 10 knives and 4 longswords. I have one of each of the high quality models in the box, which I also got. The remaining 4 knives and 2 longswords I'm keeping because I took up space at the free market and I want to sell them myself.

 In the end, two knives and one longsword were bought by a colleague of Mr. Marius. I'm sure they've already been distributed to anyone who saw them and wanted to buy one. ....... I'm a little worried about the sales from the wholesale, but I'll let Camilo do his best.
 In the meantime, I've been sending Samija and Rike on errands to buy dried root vegetables, salt, and wheat. I would have thanked them if I had seen them on my way home, but I did not see Marius. I'm sure I'll be coming back once a week to pick up more supplies, so I'll see you then.

 On the way back, I had almost no luggage, so I was able to get home about 30 minutes earlier than on the way there. I was tired from a full day's work, so I decided to put the things I'd bought on the shelf and clean up the dirt from the trip (it was a day trip), and then go to bed early.

 From the next day, I'm back to building and blacksmithing. From now on, I'll work on high-end models, and Rike will work on general models. I'll also be working on a new weapon. However, I will be making a shortsword as well. There will be a knife, a shortsword, and a longsword in three lengths, each with a high-end model and a standard model, and this will be the Eizo Kobo lineup for a while. The shortsword is made in the same way as the longsword, only in a different length. The shortsword will be the same as the longsword, just a different length.

 About two days later, when the walls of the rooms and corridors were finished and I had some stock for the blacksmith's work, an incident occurred. Samija was out hunting, when she came across a big black bear. When I heard this, the scene of the day I met Samija came back to my mind.
"Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt?
"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I ran away as soon as I found out. He was pretty far away and I think he scattered, but he's got a good nose, so maybe he's following us.
"Oh yeah. ......
 I'm relieved that Samija is okay, but I'm trying to figure out what to do. What will happen if they come after us? If we were to wander around here for a while and bump into each other somewhere, it would definitely be troublesome.
 The most likely person to run into them is me, who goes out to fetch water every morning, but there are times when both Samija and Rike go outside the house. If I run into them then, .......
 I shake my head and drive the bad thoughts out of my head. This is something we have to deal with. Confronting it with a knife is probably out of the question, and I don't have time to prepare a custom-made longsword right now. But it's a good opportunity to try out the custom-made shortspear, which I haven't tried yet.
I'll be out in a bit.
Oh, come on.
I'll clean up when I'm gone. Keep the door bolted on both sides until I get back.
I'll go with you.
No, I'm not sure I can retreat with you guys safe if something goes wrong. I do know a few things. It's not that I don't trust Samija's archery skills, but I think you should let me handle this.
d*mn it, ......, you better come back.
Sir, please do me a favor. Please come back.
Yeah. We've got a family now. I'm not going to leave you here to die.
 I picked up the shortspear I had left in the workshop and went outside. As I had been told, I heard the sound of Samija and the others bolting and went into the forest.

 It was dark in the forest today, and then it started to rain. It's the first time since I came to this world. ....... I'm heading towards the "I feel like I'm going to meet some bad guys over here" direction. Normally, when I go to the city, I leave it up to Samija, and it's difficult for me to feel the slightest danger. However, when the danger level is as high as a big black bear, even I can understand it. But when the danger is as high as a big black bear, even I can see it, because even I can die if I'm not careful. I try my best to find the sound of a black bear in the rain, while I hide myself in the sound of the rain.

 According to what I've heard from Samija, even without the rain, the bear would normally have returned to its nest by now. And if that's the case, my cheat's intuition should have stopped sensing danger. If it's not, then it's still hanging around here. It could be someone who's gotten a taste for people, and that thought reminds me of a bear attack I saw in my previous world. If that's the case, there's a good chance that he's already become an enemy of humans, including the beasts that live in this forest. It's raining today, so my scent won't be so obvious, so I have a chance. Then I have to do it today.
Take heart, Eizo.
 The guy who gave his life to save a cat in the previous world is now trying to kill a bear in this world. The irony makes me chuckle. Slowly, slowly, I headed in the dangerous direction. How long has it been since I did that? It feels like it's been a long time, but it's also been a short time.

My sense of danger, my survival instincts, my survival wits, and all my other senses started alarming me at maximum volume that this place was dangerous.

I found him.