27 vanishing life-remaining life

 "It was a big bear, as they say. It looked as big as the big brown bear I had seen on TV in the past.
Isn't this the one that attacked Samija? ......
 I don't care if it's leather armor or not, I feel like I'm going to the other side. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future. I can't throw away the possibility that it got bigger in the last few weeks.

I'm sorry, nothing against you or anything.
 Hopefully, there are no hungry cubs in his den. I slowly point the tip of my spear at the bear. Various abilities warn me of danger, but strangely enough, I don't have a feeling that I'll end up getting punched in the face. I'm not in a situation where I feel I can win for sure, but I'm grateful for the feeling that I have a cheat.

 The bear stands up with a sled. It's getting bigger. It seems to be almost twice as tall as I am. Still, I stay low and don't stop pointing my spear. The bear gets down on all fours again and rushes toward me. I can't break free with my legs. It's not over until one of us is dead, me or him.
 I duck just in time to avoid the bear's arm as it jumps at me. I'll be in trouble if I even lightly graze it. I really wanted to spear the bear as it passed me, but it was impossible. It's faster than I thought. If I hadn't, I'd have been killed easily. I thought about using my spear as a side-cleave to stop him, but it didn't seem to have much effect.

 The bear quickly changed its stance and turned around to face you. But I was the one who made the stance first. I quickly thrust out my spear and it easily pierced the bear's side. It was so sharp that I could hardly feel the sting. But my cheeto senses were telling me that it was too shallow. But my cheeto senses told me that it was too shallow, because the ground was too muddy to stand on.
 I quickly drew my spear and jumped back, but the bear's paw caught up with me just in time, and the impact hit me in the chest. Thanks to my jumping back, I managed to keep the impact to a minimum, but I still felt as if all the air in my lungs would be expelled. I fought it back, rolling backwards to regain my position. I'm glad I'm thirty years young. Not so good when you're 40. This time, while diving forward, I ducked just above the bear's paws and jumped into its pocket. At first glance, it looks as if the bear is covering him.

I've won.
 In this position, he thrusts his spear into the bear's body with great force. The spear plunges into the bear's body without any resistance. I've heard Samija say before that it's too sharp and uncomfortable, but it's true that I can't get used to this feeling. As soon as the spear went deep enough, the bear brushed me off, and I rolled around in shock, my hand falling away from the spear.
 But that was a response. The bear struggled to get the spear out of his chest, but eventually he fell. The spear was undamaged, probably because it had fallen on its side. The spear was undamaged, probably because it fell on its side. It's worth a try next time.

 The bear stayed down and flailed for a while, but eventually it quieted down. If anything happens, it's only a knife, but it's better than nothing, so I pull out my self-defense knife and slowly, slowly, slowly approach. He didn't seem to be breathing. A little hesitantly, I poked it with the tip of my foot to make sure it wasn't responding. There is still no movement. Without letting my guard down, I pulled out the spear that was still stuck in me. Blood gushed out, wetting the fur and the ground, and the scarlet color mixed with the rain, spreading and melting into the ground. All the while, there was no response.

 The moment I was sure that I had killed it, I lost my back. Of course, I've never had such a close call in my previous world. Besides, this time I had relied completely on cheats and installations to complete the battle. Needless to say, I was on the edge.
 I let out a big sigh of relief. That made me feel comfortable. As the tension dissipated, pain shot through my body. Of course, I was not unharmed when I was hit. There were numerous abrasions and bruises. When I moved my body again, I was glad to see that no bones were broken. If I had broken any bones, I would not be able to build or forge for a while. I would still need to rest for at least a day or so.

 I look at the corpse of the dead bear and join my hands together. I'm sorry. No damage was done, but it's too late to do anything about it. I'll make sure your life is worth more than mine. This is how the bear's life disappears and mine remains. But what should I do with this bear? If I leave it here, the scavengers will eat it, which is fine, but it's my life that I killed. If possible, I would like to eat it and mourn it. My muscles have been greatly strengthened, and I'll do my best to carry it. .......

 I carry the bear's arm on my shoulder along with the spear. It's really heavy. I think even a small male brown bear weighs about 250 kilograms. It's heavy, but I'm dragging it along. It was raining, so the blood would drain. With injuries here and there, and the rain making our footing a bit unsteady, we can't go as far as we want. If another bear or wolf attacked me while I was doing this, I would be in trouble, so I wanted to hurry, but it would be useless if I missed the sign of the bear or wolf. We proceed as if we were stepping forward step by step.

 It took me twice as long to get halfway home as it had taken me to get here. Thankfully, the rain is rapidly abating. At this rate, it should stop in a little while. If it does, we should be able to get back a little faster. Just as I was about to take the bear's arm and spear off my shoulder to rest, something jumped from a nearby bush.
 Before I had time to pull out my knife, I was pushed down to the ground. The "something" stood up, turned toward the bear, pulled out its knife, and held it low.

 It was Samija. She was looking at the bear with a completely angry look in her eyes that made me feel so cute when she had her hands on my neck. I got up and called out to him.
I got up and called out, "Sarmyah! I'm okay! I've got it!
 At the sound of my voice, Cāmya turns around and looks at me.
"Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure you're okay?
"Yeah, I've got a few scrapes and bruises here and there, but nothing serious.
 Samija hears this and jumps on me again. I was somewhat taken by surprise, but unlike before, I was able to catch her.
"It was good ......, it was good ......, it was good ......, it was good .......
 I kept stroking the head of the crying Samija.