29 This time, it's a really new room.

 I took this day and the following day off from blacksmithing, and the next day I went to the lake to get the bear. The next day, I went to the lake to get the bear. I pulled out the heavy bear, removed its intestines, buried the heart in the ground, and threw the rest in the bushes. I heard that the gallbladder of the bear was good for medicine, but I didn't know which one it was, so I gave up and threw it away with the others.
 After that, as usual, I built a cart and transported them home. I couldn't get Rike to help me when I carried the bear's arm, but now that we had a platform, we could carry it together, so she did.
 It took a little longer than the deer to reach the house. After that, the processing itself was almost the same as for the deer. Of course, there are differences in the firmness of the skin, the skeleton, and the internal organs, but the work that needs to be done is almost the same. Normally, it would be much more difficult to work, but with three custom-made sharp knives, it was no problem.
 I've heard that the hand part is a delicacy, but I've heard that it's a pain in the ass to process, so I decided not to use it as meat this time. I don't know if there will be a next time, but I don't intend to go through that mortal struggle again, so I guess it's basically a food I won't eat.

 Since we got a lot more meat than usual, we had a big lunch. The bear meat tasted a little bad, perhaps because it was not processed properly, but it was much better than I expected. The rest of the meat will be dried or salted to preserve it, but there is enough for Samija not to have to hunt bucks for a while. It would be a shame to let them go bad.
 After lunch, I took a break, Rike went to the forge, and Samija did the rest of the wall-covering for the room expansion. That was the end of the day.

 The next day, after finishing the day's work, tomorrow is the day to go to the city to wholesale. Since I had taken the day off yesterday, I decided to have Rike and Samija take care of fetching water and building the room, and I would concentrate on blacksmithing from the beginning of the morning. My goal is to make three high quality knives, a shortsword, and a longsword each.
 I made molds for the shortsword and longsword, poured the iron, deburred them, and hammered them into shape with a little more concentration than I would for a standard model. While the molds are drying and waiting for the iron to cool, I'm also working on the knives.
 Finally, I quenched the knives together and sharpened them to finish them. So far, it took me just about a day. Probably this is the efficiency that I (a cheat) can do, and a normal person would be able to do much less.
I was so focused that I didn't even know if I should call for lunch.
 That's what Samija said.
 As I finished all the work, I turned off the fire in the workshop and was cleaning up when Samija came in.
"Are you done for the day?
"Yes. Yeah, I managed to get the number I wanted.
Well... Come here for a minute.
 Saamya leads me in, looking excited. I lazily follow her.

 When I came back to the living room with her, I felt something strange. It's not that there's something there that shouldn't be there, but that there's something there that shouldn't be there.
 In one corner of the living room, in front of the bedroom, there is an opening. That's what's strange.
You got a new room?
Yeah, two rooms. The hallway's open, too.
Oh, great.
I've been working all day, except for dinner.
 I followed Samija down the hall and saw Rike.
Hey, Rike, good work.
No, no, it's because of your hard work, Samija.
 I didn't expect to be able to do it today, even though I've been working on it a lot lately.
 There is a corridor with an entrance to a room. It had a sloping roof.
 However, the door is not ready, and there is no bedding or furniture, so it is really just a room. Still, if you think about it the other way around, if you can prepare those things, you are done.
 If you make it efficiently, it will take about two to three weeks.
"I have to make the doors, bedding, and furniture first.
"Oh, you're going to put a door in the room?
 I feel like Rikke just asked me a great question.
Of course there's a door. It's a girl's room.
No, you don't unless it's a guest's room or the patriarch and his wife's room.
 Oh. I see. So you're saying.
"Well, maybe so, but it's strange that a blacksmith's house has a study and a bedroom. This is my request, so let me put them in my apprentice's and family's rooms as well.
I don't mind if you don't mind, but... What about Samija?
I don't mind either. I've never lived in a house before, you know.
Oh, that's right. ......
Okay, that's it. I need to make some hinges, even if it's simple.
 I think it would be easier to make it with cheats, but unlike weapons or farming tools, it would definitely be a detailed process. It seems like a good way to see how far you can go with cheats. In that sense, I'd definitely like to keep the door on.

 After a dinner of bear meat, it's time to go to bed. From today, I'll be in the study again, and the two girls will be in their bedrooms. We can't use the new room yet. The women wanted me to be in the bedroom again today, but the pain has gone down considerably, and I need to get back to my daily routine, so I continued to be selfish.

 Tomorrow is another day in town. Unlike the past, I would only be wholesaling to Camilo, but I would receive the proceeds from the sale, and if Camilo was successful, I would also receive ironstone and charcoal.
 I went to sleep with excitement, like a schoolboy before a field trip.