30 First Wholesale

 The next morning, I was getting ready to go into town with Samija and Rike after I had done the water pumping.
We're going to stock up on weapons, ironstone, charcoal, and salt, and then we'll be on our way. Is there anything you'd like to do?
No, not for me.
I don't have anything either.
Oh, well. Well, I guess I'll be going straight home. ....... That'll give us time to work.

 Rike and I will share the responsibility of transporting the inventory. At first glance, Rike looks like a little girl, but she's a dwarf, so she's got a lot of muscle. Samija is also a tiger beastman and has a lot of strength, but since she is a guard, I don't want her to carry too much baggage.

 The three of us go through the Kuro Forest. Today was supposed to be another uneventful day, but twice Samija sensed the presence of a forest wolf and had to stop and take a break.
Maybe it's because I got rid of the bear.
It's possible, but they're about to have babies.
Is that enough food for the mother?
Yeah. Maybe in a month you'll see them with a baby wolf. They're cute. Don't get too close, but they won't hurt you if you just watch from a distance.
The wolves in this forest are quite gentle, aren't they?
 Rique wondered. That's what I thought, too. I was expecting them to attack us if we were around, but it seems that if we don't actively mess with them, they won't do anything to us.
But if you don't actively mess with them, the wolves in this forest don't seem to do anything. There are a lot of trees, so it's easy to limit their escape routes, and it's not that difficult for wolves to hunt. And ......
Because I and Eizo are strong. I don't know about Rike. Anyway, ordinary people in the city are attacked. It's simple. They're the weakest prey. I said before that people who smell like people are less likely to be attacked, but that's only if they live near the forest.
I see. I'd better not go out alone too much.
You're right. You'd better take me or Eizo with you when you go out.
 Despite his appearance, Rike has a lot of strength and courage, but that doesn't mean he's a good fighter. If you think about the risk of being attacked by a forest wolf, it would be better to take me or Samija with you.

But then again, the forest wolf must be very family-oriented if he's willing to take his mother's body as well.
 Now that's what I'm thinking.
"He's also very smart. Some scholars in Miyako say that there was a group of wolf beasts that reverted to wolf form while living in the forest, and that is the ancestor of the forest wolves.
Are you sure about that?
No way. But I'm sure they're smart enough to think so. I've heard from a guy who's traveled around that they're incomparable to wolves in the plains.
 I've heard from people who have traveled that wolves on the plains can't compare. No, it's because it's easy that we can afford to develop our wisdom? I'm not sure what to make of that. This is what is interesting about other worlds.

 While exchanging such conversations, we proceeded through the forest. After this, nothing special happened from the road to the city. Even on the road, I have never encountered any kind of thief, even though I come and go only once a week. Even if you exclude Samija and Rike, there is no indication that beastmen and subhumans are being treated poorly in the city, so maybe this world is more advanced than we thought. ....... It's possible that things are different once you get inside the walls, but I'm not going to bother checking that out.

 Today's guard was not Marius, but a colleague who bought a longsword with me. He seemed to be testing my longsword, and when I told him that Camilo's was distributing a high-end model, he said he would check it out later.

 I went to Camilo's store, which I had heard about, and found that it was bigger than I had expected. It was bigger than I had expected, not only in size but also in the second floor.
"It's huge. ......
"Yeah. I'm a little surprised too.
 I wonder if it's okay to distribute our products to such a big store. As Camilo said, there seemed to be a variety of products on display. There was a man who seemed to be a shopkeeper, so I asked him if Camilo was there, and he said that he would get him right away, so I took a look around. There were dishes, baskets, and other household goods, as well as salt, sugar, spices, and other expensive seasonings. As for alcohol, there seems to be fire wine, wine, and ale. As for my weapons, there are knives and longswords, one ordinary model and one high-class model, in the back of the store.
They look like they're for sale.
 Samija says with deep emotion.
"Yes, it does. In a free market, they tend to just be placed on the sales table.
 And I have no sense of display. Even though I don't have any sense of display, I felt that the display was treated quite well.

 While I was looking at this and that, Camilo came in.
Oh, you're here. Follow me for now. We'll talk in the back.

 We followed Camilo upstairs. We were ushered into a room just upstairs. The room was large enough to hold a business meeting, and was furnished with a large desk and chair. Camilo asked us to sit down, and then he sat down on the other side. When we were all seated, I made the announcement.
"I brought a knife, a longsword, and a shortsword today. How much will you take?
"Hmm? Hmm?" "Yeah, you can take all the ones you brought. They're selling pretty well, actually.
I see. That's good. That's a big store. You're a well known peddler?
Yes, to a point. Also, we sell to the general public, travelers, and people in the same business, so the number of items we sell increases, and the store gets bigger because of that.
 There was a store that looked like this in the previous world. If it's a breakthrough in this world, I'd like to see it flourish. I'd be happy if my weapon could help you do that.
I see.
More importantly...
 Camilo looks serious. I wonder if he couldn't get enough ironstone.
Hmm? What is it? If there's no ironstone, we'll just come back, okay?
No, that's not it. Actually, I've got a request for you to make a custom sword.
Custom-made. ......
 I'm not going to give you a custom sword, considering the performance of the one I'm going to make, but if you keep saying that, you'll always be saying that custom swords are for your family only. You have to offer it to someone somewhere.
 Seeing me pondering, Camilo says.
"Well, if you say no, I'll say no.
I'm willing to sell it to anyone who says it's a good idea. ......
Oh, yeah. Then you're probably fine. I guarantee your skill with a sword and your character.
Hmm. ......
 But I want to find out for myself. But I want to find out for myself. But I don't want to come see you every time something like this happens. ....... Oh, yeah.
How about if you come to my workshop by yourself, I'll hit you?
Is that okay?
Yeah, I'll show you the place.
 If you can come to my workshop (and home) in the Kuro Forest, where forest wolves roam, then I'll assume you're good enough. If you're that kind of person, you can hit him.
I'll say so.
You can continue to teach anyone you think is good under the same conditions.
Samija and Rique, I'm sorry, but I have to.
I have no objection to what you say.
I'm right there with you.
I'm sorry, thank you.
 Then I told Camilo where I lived, and we moved on to the next part of the deal.