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 Rike and I pull the cart loaded with goods. Samija will not be pulling the cart, as she is the guard, but we will walk back together without riding on the cart. It's heavy, but thanks to the wheels, we should be able to get there without slowing down too much.
 I'm worried about the wheels getting stuck in the forest, but the dirt I dug up before wasn't too rough, so I'm sure they'll be fine. In the worst case, I might have to ask Samija to push me.

 Even on the street, the probability of being attacked would be higher if the cart was carrying something than if it was just three people walking around. I guess they weren't there in the first place because Samija didn't react to anything until now, but the risk is definitely higher if they were. However, since we have Camija, a tiger beast armed with a custom-made bow, and I, albeit not so much, I don't think we're in any danger, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
 I told Samija about this, and asked her to be more careful than usual on the way back. In the end, nothing happened on the road that day, but it is better to be prepared. From now on, I will be more careful on the way home. It's good to go and scary to come back.

 After entering the forest, we did not get stuck because the wheels sank too far, as we had expected. I was a little worried about whether the cart would be able to pass between the trees or not. I was a little worried about this question, "Can I drive a cart between trees? In the first place, the cart is not that wide.
 Nevertheless, it was not as easy as or easier than the well-developed roads, and we had to move with some difficulty.
I wonder if it would be better to improve the road a little.
"But, master, if you do that, it will make it much easier for you to come to my house alone.
Is that so?
 I'm sure you're right." "Well, that's true," he said, "but if you do that, the conditions for coming to my house alone will become much easier. It would be like going to a tofu shop to run an errand. I think I made a mistake.

 At any rate, I was able to reach home without any major problems. It would be nice if it were like this every time, but sometimes there will be problems. I'll try to keep them to a minimum. .......
 We unloaded the carts and moved them into the house and workshop. Aside from the salt and wine, carrying the ironstone and charcoal took some time, even with three people. After all, it was almost a full day's work. I'd like to think of something that can be carried in by tilting the cart, for example.

 We had a rather sumptuous dinner of barley porridge, dried bear meat and root vegetables stewed with some wine (and water) that we had bought. The stench was gone and it was good, and Samija and Rike liked it.

 The next day, Rike and I went to work on the sheet metal that would be used to make the weapons, but Samija left, saying that she was going to get some birds or rabbits. The reason she didn't get a deer is probably because she's going to help us again tomorrow. We have enough meat in stock.
 Before making a weapon, compare the quality of the ironstone you purchased with your original inventory. Even with installation and cheats, it looks a little better than the original, but not by much.
What do you think? What do you think? Doesn't look that different to me.
 I handed the two I was looking at to Rike.
"Yes, it does. I think you're right, they're about the same quality. I don't know who picked them out, but they have a good eye.
So we'll use the one we got.
Yes, sir. Okay, sir.

 I used magic to light a magical steel-making furnace and put in charcoal and crushed ironstone. If I wait a while and repeat the same process a few times while blowing air with another spell, I can make iron - steel, to be exact. In a normal furnace, you have to break the furnace every time you blow iron, and you have to take the steel out of the kera, but in this magic furnace, there is no slag, and you don't have to break the furnace. The last thing to do is to take it out by pouring it outside. I sometimes feel bad for the people of this world that they are cheats in this way, but I'm using it because it's worth it. It's quite large, so there's a lot of steel that can be made if you put in the full amount of raw materials.

Okay, let's do it.
"Yes, master.
 While taking out the steel, I heat the steel that I have hardened to a certain size in the fire pit again and take it out. On the anvil, I beat it with my rake to make a plate, and then make sheet metal. This is a rather laborious process.
 The first piece is made, and Rike and I inspect it.
"Not bad.
"Yes, it is. In fact, it looks better than what's on the shelf.
Yeah. Well, if Rique says it's good, it's good. Let's continue.

 In the end, the sheet metal work continued until Samija came home in the evening.
I'm home.
Hey, welcome back. Rikay, let's finish up for the day.
Okay. Hey, boss.
 I quickly cleaned up my work area and went to see Samija.
What did you catch today?
Today it was a rabbit.
 It's the rabbit with the ears like grass. We got three rabbits, but they were not so big that it didn't take long to handle them. The amount of meat was just enough for three people. So, as yesterday, we had a big dinner today. It consisted of unfermented bread, root vegetables, salted deer meat soup (left over from my lunch), and rabbit steak with wine sauce.
Oh, rabbit is so good!
"Yeah. They're hard to catch, but we got lucky today.
This rabbit tastes good.

 I finished the day with a taste for rabbit, which was unexpectedly delicious.

 The next day, as I was working on my shortsword and longsword after having finished my morning water and breakfast, Samija, who was helping me, suddenly stopped working.
"What's wrong?
 I called out to her. Samija tensed up a little.
"Someone's here.
 Just as Samija looks at the door to the outside of the workshop, the door slams. Just as she looked at the door leading out of the workshop, she heard a bang.
"Camilo sent me! I need you to strike the sword!
 With such a voice.

 I stood up and headed towards the door to open it.