33 made-to-order

"Yes, yes, I'm opening the door.
 I call out to the door. Then the banging stops. Sighing heavily, I pull out the bolt. Samija stands guard behind me, holding the shortsword I made yesterday.
 I slowly open the door and see a woman in traveling clothes standing there. Her red hair is short, and her body is covered in scarred leather armor, reinforced in places with metal (probably steel). He carried a tool bag and two shortswords at his waist, and a backpack on his cloaked back that probably contained various tools. He is very tall. He might be about 180cm tall. His eyes were wide open and he had a sword wound on his face.

 When I called out to her, she smiled and said her name.
You're the craftsman who makes weapons for Camilo? My name is Helen.
That's right. I'm Eizo, I'm a blacksmith here, I make weapons. Come on in.
Yeah. Thanks.
 I lead him to a space in the workshop and sit down across from him at a table. Samija stays behind me, keeping her guard up. I'm sure she's fine, but I leave her be.

Anyway, you're sure you came here alone?
 Helen nodded. I glanced at Samija. Samija nodded. I don't see anything around me either.
Did you get attacked by any wolves on the way?
"No? I saw a rabbit or something. They're cute.
 Hmm. It's cute, but we ate it yesterday. Maybe the wolves decided Helen was strong. Helen continues.
"So, it was hard to find this place, but I saw the smoke, so I came.
 Ah, so you followed the smoke from the blowing iron. Still, it was no small feat to get here, and I suppose I've fulfilled my promise.
So, I'm going to use my sword as promised.
 As I said this, Helen unsheathed both swords at her waist and placed them on the table.
"I'm a mercenary now. I'm a mercenary now, and this is the weapon I use, but I need something stronger. When you're on the battlefield, you can't always take care of it, and whether or not you can use it properly in that condition is the difference between life and death.
"I see.
 A female mercenary. You must have a lot of hardships. The sword wound on her face is the most noticeable, but she has many other scars of various sizes here and there.
...... May I see this sword?
Yeah. Sure.
 I pulled both swords out of their scabbards and took a look at them. They were still in good working condition and well made. But one of them seems to be a little worse for wear.
It's a good sword. The guy who hit it has good hands. Why don't you show it to your apprentice?
I don't mind.
 I looked at Rique. He comes closer and looks at one of the two swords.
It's a good arm. If you want something better than this, you'll have to ask the master. At least, I can only think of the master.
"If the dwarves say so, then I guess you're as good as you think you are!
 Helen said, echoing Rique's comment. Your voice is too loud. I don't care how loud you are because there's nothing around you, but you're so loud I think my ears are going to ring. In a battlefield, it would be fatal to be unable to hear, I suppose, but I'd like to see more restraint.

So how are you going to use it?
"What do you mean?
"No, I want to know how you play it in real life. I want to know how to play.
Well, since ...... is so difficult to understand in words, can I show you?
 Helen went out first, followed by me, Samija and Rike. The door of the workshop is not so much undergrowth, but it is quite large, so you can take a stance and swing your sword there.
 Helen had two swords. However, she didn't use both swords in the same way, but rather used one to control and the other to slash. The movement is surprisingly fast. In that case, the one used for control will be ruined sooner. The reason why there is not much difference in damage is that they are rotated.

Hmmm... ......

 Helen, who had been swinging her sword at great speed, stopped moving.
What's wrong?
It's not so good without a partner. ....... Yeah, you should be my partner.
Samija ......, why don't you be the beast boy over here?
You seem stronger.
 I don't know. I've got a cheat sheet, so I think I can probably handle him. ....... It's okay. I'm just going to show you what I can do, and I don't think he's going to hit me that hard. Besides, you may be able to see things better if you take it directly.
All right, all right. Samija, give me that sword.
Yeah, but...
I'll be fine.
 When I said this, Samija reluctantly handed me the shortsword she was holding.

"All right, let's get started. Take it easy on me.
 I said as I held up the shortsword.
That's a joke .......
 But Helen came at me with great speed.
 I'll take it. But that's just a check. The other one is still coming at me with great speed. I catch it with a flick of my wrist, then slash at Helen with a flick of my wrist.
 Helen catches it with her check sword and aims at my open torso with the other, but I'm out of range before the sword reaches her.
You're good!
"No, no, no, give me a break. ......
 Helen smirks and comes at me even faster than before. I let it pass.
 We continued like this for about 15 minutes.

"Oh, you're so strong!
 Helen says in a loud voice and stops moving.
Don't try to hit me when I'm just watching you move. ......
I was actually going to just stop the first couple of blows, but there aren't many people who can take the thunder sword of Attai, so I got a little heated! I'm sorry!
 I hope you don't have a battle tribe brain.
I'm sure you'll understand what I mean. Well, now you know better. ......2 will be ready in three days, so come back in three days.
Hmm, do I have to go home today?
What are you doing here?
After the break, we'll have a fight.
Then I won't be able to hit you with my sword! Come on, come on, come on!
Oh, wait! Just give me some water. ......
 And so, after refilling her water supply, Helen returned to the city.

 Now, I'm going to have to get a custom-made sword. .......