34 Special order~ Short Sword~

 I've received orders for two custom-made shortswords, but since I don't want to start making them today, I've decided to give priority to making the ones for Kamilo. Of course, Camiro will help me with this.
 The number of items to be delivered will be a little less, but since we have already delivered a large number of items, it should not be a problem. ...... Besides, it was Camilo who sent Helen to me, so I'm sure he won't complain. If you work as hard as you can today, you should be able to get at least the minimum.
 Once that's decided, we'll quickly make and pour the mold, deburr it, and Rike and I will do the final touches. In the meantime, I'll have Saamya do the mold making and deburring to save time. We all work in silence. Camija is getting used to the work, and at this rate, it may not be impossible to make her hammer properly.
 After all, we made quite a few shortswords and longswords that day. Tomorrow I'll start on Helen's shortsword.

 After the morning routine and breakfast, Rike and I went to the workshop. I have asked Samija to gather herbs and fruits. There's not much she can do for us today. .......
 From the sheet metal I had made, I piled up enough sheet metal for a shortsword, heated it in the fire pit, and Rike and I beat on it to stretch it. When the sheet metal has reached a certain length, we make a stripe in the middle with the tongs, fold it in half, heat it again, and beat it to extend it. Once the length is about right, it's up to me. Using a combination of cheat and install, I make sure that the material is homogeneous and hard when it is tempered, but not so hard that it falls apart in a fight, and I beat it while recalling in my mind how Helen wielded it.
 Once the shape is formed, wait for it to cool down and then beat the whole thing again to make it more durable, and then clean the surface with a file or a tool like a sharpener. After that, the iron rod that will become the hilt is connected by heating and beating to prevent the joint from becoming brittle. The blade is then heated again in the fireplace, and then quenched with water.

 At this point, I decided to test the durability. I took the general model shortsword that I made yesterday and swung it down at the custom-made one that I fixed. Ding! There is a clear sound and the shortsword stops, but there is not a scratch on the custom-made one. The shortsword stops, but there is not a single scratch on the custom-made shortsword. I hit it several times, but there is no scratch at all, so the test is good.
I can't turn this shortsword into a wholesaler.
 I said as I looked at the shortsword in my hand. I looked at my shortsword and said, "This shortsword won't make it to wholesale. This one is a general model, so the blade will probably chip off reasonably quickly.
If I sharpen it or re-sharpen it, I should be able to send it to the wholesaler.
 I shook my head as Rikke said this, stopping his hand from working on the knife.
I shook my head. "Quality-wise, yes, but it's against my aesthetic to sell something that's been used for something other than test cutting. Let's rework it and use it at home.
 If I were in a more dire situation, I wouldn't be able to say that, but fortunately, my pockets aren't too warm, but they're not in trouble. If that's the case, I'd rather not do anything that goes against my aesthetics.
 When Rike heard me say this, he chuckled.
It's no surprise, but you're a really stubborn craftsman, aren't you?
"That's right.
 I grinned back at him. I'm getting a little closer to what I wanted to do. That's quite a blessing.

 Now that the test is over, I'm ready to finish it. After polishing the blade and sharpening the blade part, the finishing of the blade side is complete. To the blade, I attached the heated tsuba, wrapped the hilt with deerskin (which Samija had caught and processed), and carved a figure of a fat cat sitting on the head of the hilt with a tagane, and the first of my custom-made swords was complete.

"Okay, the first one is done.
 I raised my shortsword. The blade reflected the flames of the fire pit and shone.
 Remembering Helen's strike, I swung it lightly. It feels much lighter than it looks, but it seems to be in good shape. Rike, who had been watching, couldn't stand it any longer.
"May I see it?
 I said.
 And I gave it to him.
 Rike looks at the shortsword in great detail, as if he wants to make sure he doesn't miss a single element. He changes the angle and even shakes it lightly.
"How's it coming?
"This is not something that an ordinary ...... person with a bit of talent can achieve. I'm sorry to mention the Master's situation, but I think it's a great loss for the North to lose him.
Is that so?
Yes. Definitely.
 Rique answers me with a completely straight face. Well, I don't think it's an ordinary thing either. It's a sword made with all the technology available to make a knife that can cut through a log, it can't be normal. This time I focused on durability, so for example, if you were to cut into a big rock with it, you would be able to cut through it a little (which is crazy to begin with), but not in half.

 But after making this one with all the cheats and installations, I know. I can make it if I want to. But with ordinary steel, you need to focus on either durability or sharpness. Even if I forged it with cheats, the steel would not be able to withstand that much. With that in mind, I think that custom-made products will be fine as long as they are made of steel.
 On the other hand, even if you can get a material that can do both - mithril or orichalcone or something like that - you have to think twice about making the best one with it. I'm not sure. A single sword may not change the world in any significant way, but it can still be a threat to a small area. I'm not prepared to bear the burden of having a single product become like a strategic weapon.

"Is something wrong? I hope I didn't offend you.
 Rikay is looking at me with concern.
"No, it's nothing. I was just thinking about something. I wasn't offended or anything.
 I laughed and stroked his head, pulling myself back from falling into a slightly scary thought.