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 I ended up hitting only one of them that day. The other one will be done tomorrow. After Rike had finished his knife, I turned off the fire and finished the day's work. While I was cleaning up, Samija came back from the collection.
I'm home.
"Welcome back, how was it?
"Well, okay.
 In the basket Samija put down some herbs for fever and suppuration, some apple-like fruits, and some strawberry-like fruits.
What a good haul!
We could have had a little more if the time was right.
No, I don't need any more herbs, the fruit will rot. Thank you.
 I followed up with a pouting Saamya.

 For dinner, I added some apples to the usual menu, making it a little more luxurious.
"Oh, I've never had this before, but it's delicious.
 I said after eating the fruit. It tastes almost like an apple, but of course, it's not so sweet because there is no breeding. I didn't eat them that often in my previous world, but it's still a relief to have a familiar taste.
"Sometimes it's really sour, though.
"Oh, yes, there is. When I was a kid, we used to try to figure out which one was the sour one.
 Samija and Rike say. Well, I guess that's true with natural food. I'd like to try some cooked ones soon.
 We talked about the fruits that Camija and Rike had eaten that day. I heard that there were tangerine-like fruits and watermelon-like fruits, so I'll ask Camilo about them.

 Next day. Rike and I are going to work at the forge again today, and Samija is going to catch something. It might be possible for Samija to change her cycle to hunt, help, gather, hunt, help, town, rest, and take a day off once a week. I had originally planned to do that. I'll keep that in mind as a future plan.
 Now, I'm going to start working on the second one today. However, the work itself is exactly the same as yesterday. Yesterday I had to do it by hand, but today I know I can do the same as yesterday, so I finished it almost three hours earlier than yesterday.
 I'm going to decorate the shortsword with the same tools I used yesterday. Using the same tool that I used to prepare the surface, I'm going to flatten the center of the blade. If the blade shifts even slightly, the weight will be unbalanced, so we must work carefully. After flattening, clean the surface and shake it lightly to see if there is anything wrong. I did this, and it did not cause any discomfort when I swung it out.
 I carved the design into the flattened part with a tool. This should not be unbalanced, so I used the help of a cheat to make sure that the balance of the weight would not be off. After inserting both pieces, remove any burrs that may have appeared. I used up all the time I had just earned by doing this. I used to make plastic models in my previous world, so I like this kind of work. .......

 On this day, Samija caught a bird. When the preparation is done, I'll make a chicken steak, though it's not very artistic. Instead, today I made a kind of raspberry sauce with the strawberries that Samija picked yesterday and the wine we have in the house.
"Oh, that's great, Eizo!
 Samija is jumping for joy. He's so childish sometimes. Physically he's 25, but mentally he's not quite 25, if not 5.
"Hey, you're not behaving yourself, Samija.
I've never seen anything like this before.
That's true. Even in my workshop, we rarely see anything like this.
 Ricke seemed to be a little surprised by today's dish. I've never heard of her, but she's probably old enough to be human. He's never been very upset before, except when it comes to ...... blacksmithing.
"Well, today's the day I finish my first custom piece. I'm celebrating.
"I see. Well, congratulations.
Thank you.
Can I offer my congratulations?
Yeah. Ricke had a little help. Thank you.
 We toasted the dinner with wine, and it turned out to be a lively dinner.

 The next morning, when I came back from fetching water, I saw a familiar figure in front of my house.
"You're early again," I said.
 I called out to him. He smiled and said.
"I couldn't wait to see you today! I rushed here before dawn!
 Helen, the tall one with red hair, said. Her eyes are sparkling. She's been on the move since before dawn. How energetic is she?
You haven't had breakfast yet, have you? Eat up. We're on our way.
Oh, you sure?
I'm not big enough to just sit around eating breakfast with my guests out in the open, you know?

 Me and Helen are going into the house.
You can sit over there.
 Helen sits down in a chair at the table. I put the water bottle down in the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.
 After that, let's just say that breakfast was noisier than ever that day.

 After breakfast, Helen urged us all to come to the workshop.
"Well, here's what you've been waiting for.
 I hand Helen two shortswords wrapped in cloth.
Can I see them?
 I thought Helen was going to rip off the cloth, but she slowly unwrapped them as if they were broken objects. As she unravels, the blade appears and Helen's tension visibly increases.
 At last, the whole picture is revealed. The steel shines brightly, and in the center of the blade is a carving of a rushing thunderbolt. The rest of the blade is very simple and utilitarian, with a carving of a fat cat sitting on the hilt. There are two of them.
It's called the Thunder Sword. I had the two names put in the decoration. Give it a shake and see how it feels. It shouldn't throw you off balance.
 As I say this, Helen grasps both hilts fearfully and swings them so fast you can hear them whirring. Strangely, I didn't feel threatened, but if I got even a little inside that thing, I'd be chopped to pieces in no time.
 The dancing test continued for a while, and then stopped. Helen was breathing on her shoulder.
"How's it going?
 I call out to Helen. Helen looks down. She throws the sword down on the floor of the workshop, as if to ......
"Holy shit! This is awesome! It's perfect! I'm so glad I asked you to do this!
 I'm so glad I hired you!
"Well, I'm sure you'll be pleased with ....... That hurts!
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.