36 Back "Always"

"We've tested it for durability, but if anything goes wrong, we'll fix it, just come by Camilo's or here. Preferably before you use it in the field.
 After I managed to free myself from Helen's bearhug, I told her that it was my responsibility as its maker. If something goes wrong, I'll fix it, but if it happens on the battlefield, there's nothing to fix. Since I knew exactly what they looked like, and I made it in response to their requests, I was much more concerned about that than I normally would be.
All right. I train a lot, so I'll come back if it bothers me.
"Yeah. And the price.
What do I owe you?
Whatever you want to pay.
Oh, you're sure? I don't know anything about prices.
I don't care. I'll take whatever price he's willing to pay for a special order.
 Theoretically speaking, I should get at least that much because I can make a lot of general models in two days. Some people might even say, "I'll just give you a silver coin and be done with it.
 However, they are the kind of people who would want it even if they had to come all this way, and they wouldn't put a strange price on it. As long as I can earn enough iron and charcoal for two shortswords, I'll be in the red, but I won't lose money.
"Hmm ......
 Helen is in a lot of trouble. She said she didn't know the market price. As for me, I'd be happy to get a gold coin.
Well, I'll just take it.
 Helen took a bag out of her sack and pulled out two gold coins and some silver coins from the bag.
"That's enough.
Helen took the bag out of the sack and took out two gold coins and some silver coins. I made it a little more expensive than the one you're using now.
 The one you're using now must have cost a fortune. It seems to be a good idea.
There's nothing wrong with it. The original one is good, so mine is fine too. I just think it's a bit much.
"Oh, yeah, .......
 After paying, Helen waved her hands and shouted, "Thank you! And then she disappears into the woods. The way she looked, if she met a big black bear on her way back, she would be happy to give it a try. As soon as Helen was out of sight, we all went back into the house.

But that was a lot of power. ......
 I muttered to myself. I'm sure it's as strong as a big black bear.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
The voice was loud, too.
 Both Samija and Rike seemed to have a strong impression on each other. Well, it's not every day you get someone like that. It would be a shame if there were a bunch of people who could make both dwarves and beastmen give their all.
Anyway, we'll make shortswords and longswords today, and go to the city tomorrow to deliver them.
"Okay, sir.

 And then I start making shortswords and longswords. After only two days of doing different things, I felt like I was back to normal. I prepare as usual, get help as usual, and make as usual. It hasn't been that long since I started living here, but before I knew it, this scene had become the norm. It was a bit of a shock, but I managed not to let Samija know.

 At dinner that night.
Next week, I'll stop blacksmithing for a while and work on the house. I haven't even finished the doors and the bed yet.
 I suggested.
You're right. I'm sure you've done enough this time, and I think you'll be fine for about a week.
"Oh, I'll help you then! There's still more meat, right?
 Rike and Samija didn't seem to have any objections.
"Well, let's do it. I'll ask Camilo to get us some blankets for the bed by the next time we go.

 The next day, we loaded the products we had made onto a cart and headed for the city. This time, in addition to the usual items, we also loaded half of the sickles that we had kept in stock. The weight of the cart was not too heavy, and the speed of the journey was not that different from when they were on foot. I didn't run into anything in particular in the forest or on the road (though I did see a cute bunny), and arrived at the city. I immediately went to Camilo's store and asked him to call me.

 Camilo greeted us as usual.
How are you doing?
Well, I'm doing okay. Nothing to worry about, but nothing to worry about either.
It's all right. It's all right.
 Camilo and I laugh at each other, and I report the delivery.
There's a cart at the warehouse. This time I brought the usual and some sickles. I was going to sell them in the past, but I couldn't sell them to you. If you don't want them, you don't have to take them.
"No, I'll take it. I don't need it. I'll let you calculate it with me. Hey.

 Camilo called his men and sent them to pick it up.
And I won't be able to come to the wholesale next week, is that a problem?
"Yeah, no problem. ....... What's going on?
 Camilo looked very worried. I've done something wrong and I'm living in the Kuro Forest, you know. I guess he's worried about what might happen and when he might stop coming here.
No, nothing's happened. I'm going to work on the house next week. The blacksmith is off.
"I see. So next week is the week after that.
Yeah. And if you can, get me two sets of blankets for the bed by then.
Two sets? Okay. I'll look for them.

 Then we'd talk about Helen and buy salt and wine and vegetables. The money is deducted from the sales. This kind of exchange itself, including the earlier one, is not something we've been doing for a long time, but something we've started relatively recently, but it's becoming a regular thing. Hopefully this usual will continue for a long time, we thought, as we left the city.