37 the door of a room

 When we were leaving the city, we saw the guards at the fence, but Marius was not there again today. He wasn't there when I came here, so if he's not there next time, I'll ask him about it. It's been quite a while since he bought our knives and longswords. I'm sure he'll bring them to Camilo's store if there's any problem, but I'd like to know what's going on if possible.

 I loaded my cart with salt, wine barrels, ironstone, and charcoal, and headed down the road. Just as we were about to enter the forest, Samija stopped.
What's wrong?
"I smell blood.
 Samija readies her bow. The place became tense.
I don't know. I don't know. I don't hear any sounds, so if they attacked, I don't think they're here, but be careful.
 Samija said, her round ears twitching. We couldn't leave Rike and the cart behind, so we continued on our way.
 Eventually, we saw the place where the crime scene had been. There were no corpses or leftovers, but blood was spattered all over the area, and it was eerie to see just how horrific it was. There were multiple traces of blood leading towards the forest.
Is that a wolf?
"I think so, but the bandits might be trying to make it look that way. Wolves don't come out of the woods very often.
 I ask, and Samija replies. That makes sense. If they make it look like wolves, they're less likely to be hunted.
"Be careful, Samija. Samija be careful. Me and Rike will hurry a bit.
Yes, sir.
 In the end, everything was fine until we got home, and thanks to our hurry, we were faster than usual, but we were exhausted. I'm so thankful to be home. .......
 At the same time, although nothing happened, this incident reminded me that we are not living in a safe place, just because nothing has happened before. Even though the streets are patrolled by the city guards and the security is pretty good, it doesn't mean that you won't be attacked by bandits or wolves. From now on, when you go to the city, it's better to go with all the people as much as possible. ....... With that in mind, I unloaded my luggage and finished my "work" for the day.

So, tomorrow I'll start making the doors. I'll make the hinges, you two work on the door itself.
 At dinner, we briefly discussed the work to be done tomorrow. First the door, then the bed. Once those are done, the three of us can have our own bedrooms. And when we're done.
 I realized and shouted.
"What's going on, Eizo?
 Samija is surprised. "What's going on, Eizo?
No, I forgot to make a guest room. ......
 I forgot all about it. As it is now, there is no guest room. As I pondered, I thought.
"Why don't you remodel the study?
 Rike suggested.
The master's ...... is currently occupied by me and Samija, but there's still plenty of room in that bedroom, and I think we can get away with replacing the chairs and tables there with those from the study, and adding a shelf. That way, you can put a bed in the study.
"I see. ......
 That sounds like a good idea. The bed is missing one bedding, but I don't think we'll have any guests soon anyway. Helen was here the other day. Worst case scenario, we rip the bedding out of my room and take it with us.
Well, I'll do that. We'll have to make an extra bed.
I think we should make our own bed first, get used to it, and then make one for the guests.
 Now I know what I'm going to do tomorrow. It doesn't make any money at all, but it's nice to have a moment like this once in a while.

 The next morning, I went into the workshop, heated the sheet metal (the newly made one), and stretched it thin. I cut it into pieces of the appropriate size, separate each piece into two convex pieces, and roll up the protruding parts to form a tube with a hole in it. Wait for the hinges to cool down, then put them together again, put a hot pin through the end, and crush the end to keep it from coming apart. Wait for it to cool down again and move it around. There are no problems, so mass produce. I made a good number of hinges, in case they break or I need to add more rooms in the future.

 When you go out from the workshop, you see Rike and Samija struggling with the door. But it's more than half done.
The hinges are done, I'll help you.
"Oh, master. Please do.
 I'll let you two make the one you're working on, and I'll make a new one. I'll make a square frame out of the lumber that I've already cut out, then I'll put up horizontal boards to match, and add a diagonal beam and a handle in the middle. Since it will not be locked (although it will be bolted), the handle should be able to be pushed and pulled for the time being.
 While I was struggling, Rike and Samija were finishing the door.

There's some hinges in the workshop. You two go install them.
"Oh, okay.
 Samija says with a smile. She doesn't mind hunting, but lately she's been enjoying helping out around the house, and when there's enough meat, she's always willing to help. At this rate, he will be able to do things on his own, and will be useful as a blacksmith or carpenter. If you catch a big one, you'll need to preserve the meat, and you can make him more willing to help. For example, like with Helen, I could ask her to help me with the rickets when I can't make the regular ones.

 It took me until late in the evening, but the door was ready, and I went to install it. When I got to the front of the room, I saw Rike and Samija opening and closing the door with a bang.
"How's it going?
Yes, no problem. I didn't know it was so easy to open and close.
It's my own hinge.
I'm not kidding. I think it's possible.
 While exchanging such conversations, I start to install the door. I'm going to have to make some nails soon. .......
 And so, the doors were installed in the two rooms, and the appearance of the house was finally in place.