38 bed

 The day after the doors were installed, I started making the bed as planned. I don't think it would be possible to make a proper bed for sale in the next six days or so, but since it was for an amateur to use by himself, there was no need for elaborate work.
 As for the bed for the guest room, I had my doubts, but I decided to ask the guests to put up with it even if it was a bit shabby, since they would not stay that long. In the case of a nobleman, there would be a lot of prestige around here, but we're just a blacksmith. There may be some noblemen from the capital who might come to see me, but the only condition for me to make a special order is that I have to come here alone.

So I'll be in bed from today, but I'll cut the wood, so let me know when you've finished cutting the wood.
 Rike and Samija will make one of the beds today, and I'll make the other one. The work area is outside. This area is open like a square, so the sun is shining and it feels good. Today we cut the lumber to size, and if we can get it to the stage where it can be assembled, we will be very happy. Tomorrow I'll assemble it, move it in, and finally make a guest room one and redecorate it, which will take about six days.

 The size of the bed in my room is a bit large, but it will fit in the new room, and even if it does, there will be enough space for other things, so I'll use that as a standard. I cut some wood to the size of the bed as a yardstick, and use that as a standard for cutting out the wood. The same goes for the height.
 And so on, cutting out more and more wood. The logs that were used as carriers when we caught deer were dried and made into lumber, so there is still plenty of material left.
"Sir, this is the place, please.
 Sometimes I am asked to cut mortises and make parts. Since I have to make a number of parts, it takes a lot of time. In the end, I made a set of parts and that was it for the day.

 The next day, today, is assembly and delivery. The next day, today, is assembly and delivery. Considering the fact that it took quite a long time even for the furniture that was sold in parts in the previous world, it is expected to take quite a long time. It's not that difficult to use a wooden hammer, but it's difficult to assemble accurately. In the end, it took me until late afternoon to assemble it.
 The finished bed was carried into the newly constructed room.
Even with a bed in it, it feels like a room where people live.
"Yeah, I guess so. I used to live without a bed, but since I've been here, it's become normal to have a bed, and it feels more like a room with a bed.
I used to live without a bed, but since I've been here it's become more common to have a bed.
"What? I thought you were building more rooms?
I did, but it's basically one room per family, so we don't have beds or anything, just shelves and stuff. There was no such thing as two non-family members of the opposite s*x sharing a room, though.
I see.
 Maybe it's strange to be used to a single bed for each person. I don't know how people in the city (inside and outside the walls) are.
Well, I guess our house is starting to take shape.
 On this day, we celebrated with a glass of wine with dinner.

 And the next day.
"We're having guests today, so we'll have to be a little more elaborate.
"What are you going to do?
Let's see. ......
 We didn't make a palace for ourselves, but we'll make one for our guests. I thought about carving ornaments, but decided not to include them because I thought they would be too ornate. I'll tell that to Samija and Rike.
"I see.
"I see.
 The materials for the palace will be cut today. I thought that I could finish the assembly as early as today, but it was halfway through the day when I finished, probably because of the palace.
Let's finish today and do the rest tomorrow.
 In the spare time, I went into the workshop and made some nails. The nails are square, similar to Japanese nails. After making a good number of nails and securing the stock, I decided to finish the work for the day.

 The next day. Before assembling the bed, I had to redecorate. I moved all the furniture from Rike's and Samija's rooms into the living room, except for the shelves, and moved one desk, chair, and shelves from the study to the bedroom. The redecoration is completed by moving the furniture from the bedroom into the vacant space. At this point, it still took some time. I regret that I should have done this yesterday, but it was too late. I hurriedly assembled the bed. It was a bit of a flurry, but the assembly itself went more smoothly than I expected, probably because I had done it before. Still, it's almost dark now. I have to hurry up and bring it in.
Be careful over there.
 Samija and I bring the guest bed into the study. It's a guest bed, but I'm the one who'll be using it for a while. By the time we finished, it was already dark.
It took a while," I said.
 "It took a while," I said, feeling sorry for myself.
"Well, I can't help it. That's what happens when you're not used to it.
 Samija comforts me. And Rike.

He said, "Well, it's not like we're going to be doing this much work in the future, so I guess it's okay.
 He said.

 In this way, the hectic work of making the bed came to an end, and our house became even more like a home.