39 vacation

 It was a bit of a flurry, but we got the beds. If Camilo has the bedding ready when we get to town, we can move into the room and be done with it. Neither Samija nor Rike have used any of the furniture. They just leave it there (although they put their clothes in wrappings). Since Samija changes her roost regularly, and the room in Rike's workshop is shared by the family, it seems that only shared items were kept in the furniture.
 However, I'm aware that the values of the previous world are strong, and now that my daughter is old enough to have a room of her own, I'd like to make some furniture for her when the time comes. I guess I'll start with the closet. .......

 The next day, the sixth day after I started working on the house, I had set this day as a backup day in case something happened, but nothing happened, so I was completely free. The next day is also a day when I would normally go to the city to deliver my work, but since I'm not going there this week, I'm still free. I thought about rushing to make it today, but I've already told Camilo that I won't be there, and if I think about it, I haven't had a day off for a long time, except for the day I got injured and had to take a day off.
 So I've decided to take today and tomorrow off. However, since I'm in the middle of the forest, where there's not much entertainment, there's not much I can do. It seems that there are some games to pass the time in this world, and I saw something like that in Camilo's store, but I didn't buy it because it was too expensive. It is possible to bring in games from the previous world, such as Othello or Shogi, but since we have come to a different world, I would like to avoid such games as much as possible and do what I can do close at hand. In that case, I should do what I wanted to do in the beginning. I got ready and went to invite Samija and Rike.

 An hour later, the three of us are at a clear stream near a lake. Yes, we are here to fish. This is the part of the lake that we saw when we first came here, the part that flows out. I don't often come here because it's a long way from my house and the river flows in a direction away from my house. But I have today and tomorrow off. It's not a bad idea to spend the day here. Hopefully I can get some dinner. ...... If you say so, you'll be out of luck.
 I made a fishhook out of a nail I made and brought it with me. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
 When I show them how to hook the insects, both Samija and Rike do the same without making any noise. Samija lives in the forest, so I'm sure she gets to see all kinds of bugs and their larvae, but to be honest, I'm a little disappointed that Rike doesn't make a fuss. I asked her about it.
No, there are lots of these things in the mountains, too. I used to play with them when I was little.
 I used to play with them when I was little. I see.

 The three of us split up a little and let the line drop. The water is very clear, so we can see the fish. They can see our shadows, so they probably won't bite easily.
 There is no such thing as a prohibited fishing method, and if you go stone-pelting, you will probably get some, but this is a recreational vacation. There is no need to chase the result. This is a good precautionary measure in case of a bad day. .......

 It was lunchtime, so I ate a sandwich, or a taco, made of dried meat stewed in wine on unfermented bread that I had brought from home. In terms of shape, it is probably closest to the kwa pao (stewed pork burger) sold in Chinatowns around the world. It tasted better than I expected, and it was nice to have a picnic feeling. I wanted to say that I had caught zero fish so far, but I had one Saamya and two Rike. The three fish, which resemble the char of the previous world, are swimming in a small water bottle I brought with me. I'm the only one who didn't catch anything. Samija says
"I think the eizou are too aggressive.
 So I'll try to be aware of that in the afternoon.

 In the afternoon, no one got any bites for a while. Probably they were out of bait-eating time. I took a break and picked some blueberry-like fruits around the area. I've already confirmed with Samija that these berries are edible.
She also warned me not to pick and eat the berries when I was alone with Eizo and Rike, because there are similar berries that are poisonous in this forest.
 "What happens if I eat it?
What happens if I eat them?
"The poison doesn't kick in until about two hours after you eat it, but if it's bad, the poison will kill you. At best, you will be numb for a day and a night. At best, you'll be numb and unable to move for a day and a night in the woods, which you'll arrive at after two hours of wandering around, you know what happens?
"Yes, I do. I'll be careful.
You will.
 The numbness can kill you, which means it'll probably paralyze your respiratory organs too. If that happens, there's nothing you can do, regardless of whether you have the cheat or not. I'll have to be careful.

 After killing some time like that, we came back to the river and started fishing again. Ricke caught two fish, so there's a quota of fish for each of us.
 There is, but I think that's a bit of a badge of honor as a patriarch and a master. I want to catch at least one fish and go home. Just as I was thinking that, Samija said
"Eizo, you want to fish too much!
 I thought. I remembered that Samija knows when I have strong emotions. ....... Relax, relax. Keep it natural, Eizo. And while you're doing that.
"I can see that the master wants to fish.
 "I can see that the master wants to fish," said Rike, chuckling.
"Oh, really?
 We both nodded deeply. I let the line drop, a little depressed.

 After that, no one got a bite, and when it was time to leave, I felt a bite on my fishing rod.
 It was a bite! I calmly released the bite and felt a twitching sensation. I think I got it. I set the rod up and pulled in the line. The bite is still continuing. If you are in too much of a hurry, it will surely escape. I want to avoid that promise at all costs. I pull the fish into my hand so that the line does not slacken.
 When the fish is close enough, you pull up the line and catch it. I think I've saved my face.
I've finally caught one.
 The fish was somewhat smaller than the ones caught by both Samija and Rike, but a fish is a fish is a fish. We went home, not caring about the somewhat dumbfounded Samija.

 That evening, we built a bonfire outside and ate the fish we had caught. Of course, it was very tasty. Partly because I hadn't tasted fish in a long time, but also because of the camping atmosphere.

 Thus the first day of our vacation ended with great satisfaction.