40 the second day of vacation

 I had a great time fishing yesterday. I even managed to catch one fish, just in time to save my reputation. Today is the second day of my vacation. If you do the same thing as you did yesterday, it's no good. ...... And if you don't catch anything today, you'll never recover. I want to avoid risks as much as possible. On the other hand, if I work on my day off, I'll end up a workaholic. One thing that is neither work nor play is .......

I'm going to build a field today.
 I had reassembled the stag beetle that I had used to make the room, put it back together, and came to the outside of the hallway of the new room - which would become the courtyard when there were more rooms.
 Rike with the sickle replied.
"No, that's fine, but why the field?
 Samija, also with a sickle, asks.
I've been buying vegetables for a while now, but I wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible in this kind of thing. The Camias bring us meat, and we can gather nuts near the lake, but not vegetables.

 I think there are other vegetables that can be eaten in this world. In fact, the ones that look like carrots are closer to the carrots I know than to the honeysuckle. So I'm thinking of producing those.
 I also want to secure a place to grow potatoes when I get them. In the previous world, potatoes had not yet spread to Europe around the Middle Ages, but in this world, there is no such separation between Europe and South America (I know this roughly from my knowledge of the installation), so although the whole world does not rely on potatoes alone, they are cultivated together with wheat and other crops. However, in this area, it seems that it is not widely available or consumed by farmers, so it is not seen in the market. Maybe there is a rule to produce only enough for one's own consumption or something.

 I explained this to Rike and Samija. Rike looked impressed.
I thought you knew a lot of things when we talked at dinner.
I'm sure you do. You're right, Eizo does know a lot.
 It was Sami's idea, but "strangely" was superfluous. No, he has knowledge from the previous world combined with knowledge from the installation, so maybe "strangely" isn't so wrong. I have a complicated look on my face, but let's get to work.
 I'm only going to prepare my own field, so this won't violate my own rule of "no work today". It's like taking care of a rented field on your day off in the previous world.

 First, the three of us cut the grass in the courtyard with our sickles. It is a general model, but it is more than sharp enough. When we had mowed a certain amount of area, it was just about noon, so we stopped working. That's about right for the size of the area.
After lunch, I'll make stalks for Rike and Samija.
Are you sure?
It's only good for today, though.
I think it's good enough.
 In the end, I ended up doing the blacksmithing, but that's a family matter, so I'll just leave it at that.

 After eating lunch, the three of us went to the workshop. Samija and Rike do the work up to the point where the sheet metal is heated and shaped, and I do the finishing.
 After lighting the fire, Rike began to heat the sheet metal. When the sheet metal was red hot, Rike took it out and placed it on the anvil. Samija then hits it with a hammer to make a large square. At this point, even if there is some distortion, I can fix it. When the piece has reached a certain size, he heats it up again, and Rike places it on a different anvil, and I take over and hammer it to give it its final shape and finish. The amount of effort is that of a high class model. In the meantime, Rike and Samija are heating and stretching the next sheet of sheet metal. I heat while Camija beats, and Rike heats while I beat. The work is going more smoothly than ever. Finally, I finish the second blade of the stag beetle, and the day's blacksmithing work is done. I choose a good piece of wood left over from construction or something and make it into a neck. Now I have three stags.
 It took me about three hours to finish. I can work in the field for another two or three hours. However, since I've actually finished the work, it's natural for me to feel a little unmotivated. However, the ladies seemed to be eager to know how it felt to use the stag beetle that they had actively participated in making.

 The three of us came back to the field and plowed the soil. As I've said before, the soil in this forest is basically hard. But with the strength I got from my cheat, and the strength and youth of Rike and Samija's high-end model stag beetle, we were able to dig up the soil.
 I've seen a TV show in a previous world where three people fix up a ruined field, grow vegetables, and cook with those vegetables, and this scene reminds me of that. However, the difference is that in this case, thanks to the tools and stuff, the work is much faster. Three hours later, we had finished digging up the soil. However, it was getting dark, and it was still just digging, not really a field. It's a bit indigestible, but this means that I can save it for my next vacation. ...... I'll have to take my next vacation early to avoid the weeds from growing again, but that's okay, it's an opportunity to take a vacation.

 And so my vacation is over, and I start working again the next day. However, I don't feel as depressed as I did when Monday came in the previous world. I think I'm really liking life in this world, I thought to myself.