41 resumption of work

 Today the usual work begins. On the first day, we will make the sheet metal we used, and the next day we will make the knives, shortswords, and longswords. From this time on, I decided to have Samija help me with the sheet metal work. The three of us melted, hardened, and stretched. We can't help with the hardening process, but we can share the melting and stretching, so I think our efficiency has improved.
 In the end, we were able to make about 1.2 times as much as we had made before. There is still a lot of ironstone left. In fact, the amount of ironstone we have left is far greater than the amount we have lost, and there is no sign of a decrease. There may come a day when I have to tell Camilo that I don't need to buy anything.

 The next day, I started making weapons. By the way, I haven't asked Camilo if it's okay to increase the variety of weapons. The short spear is a custom-made model, but I know it can be used in actual combat, and if it's okay, I'd like to add it to the lineup.
 Anyway, I'm going to make a shortsword and a longsword first. The procedure is the same as before, of course. However, the efficiency is gradually improving. Melting the iron, pouring it into the mold, and deburring it are all done by the thermographer, which makes it easier for me and allows me to focus on the high-end models. I continued this work for about three days, and was able to get a good number of them. I'm sure I won't have to deliver again for the next two weeks.

 The next two days will be spent on the knives. There was nothing for Samija to help her with this, and the meat stockpile was almost finished, so Samija went hunting. I'll have to replenish the arrowheads a bit, too. ....... As before, I'm making the high-end model, and Rike is making the standard model. The procedure is the same as usual. I made it until late in the evening, and got a good number. I think I'll make a general model tomorrow. As I was cleaning up the workshop, Samija came home.

"I'm home.
"Welcome back. How'd it go?
Oh, I killed a big boar this time.
Oh, you're good.
Of course I did.
 Samija is proud of herself. You're a real good hunter.
How's the arrowhead?
 I check with Cámara on the matter.
Oh, it sticks in one shot, and it's strong, so it's not too low. It's just nice to have a spare.
"I see. That's good.
A boar's head is pretty hard, though. A boar's head is pretty hard. Maybe even an iron helmet can pull it off. ......
Yeah, I see.
 Hmm, too much firepower, I guess. Well, an arrow is an arrow, and it's useless if you don't have the archery skills to hit it, so it's not like you're bringing a gun into this world.
 The three of us made arrangements to go back tomorrow, and that was it for today.

 The next morning, the three of us head for the lake. The lake is deep enough that Camija and I will be able to pull it out, but in the meantime, I'll ask Rike to cut down some trees around the area to prepare a platform. When we reached the mark Samija had given us, we saw a greenish-furred boar submerged in the water. The boar in this forest has a kind of moss (or lichen, I'm not sure) growing on its fur, making it greenish all over. If it crouched down, it would look like a bush at a glance.
 I've heard that it's a "big one," but it's huge. I've heard that there are some 2-meter-long ones in the previous world, but this one seems to be about the same size. I called out to him, "Come on," and dragged him along. When we reached the shore, Rike had prepared a log for us. The three of us tied them together with ropes, made a platform, and dragged the boar onto the platform. All we had to do was to drag it to the house. I'm a cheat, Samija is a beastman, and Rike is a dwarf, so it won't be too hard if the three of us work together.

 Nevertheless, it took us a good hour more to get home than we had taken to get there. We immediately hung them on a tree near our house. After this, we peeled and processed the tree, but I didn't help with that, instead I took the carrier apart and cut it into lumber. It took me a while to do it by myself, but I was able to cut it into pieces of the right size and thickness. All that was left to do was to place the pieces together in the same place where we had placed the previous lumber. When I finished this one, I checked on Samija and Rike, and found that they had also been dismantled.

 As with the deer, once we've removed what we'll eat today, we'll salt the rest. Lunch consisted of boar steak. When I tried it, it tasted similar to pork. However, this one has more of a wild taste, almost a smell, but not an unpleasant smell.
Wild boar is also delicious.
"Yes, it is. It has a different taste from pork.
Yes. I've heard from a traveler that the boar in this forest eat better food than in other places.
I see. Is that so?
But they're hard to hunt. They're very fierce and their skulls are so hard that arrows don't penetrate.
So, you're my arrowhead.
That's really the point, isn't it?
 Don't say that without hesitation. It's embarrassing.

 In the afternoon I'll be working on the knife. I decided to let Saamya do the first part of the work, since it's a general model. She's been helping out a bit, so she's pretty good at it. However, she's almost a novice, so even before it's finished, it's not very good. I'm going to make it into an ordinary model.
"You're a master, but Samija can do pretty much anything, can't she?
 Rike is talking to Camija. Rike speaks to Camija in a casual tone.
Rike speaks in a casual tone to Camija, "Hmmm, really? What you just did was nothing compared to what Eizo did.
You can't compare yourself to the master.
That's right.
 They're laughing at each other. I like that. I felt somewhat relieved and was careful not to accidentally make a high-end model.