42 a suspicious cloud

 It's time to go into town. Today, I'll go back to Camilo's store and pick up the bedding, but I'm also curious about the condition of Marius' sword, so I'd like to check on it.

 I'm going to load the cart with the inventory I've made. Even though I haven't done any blacksmithing for a week, the load is heavier than usual, but it's not too heavy for me and Rike to pull.
I saw something like that on the way home two weeks ago. Let's be very careful on the way today.
Yes, sir.
I'm on it.
 I also decided to carry a shortsword at my waist. It was the same one I had used to replace the one I had hit Helen's shortsword with, but it was more than sharp enough to be useful for self-defense. I proceeded more cautiously than usual. If it was a wolf, or even a bandit, it's hard to imagine that normal people would pass through such a place, but it's better to be cautious. With one break in between, we made it to the exit of the forest as usual. Once there, we stopped and looked around.

How are you feeling? I don't feel anything.
 If it's a sign, even I can feel it with concentration. But if a skilled person kills the presence, I won't be able to tell. I don't think any bandit could do such a thing, but it would be dangerous if someone could. I'll ask Samija, who can sense smells, but can't easily eliminate them.
I can't smell it either. No blood, no human scent.
So we're good. We'll be careful on the road.
 I'm going down the street fast enough to keep an eye out for any sign of life and to be able to react quickly if there's anything unusual. Because of my caution, I walked slower than usual, but I reached the city safely. The guard standing there today is not Marius. It is a colleague who came with Marius to buy a sword.

"Oh, you guys. Hello.
I haven't seen Mr. Marius around lately. What's going on?
 I ask him straightforwardly. It doesn't seem to make much sense to say it in a roundabout way.
He's been in the capital for a while now.
 Your colleague replies in a somewhat slurred manner. Well, if it's hard to answer, so be it. Just ask someone else.
"I see. No, I was just curious about the condition of the sword. If you're worried about it too, you can go to Camilo's store and ask him about it.
"Oh, yeah. No, I've used it a few times and so far it's fine.
Oh, really? That's good to know.
 I responded with a smile, but I also felt a twinge of fear inside. If what I made was used, and my colleague was safe, then the target of the use would not be safe, no matter how small or large. That's what the weapon is for. But I can't look away from the fact that someone has been hurt by what I've made. But I guess I have to be able to accept this and digest it properly. I don't want to look away or become insensitive.

 Keeping this determination in my heart, I continued to my colleague.
"By the way, I saw a trail of blood in the woods about an hour from here two weeks ago. It looks like he was dragged towards the forest.
"Yeah, there have been a few reports. I don't know if it's because I've been patrolling more lately, but if you see anything else, let me know the next time you come.
"All right. Please give my regards to Marius-san as well.
 After all, the guards of this city are much more diligent than I thought. Do they treat you well?
 We bade our colleague goodbye and entered the city. Today, the main street is full of people pulling wagons and carts. Camilo's store is located a little off the main street, so when we turn in that direction, the street is much less crowded. It's not that it's dark or extremely narrow, it's just that it's not a place where people who don't have any business hang around. We walked along, pulling a cart. It didn't take us long to get to Camilo's store.

 We left the cart by the warehouse, called the shopkeeper from there, asked him to open the door of the warehouse, drove the cart inside, asked him to call Camilo, and went into the business meeting room on the second floor (that's what I call it, I don't know what Camilo and his friends actually call it) to wait for Camilo. Shortly after, Camilo and the guard, as I call him, arrived. The first thing Camilo said to me when I entered the room was, "Did I keep you waiting?
"Did I keep you waiting?
No, not at all.
Is the merchandise the same as usual?
Yes. I have knives and swords, both long and short, in storage. Not enough for two weeks, but enough for a week. If there's any extra, leave it.
"No, I sold all your stuff in two weeks. I'll take the ones you bring.
Okay. That's great. So did you get the bedding and stuff?

That's not a problem. Was it two sets?
I want three sets if that's what it takes.
 I completely forgot about the guest room until I made the bed, so I'm missing one set of bedding. Well, even if I don't have it here today, I can get it next time or go to the free market to get it.
Oh, I'm sure we have some in stock. Oh, I'm sure we'll have some in stock, plus the usual ironstone, charcoal, salt and wine.
Thanks. Thanks.
Yeah, it's mutual.
 Camilo glanced at the guard, who nodded and left the room.

 When I saw that he had left the room, I spoke up.
"By the way, Camilo, is there something going on in the capital?
I've heard that the guards you're familiar with went to the capital a while ago and haven't come back. It's not every day that the guard protecting the city goes to another city, even if it's the capital, and even if it's a homecoming, it won't be for very long, right? I'm a little worried about him because he's bought me knives and other things and he's taken care of me in many other ways.
"I see. ......
 Camilo pauses to think about what I'm saying. I'm not sure how much he knows, but when he's thinking about it, it's almost as if he knows something, but he's a merchant and he knows what he's doing.
 A rather heavy silence filled the room. Eventually, Camilo told me a little more.
The city is in trouble right now. It's not so much about the king, but about the higher nobles, and something is going to happen around there. Maybe the guards have something to do with it. ...... I can't tell you any more for your own good.
"Okay. I'm sorry, thank you.
Don't worry about it. Just don't get involved in anything you don't have to.
All right. Anyway, since you didn't tell me, I'll get the information for free, right?
Oh, you're worse than a merchant when you say that!
 Camilo and I laugh at each other. Camilo and I laugh at each other, praying that we won't get caught up in each other's messes.