65 "Welcome back".

 Marius was waiting for us in the room where Camilo and I were taken. It's been a couple of days since I've seen him, but he looks like he's lost a lot of weight.
You look very tired.
"Hmm? Yes, although the banquet will be held with a very limited number of people, I've been busy preparing for the audience with His Majesty the King and the report of the succession, as well as the procedures for the succession records and so on.
"That sounds like a lot of work.
 Aristocrats have a lot to do, don't they? Again, I don't think I can do it.
So when's the feast?
Tomorrow? That's awfully early.
It took me a long time to inherit the throne after my father and brother died. Normally, I'd leave some time before the feast, but I can't say that this time. It is necessary to make the succession an established fact as soon as possible.
 What a troublesome matter for us common people.
So we'll attend the feast tomorrow and return the day after tomorrow?
Yes, that's right. Take it easy until then.
All right. I'll take care of you.
 Then Marius left. Then the servant took Camilo and me to a room reserved for guests.

If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask.
"All right, sir. Thank you, sir.
 The servant bowed and left. The room was furnished with a desk, a chair, a bed, and a tapestry on the wall. On the tapestry was a picture of some battle. On the side of the allies were knights in armor, and on the side of the enemies were frightening figures, possibly demons. When he received his title, he was given a sword, which is probably the scene of the battle that led to his title.
 I am not ashamed to say that the sword, which has become a sign of honor for a man through such a battle, is a fake. There must be more to it than the mere quality of the sword. I couldn't think of a better way, but I don't know if I should have destroyed it with my own hands. Unless you've thrown it away somewhere, I'll keep it at least for safekeeping at home. That's the only way to atone for my sins. I'll try to negotiate with Marius later.

 Before dinner, the servant who showed me to my room, whose name I was told was Mr. Bowman, asked me, "Miss Diana is here to see you, may I help you? I decided to accept. She's probably going to do it here, too. .......
 I was taken to the courtyard, where Deanna, wearing comfortable clothes, was waiting with two wooden swords.
Are you going to do it here too?
"Of course.
 "Of course," Deanna says with a grin. You shouldn't do that, it's not very lady-like.
Well, okay. Let's get started.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this site. It's a great way to get to know the people you're working with.
"Huh ...... huh ......, can you show me ...... your seriousness ...... once, Eizo? Seriously?
 This is the last one for today.
All right, let's finish this.
 Deanna readied her sword so that it could be struck from anywhere. After confirming this, I stepped in and struck with all my might. Deanna didn't move a muscle. I stopped my sword just before my wooden sword hit her neck.
This is what I'm really doing.
I couldn't see you at all .......
 Deanna's shoulders slumped as I said this.
I'm sure you'll be able to get a lot better if you train harder.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.
 I felt my heart tighten at the thought of never seeing that smile again.

 After the rehearsal, I was allowed to take a bath, and then we had dinner. Today, only the Amur family was present, so it was an easy dinner. The topic of conversation was mainly about Deanna's experiences while she was at home, and Marius listened to it with pleasure. Marius listened happily to the conversation, while I added to it in between, and Camilo was impressed by everything. And so the night went on.

 The next day, Marius went to report to His Majesty the King in the morning. It seems that the procedures to the recorder have already been completed, so the succession to the title is complete for the country with this report to the king. The rest of the festivities are for the house. The servants, including Mr. Bowman, are busy. Although it's a private party, it's a celebration with a certain number of guests, so proper preparations are necessary.
 We were one of the guests, but we were given priority in the preparations, so we had our breakfast and lunch left over from the dinner party - in other words, we were left with nothing. It would have been awkward to ask them to prepare something else here. Mr. Bowman and the other servants tried to prepare something for me at first, but I forced them to do so.
 In between, I spend my time wandering around the house so as not to disturb them. I haven't seen Diana yet today, but apparently she's following Marius to an audience with His Majesty. That's a shame.
 I don't know how successful our cooperation was, but the preparations for the feast proceeded smoothly, and the actual event arrived.

 A large table was set up in the dining room of the Amur mansion, and we took our assigned seats. The food was placed in the center of the table, and the waiters were serving cups of wine from a barrel. When all the guests have arrived and the cups have been distributed, Marius stands up. He is wearing an elaborately embroidered dress. I guess that is the formal dress of the head of the family.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am very grateful that you have come to this banquet today.
 A cheerful voice echoed through the dining room.
"Today, I, Marius Albert Aimur, am to inherit the title of Count and the House of Aimur.
 Applause erupted. I glanced over to see that the Marquis was also applauding.
So here's to the future prosperity of the House of Amur, and to our everlasting connection.
 Everyone slurped down a glass of wine. It's a pretty good wine. And with that, Marius became the Count and the head of the Amur family, both in terms of the system and in everyone's eyes. The thought of this made me feel more happy than the power of alcohol.
 The festive dinner proceeded solemnly. The waiter divided the food in the center and distributed it to each person. It was interesting to see all kinds of dishes that you don't see in the city. I think I can copy some of them, and I'll make some for Samija and Rike when I get home.

 After the banquet, there was a ball. Neither of these is very formal, but it seems to be the rule for celebrations to have a dinner and a ball. The more prestigious the occasion, the more balls are held separately. However, although it is called a "ball," it is of course not a place where all the people who have filled their bellies with enough food and drink can dance gorgeously, so it is actually a place where people can stand and talk over light drinks.
 That's where I found Diana. Earlier I had been approached by someone or other, but now there seemed to be a gap.
"May I have a word?
"Oh, Mr. Eizo, ......, you look lovely.
 Yes, of course, I'm wearing the aristocratic clothes. I have a marquis, and officially I'm a friend of Marius' from the north, which means I'm a man of some rank in the north.
My shoulders are stiff.
 I said with a chuckle. I said with a chuckle, but I didn't hide my true feelings.
"You look good in that dress, Deanna. "You deserve to be called 'Rose'."
 Deanna was also wearing a proper dress for this occasion. The dress was red, but not too flamboyant, and the embroidery was very restrained.
"You're very good.
 Deanna blushed, but I couldn't tell if it was because of the alcohol or embarrassment.
"I mean it. It really looks good on you. But this is the last time I'll see you. That's a shame.
"Oh, I don't think so.
 Deanna says with a mischievous smile on her face.
"Oh, come on, that was .......
 When I was about to ask her what she meant, Deanna was approached by someone else and I was approached by the Marquis, so I had to deal with them. With the Marquis, I made full use of my knowledge of the installation and tried to talk only in passing, so as not to violate the setting of a person from the north. I don't want to talk too much and reveal too much. However, he seems to be a pleasant man when I talk to him like this. I was impressed by the way he patted me on the shoulder and said, "Take care of the Amour family.
 In the end, this was the only time I was able to talk to Deanna, and the party was over, and we were divided into those going home and those going back to the prepared rooms.

 The next morning, everything was finally settled and the day came for me to go home. I won't be coming to the capital so often. I might be able to come here once in a while, and I'll be able to say hello then.
 I didn't have any special luggage, so I went to Camilo's carriage early. Camilo, Marius, and the servants were waiting for me at the carriage. There was no sign of Diana, probably because it was early in the morning.
Thank you, Eizo, for everything.
"Well, as I said before, I owe you a debt in the city. Be a good lord.
 Marius and I shake hands tightly.
Oh, yeah, what about the fake one?
"Oh, that. Oh, that one. I cut it off in the middle of the road, and it's in the carriage for you to fix.
 You're going to fix it? If it stays in the house, so be it.
And when you've fixed it, you'll put it back?
No, I want you to keep it at Eizo's.
You sure?
Yeah. It's not natural to keep something that turns out to be a fake, but that's just the way things are.
 And the real thing is over there. I know exactly how you feel, and I'm not complaining if you let me.
"Okay. I'll take good care of it after I fix it.
Take care of it. Oh, and there's another thing in the box I want you to take care of, too.
What? A weapon?
Yeah, something like that. I'm having trouble with it.
Oh, okay. I'll take care of that one, too.
You can do whatever you want with either one of them, all right?
All right. Give my regards to Deanna.

 So I climbed into the back of the wagon, and the wagon began to move. I waved goodbye to the shrinking members of the Amur family, said goodbye to the Amur residence, and made my way out of the capital without incident.

 On the way back, I talked with Camilo about something or other, but he seemed distracted. I tried to talk to him about it, but he just said nothing, so I didn't mention it.
 Soon after noon, we arrived at the entrance to the forest. I said goodbye to Camilo for now. I'll go to the store to get the goods.
Unload your stuff before you leave.
 Camilo reminded me. Oh, right, I have something to keep.
Which box?
The box right behind the altar.
This one?
 I try to open the box he told me. Oh, I think this box is ........

 When I opened the lid of the box, I found a cloth package and a woman holding it. The woman is Deanna.
 I yelled out. I forgot to say "three.
"I'm here.
 Deanna smiles mischievously.
"No, I'm here." "Are you sure the ...... house is okay?
"I have a letter from your brother about that. Here it is.
 I've got a letter from your brother. It said.

"Hello, Eizo. If you're reading this, it means that my plan with Deanna and Camilo has succeeded. It's a shame that I can't see your surprised face, but there's nothing I can do about it. Let's give up. Now, as for the "other deposit", her "value" has increased dramatically since I became a Count.
 She was originally a member of the Count's family, but with three older brothers and only one boy, her "value" is unfortunately different. Naturally, things get complicated. Can you take it as a measure to keep me away from that?
 I see. I understand, but it's a heavy-handed approach.
"P.S. Deanna is really free to do as she pleases.
 There was a sentence like that, but I decided to ignore it. I ignored it. I felt bad, but it would be nice to see that smile again.
"Well, now that we're here, what can we do? Shall we go home together?
"Yes! Thanks!
 Deanna smiled a nice smile and came out of the box.

 She took the broken fake sword and Diana's luggage out of the box, and the two of them got out of the wagon, waved goodbye to Camilo.
 The luggage was not too heavy, and they made their way through the forest. Neither of us said much, but that didn't mean either of us was in a bad mood. At least I don't know what to say to them.

 We walked for a while, and when we were already in front of the house
Deanna stopped and mumbled, "Annoying ......, isn't it?
 Deanna stopped and mumbled.
"Annoying? If I thought so, I'd have turned him away right there.
Really. I'm a stubborn blacksmith with no sense of humor. I wouldn't have the guts to lie in a situation like this.
Oh, I see. I see.
Don't be so sure.
 Don't be so sure." Deanna chuckles.
Come on, let's get in the house.
Hey, Mr. Eizo.
Just call me Eizo.
If you're going to be a part of my family, you don't need to call me "sir."
Yeah, okay, Eizo.
 I start walking towards the door.
 Deanna calls from behind me. I turn around.
"I'm home!
 I smile back.

"Welcome back, Deanna.