66 New "always"

"So, Deanna has become a member of our family today.
 When I came back from the capital and announced it, there was applause. Only two people, Samija and Rike, did so, but all of them except me. I was relieved to see that there were no objections.
"Once again, it is my pleasure to be here today. I'm Deanna Eimur. Nice to meet you.
"Nice to meet you, Deanna.
Nice to meet you, Deanna.
 Deanna and I greet each other. They've been living together until the day before yesterday, so there's no awkwardness. However, Rike and Deanna were having a conversation that was bothering me.
"Well, it went well, didn't it?
"Yes, Rike was right.
"Hey, what's that ......
"It's a maiden secret. Hey, Deanna.
 It seems that Deanna has become friends with Rike before she knew it. It's good, but it's also kind of sad. ....... Oh, yeah.
"Deanna, wait a minute.
 I called out to Deanna, went back to my room, got what I wanted out of the cupboard, and went back to the living room.
I'll give you this.
What's this?
It's my 'special' knife. We each have one for protection. It's like a family badge.
 Deanna took the knife I gave her with sparkling eyes. She pulls it out and looks at the blade.
You've seen how sharp it is, but it cuts like hell, so be careful with it.
"Okay. It's beautiful.
I know! That knife is one of the master's masterpieces!
 The knife is one of the master's masterpieces!" For some reason, Rike was proud of it. Samija sees this and laughs in disgust. Diana's smile was added to the "usual". I felt very happy about that.

 I prepared dinner that night. Dried meat in wine, unfermented bread, root vegetable soup, and wine. It was a celebration of Deanna's joining our family.
Eizo's food is the best.
 Samija said with deep emotion.
"Is that so?
Is that so?" "Yes. When the master was away, we cooked meals in rotation, but we never surpassed his taste. I used to cook in my family's workshop, though.
 Deanna looked away, so I guess she had never cooked for herself.
So I guess it's good to have me back.
"Especially when it comes to food.
 Lique chuckled. Everyone laughed and talked about the food they had eaten at the dinner party at Amur's house.

 The next day, after I finished my morning routine of fetching water, I broke the ice at breakfast.
You have a week's supply of general models, right?
"Yes. We've been producing them for a long time, even while the master was away.
Then you have enough to distribute.
We helped out, so there's quite a lot in the workshop.
Okay, we'll make a new room today. That's for Deanna.
Are you sure?
 It was Deanna who asked.
Good or bad, we're a family, we should have the same room, right?
Thank you.
You're welcome. You're welcome. Deanna will help you.
 That's how the next week or so went.

 The fact that I've been securing lumber frequently has paid off. There was enough room to build two more rooms. In other words, I would run out of lumber if I built two more rooms. So I first cut down the trees around the house with an axe and secured new lumber. Because I cut down a few trees here and there, the yard seems to have become a little bigger. One of these days I'll have to clear away the stumps so that new trees can grow.
 While I was cutting down the trees, the three of us were clearing the ground for the new room and piling the foundation. Ricke has done this before, and the three of them are much faster than before, probably because they're all stronger than normal people. However, there was one thing that bothered me.
"Why are you working on two rooms?
 Yes, apparently, the work is for two rooms. The purpose of this project is to secure a room for Deanna, so it should be enough for one room.

I'm sure you'll have another family anyway, Eizo.
"No, that's not true. ......
 I tried to say no, but stumbled. In the first place, Samija, Rike, and Diana were not all planned. So it's better to have two rooms now than to add another room when something unexpected happens and the family grows. It's a good idea.
Can I use it as a storage room while I'm not using it? ......
 When I agreed, Samija sighed and went back to work.

 I spent the next five days working on the room addition. I woke up in the morning, finished my routine, worked on the room, finished lunch, worked on the room from noon, practiced with Deanna before dinner, and went to bed after dinner. I spent five days in this way, but the work on the room addition went smoothly, probably because I had done it before, and by the fifth day it was almost finished. The former end of the corridor was vacated, and the corridor was extended further, and two rooms with the same appearance as Samija's and Rike's rooms were placed side by side. However, there was no door at the entrance of the rooms, and they were not furnished yet.
It's amazing what you can do.
 Deanna hadn't participated in the previous project, so she was deeply moved.
Tomorrow we'll put in the door and the bed, and we'll be done. The day after tomorrow I'm going to Camilo's to distribute the products, will you be there?
Yes, of course. That's the family business, isn't it?
We're blacksmiths. We have beastmen, dwarves, even a countess, but it's just a blacksmith shop run by a stubborn old man.
"Weird blacksmith.
 Deanna chuckles and says.
"Well, you can't deny that.
 I chuckle back.

 This is one of the new "usual" scenes in our house.