67 More families and more "always"

 The next day, I quickly finished cutting out the materials for the bed and doors, and started assembling them. I had left some hinges and nails on the table last time, so that saved me some time. The more prepared you are, the better. Leaving the bed to Samija and Rike, Deanna and I start building the door. It's your own door, so you'll have to put some thought into it.
 Even Deanna has never done carpentry before, so we teach her as we go. I did that part, but the rest was mostly done by Deanna. Maybe it's because she's been wielding a sword for a while, but for her first time, she's pretty good at hammering.
It's fun, isn't it?
"It's fun to do this," she said. "If you do it alone, you might get sick of it, but it's nice to work together on something like this.
Yeah. I like it a lot.
Do you think you can handle this kind of work sometimes?
Sure. If I had any doubts, I wouldn't have come here in the first place.
 Deanna laughs and says.
That's for sure.
 I chuckled along with her.

 The bed seemed to have been made before the door, since they had made it before.
"Oh, bring it in then.
"All right. Are you sure about the front room?
 Samija asks Deanna.
Yes, that's fine.
All right. Let's go, Rike.
Okay. You take that one.
 Samija is a beastman and Rique is a dwarf, so they have a lot of strength. He lifted the bed and carried it easily.
"All right, then, we'll take out the door.

 Some time later, the door was finished. It's pretty good.
It's good.
Is it?
Yeah. It's pretty hard to get the boards to fit without gaps.
Good. I was afraid you'd say it was useless.
I wouldn't let them screw it up on my watch, would I?
That's true.
Don't worry, I'm flattered. Let's go install it.
 Deanna's not as strong as Samija and the others, but she's still pretty strong. Deanna and I will carry the door and I'll install it. The door was quickly installed, and with the bed that had been brought in earlier, Deanna's room was complete.

From now on, this is Deanna's room. I know it's a bit cramped compared to the villa.
That's okay. I've come to realize that there's not much space left.
I see.
 Deanna is always trying to help me adjust to this life. She had already done that before, but she was only half a guest at that time. It's nice of you to do this.
"So we're a family now!
 Lique smiles at Diana.
"Yes. Nice to meet you again, Rike. Nice to meet you too, Samija.
"Oh. Well, the food is guaranteed to be good.
 "Well, the food is guaranteed to be good," Samija says proudly, "but I'm the one cooking it. Well, if you like my cooking, then fine.
 After this, Diana's belongings were brought in from the guest room, and her room was completed.

 The next day, I went to Camilo's to deliver the goods. This is the first time the four of us are going to Camilo, since Diana couldn't go to the city before. Rike and I pull the cart, while Samija and Deanna watch the area. Our steps are as quick as ever. Every once in a while we see a grass rabbit or some other small animal, and Deanna gets excited. They're pretty to look at. I hope it won't be a hindrance to our eating later. After a short break, we reached the road.

"What do you think? I don't think so.
I don't think so either. How's Deanna?
Me neither.
 I'll check when I get out of the woods and onto the road, just in case. I'm glad nothing's happened to you.
All right, let's go.
 We'll take the road with the wagon. We've been down this road many times before, but today Deanna is here. It feels new to me somehow. The guards in that city are very diligent, so we don't need to be on our guard at all, but we are much less worried about thieves. I wish I had the manpower to fill in for Marius when he's gone, but I can't replace him. If there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it.

 As expected, we arrived at the city without any problems. The guard was not Marius's colleague, so he just bade him goodbye and tried to pass by. Then the sentry on duty called out to him.
"Whoa, one more?
 How do you remember so many people a day passing by?
Yeah, well.
You're a popular guy. I envy you, lover boy.
No, I'm not.
Can I see your eyes and wrists for a second, new girl?
 The guard looks at Deanna's eyes and wrists.
"I'm sorry. I know a slave or a kidnapper when I see their eyes and wrists. What part of the eyes and wrists I look at is a secret. Thanks for your help. You can go.
 The four of us say our goodbyes and head into town. I guess you learn to do that when you see a lot of people. It's not the kind of skill I'm happy to learn, but I'm sure he's had his fair share of hard times.

 Then we headed for Camilo's store as usual. After putting the cart in the warehouse, we went upstairs. The clerk and the manager were familiar with the store, and we were soon ushered into the business meeting room. However, there seemed to be more people in the warehouse and more clerks.
 Camilo walked into the business meeting room without waiting too long.
 My greeting was casual. Camilo spotted Diana and said.
"Oh. Oh, right, Deanna, you're in there now, aren't you?
Yes, I am. You guys really like to do that, don't you?
You know that, right?
Yeah, I knew it. Speaking of which, there's a lot more people here.
Yeah. Thanks to you, we're making more money. When you're a member of the Count's family, you can't just leave your people in the capital and go to the market, you need a store, even if it's small.
 In the previous world, it would be like having an Osaka head office and a Tokyo office. A big store with a warehouse in the capital would be a big deal, but as long as it functions as a store, I guess it can be done.
Well, that's a good thing.
That's good, right? So, are we going to do the same thing today?
Oh, and if I have two sets of fire wine and bedding this time, can I have that too?
Yes, I do. We'll pay as usual, right?
Yes. Yes, please.
 I nodded, and Camilo looked at the watchman. He nodded and left the room. While the rest of the luggage was being unloaded, Camilo and I talked about our time in the capital. Samija and Rike seemed to be enjoying listening to what I and Deanna hadn't told them (though Deanna didn't know some of it).