75 Missill's knife

 Hot mithril is beaten and stretched into thin strips. It seems to take about two to three times as long to stretch it to the same length as ordinary steel. The only thing that makes me think that mithril is indeed mithril is that there is no unevenness in the structure, which always occurs with steel. It's nice to be able to concentrate on stretching.
 The fact that it is so light also makes the stretching process easier. If you're going to put it in the fireplace a lot, it's best to keep it light. However, I feel that if I hit it in the wrong place, it will be ruined soon. If I don't hit it with full use of the cheats so that the edges become thin so that the cross-section becomes a diamond shape when it is stretched, it will become a terrible mess, and I need a lot of concentration to hit it.
 This means that you have to spend a lot of time working on it, but it's also rather fun because the sound when you hit it is so clear. The three of them seemed to like the sound, too.
"It makes a beautiful sound.
"It sounds like a musical instrument.
"Samija and Rike like it, too. So do I.
 "Samija and Rike like it too. The momentum, the speed of the tapping, increases. The speed of the strumming increases, and so does the speed of the extension.

 Even with a lunch break in between, the stretching was still going on. He continued to beat and stretch.
Don't you ever get bored?
 I asked the three of them, as the work continued.
No? It's fun to watch.
I'm learning a lot from this, too. ....... And I've never seen a mithril forge before, not even at home.
Yeah, yeah. The sound is beautiful, and I never get tired of watching it grow little by little as I tap it.
 All three of them replied in denial.
"I see. That's good.
 I swing the hammer down on the mithril again. Soon I had a mithril rod about a meter long and 2.5 centimeters wide at its thickest point, with a diamond-shaped cross-section and a slightly tapered tip, and a stick-like grip. The tip of the board will be the cutting edge of the sword, so I beat it a little more to make it sharper. The basic shape itself is now complete.

 From there, the sword is suddenly sharpened. For steel, quenching and tempering are necessary, but not for mithril. If you have sufficient processing equipment and a certain level of skill, you may be able to mass produce it. In fact, the distribution of raw materials is not sufficient, and the heating process is very severe, so even if computer control is possible as in the previous world, it is not something that can be mass-produced in this world where civilization is not yet that advanced.
 I was worried about whether I could really sharpen it with an ordinary whetstone, but I managed to do so with maximum use of cheats. I could feel from my fingertips that the blade would be ruined at once if the angle or something was slightly off. I sharpened slowly and deliberately, trying not to lose my concentration, and put the blade on the blade.
 Every time the blade moved on the grinding stone, a cool, crisp sound played in the air, delighting the ears of the visitors. He moved the blade slowly as if he were creeping along, and after a long time, he was finally able to attach the blade.

"Well, now the blade is ready.
"Can you wield it now?
 Deanna asked, her cheeks flushed.
Deanna asks with flushed cheeks, "I haven't wrapped the leather around the grip or put on the protective fist, but I can swing it.
Can I try?
Outside, in case you slip out.
Yeah, okay.
 I give Diana the Mithril Blade.
"Wow, it's light.
Some people say it's as light as a feather, but it's not that light, but it's still light as a stick compared to steel.
Yes. With such lightness, you can make quick thrusts.
I guess so. Let's get out of here.
 We went out in a huddle. Everyone's eyes are shining. Of course, this was the first time I'd ever seen a mithril in my life. I can't contain my excitement.

 First of all, Diana wields her rapier with nothing. Basically, she moves back and forth, left and right, and thrusts. Perhaps because of its light weight, the thrust is reasonably sharp, but it doesn't seem to come off. The speed of the thrusts seems to be quite fast, even though there is a difference between a shortsword and a rapier. Samija and Rike were watching her movements as if she was dancing.
 Since the rapier is a weapon that can also be used to "slash", Deanna was moving in a way that was not so large as to be called "slashing away", but she was weaving her slashing movements in with her thrusting movements. This movement also seems to be much faster than in her usual practice.
Maybe it's because the weapon is light, but it moves much faster.
"You think so? I feel like my body is lighter and my rapier is lighter, so I don't feel as drained.
I see.
 There's nothing better than a light weapon, right? The weight of the weapon itself is a weapon like a hammer, but cutting and thrusting weapons don't need that much weight.

Let's try with a target next time.
 I prepared a target that was just a piece of wood.
"Can I poke it?
"Yes. Be careful, it might fall over.
 Deanna held her sword to the target and breathed in and out slowly. The only sound around her is the sound of the wind blowing. What had probably been a few seconds felt like several minutes or more.

 In a flash of spunk, Deanna unleashes a thrust as if she were pouring all of her strength into the rapier.

 The rapier misses its target and buries its cutting edge in the wood. No sound is made. From the side, it looks as if the wood has swallowed the rapier. Deanna pulls out the rapier with as much speed as she did when she thrust.
 There was a hole in the shape of the rapier's cutting edge, telling us eloquently that what looked like a thrust earlier was not "just what it looked like.
This is ...... amazing. ...... There was hardly any response.
Is it the same as when you were just throwing thrusts at nothing?
It's almost the same. Almost the same.
Then it's working. Give it to me.
 I took the rapier from Deanna and scrutinized the tip, but there was no distortion or spillage. The blade is now complete, I suppose.

 But then I thought of something. I return the rapier to Deanna, and grab some rope and sheet metal from the workshop. I tied them to the lumber I'd targeted earlier.
"Good. Now poke this thing.
"Yeah. Okay.
 Deanna nodded obediently, took up her stance again, and unleashed a thrust, this time more relaxed than before. A light thud echoed around the area, and the sheet metal to which it was attached still had a hole in the shape of the rapier's cutting edge. I checked the rapier again, but there was no distortion, no spilling of the blade, not even a scratch.

I think I may have made something terrible.
 When I said that, the three who were watching nodded with mysterious expressions.