76 gray worries

 I have completed the blade of my mithril rapier, but I have some hesitation about releasing it to the world. I do not believe that this one sword will change the world. Even if it is just a few strikes of a shortsword made by a blacksmith, if 100 people attacked me with it, I would not be safe.
 However, if the sword can be used to break rocks blocking the way (and I think it can), it will make it possible to pass through the path that was impassable, and that can greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

 I wonder if it's okay to release it to the world. Helen's shortsword was made of only steel, and the sword that became an heirloom of the Amur family was also made of steel, but it was not an item that was rarely used.
 It's a rapier, so it's probably not something that will be actively used on the front lines of battle, so even if you decide that it's a good idea this time, there's still the question of whether or not you'll have to worry about it every time you make something like this in the future. I guess we have to settle this issue soon.
Hey, guys.
What is it, Eizo?
What is it, sir?
What is it, Eizo?
 When I talk to him, he responds in three different ways.
I wonder if I should let him out into the world. I don't know if I should let him go out into the world. If I'm not careful, it might bring disaster to many places. It won't break, it won't bend, but it will cut. The sharpness will never stop, and it will break rocks. To be honest, I'm afraid to put something like that out into the world. I wonder if I'll be able to bear what lies ahead. That's what I'm worried about, and I can't stop worrying about it.
 I honestly confess my current state of mind. I think I'm a big man over 40, but I don't think I can take it any longer.

 The three of them stared at me. Someone might give up on me and leave this place. If that happened, so be it. That's how far I've come, that's all.
 Silence falls in the garden. All that can be heard again is the sound of the wind blowing.

 The next thing I hear is laughter.
"You're human too. I thought you would be indifferent to such things because you make amazing things.
 Deanna said, smiling.
I thought you wouldn't mind since you're not human either. I thought you wouldn't mind. That's what I've been taught, and that's what most blacksmiths do. I can understand why you would want to be careful when you're making something as great as yours.
 Rike is smiling too.
"Yes, yes. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm being so cautious. You're so polite, Eizo.
"If it's too heavy for you, then let us carry it too. "We're family."
 "We're family, aren't we?" Samija says, tapping me on the shoulder. The pain is strangely comforting.
"Sorry, guys. Thanks.
 I bow my head deeply to everyone and gently wipe the tears from my eyes. Someone gently holds my head. Then I felt a hug at my feet, followed by a hug from behind.
 For a while, the family of four in the forest became a single mass.

 I lifted my head and panted. I raised my head and punched myself in the cheek. I'm not lost anymore. My job in this world is to make what I want to make and put it out there for the benefit of others.
You've got a nice face, Eizo.
I've always been good-looking.
 And the four of us laugh. This family's gonna be okay. We're gonna make it.
Let's call it a day and go to dinner.
Done. Dinner! Dinner!
Hey, Samija! That's not fair!
 The usual scene returns, with Rikke chiding Camija and Diana looking on with a smile. I looked at the scene with a cheerful mood.

 The next day, I made Tsubasa and the protective fist. The next day, I would make the tsuba and the protective fist. I would not use mithril here, but steel. The rapier's tsuba is cage-shaped, or rather, it is made up of a complex combination of curves, which is difficult to work with mithril, and each curve is thin, so it would be better to be able to replace it, considering that even mithril might distort it if used heavily.
 Steel is expensive, but I'm sure a craftsman can make it for me, and it will be fine even after I'm gone. Today, Rike and the others will be working on the general model and will not be around.

 Before starting the whole work, I will carve the mark of my workshop, "a sitting fat cat," on the base of the blade, where it will be hidden by the tsuba. I had hardened and re-sharpened the tagane so that it would not be defeated by the mithril, so I managed to engrave it, although it required some effort.

 The sheet metal is heated and made into thin bars. Since I had been working on mithril all day yesterday, it seemed to me that it would be easier to process. I'm using cheats, but even so, I can make thin bars at a fairly fast pace.
 I cut them at a certain length and made them into shapes like ∫ and §. After that, I combine them to make a sphere. In terms of image, it is like the "globe" playground equipment found in the parks of the previous world. ...... There were a lot fewer of those around the time I disappeared from the other world.

 In any case, I completed the cage-like protective fist, which was combined from the base of the sword so that the hand holding the grip would be guarded.
 Now that the guardian fist is completed, I will make the tsuba to go with it. Make a stick of the same thickness as the stick of the guardian fist, and shape both ends of the stick into a ball. Once the tsuba is made, it is combined with the guard fist and the hand is completed.

 Before combining the parts of the hand, I wrapped leather around the grip and fastened it to the handle head to finish the grip. If I don't do this first, it will be troublesome for Gokken. ....... Now that the grip is done, the Tsuba and Gokken are assembled on the blade.
 When assembled, the result is a fine sword that can only be described as graceful. This is a sword that I would not be ashamed to show anywhere.

 And I had no more doubts as to whether or not I would present it to the world.