77 Pre-Delivery "Always"

 The day after the rapier itself was completed, I decided to make a sheath for it, since the sheath was not yet made. I didn't have a specific request, so I'll just make one for now and if I don't like it, I'll have another one made. Rieko and the others are working on a general model again today.

 They cut out two boards of the appropriate length from the lumber yard outside and brought them to the workshop. The rest of the work is the same as in the past. Take a mold, cut it out roughly, laminate it, and cut it. This time, I used a steel plate to reinforce the tip of the scabbard and the "koi-guchi" part of the scabbard, as used on Japanese swords. It looks like a white wooden scabbard with a reinforcement. If I wanted to be more elaborate, I would have stretched deerskin or engraved here, but this time I decided to deliver it as it is.

 It does not take much time to make a single scabbard. Besides, this is a "makeshift" scabbard. For the rest of the time, I'm going to take some of the shortswords and longswords that were just taken out of the molds and start working on the high-end models. Looking at it this way, the quality of both Samija's and Diana's castings has improved since I last saw them. It seems that less effort is needed to make a high quality model, not to mention a general model, than before.
 Perhaps it's because I've been working so intensively on the sword for the past two days that I've been tempted to concentrate and erase all the irregularities. However, if I do that, it will become a custom-made model. I don't hesitate to "make what I want to make and release it to the world," but that's not the same thing as this. In the first place, it is impossible to sell a piece that costs a gold coin (the price depends on my mood), so for the time being, the high-end model will be the most expensive mass-produced product in this workshop.
 As I imagined, the product just out of the original mold was good, so the high-end model was finished quickly. Maybe we can give Diana a little more hammering in the future. I was able to get enough stock for the day. At this rate, if I make a knife tomorrow, I'll have enough to go to the wholesaler. The day after tomorrow might be a good day to take some time off. I hadn't been able to rest at all since the last time I took a day off, because of the trouble with the Amur family. Making mithril rapiers was a lot of work, and I needed a break.
 At dinner that night, I proposed to take the next two days off, and it was unanimously approved.

 The next day, Samija and Diana took off to hunt, perhaps in preparation for the vacation. At first, Deanna was completely exhausted when she came back, but the last few times she came back, she still had some energy left. She must have gained a lot of strength from walking and running in the forest.
 This is also evident in my daily practice, and little by little, my time to respond to my strikes is getting longer than before. I don't know the details, but even at the current rate, I might be able to beat an ordinary soldier by exhausting his strength. If this keeps up, there may be one in the area. .......

 Rike and I will start making knives for the forge. Rike is the general model and I am the high end model. It's almost like we're working in a flow, and we're making knives as fast as we can. Rike's production speed seems to be increasing. He couldn't match my speed, but there were times when we seemed to have a good match. Everyone's skills are getting better little by little.

 As I continued to work silently at that speed, I was able to secure more than enough for wholesale, and was able to finish the day's work before evening. Just then, the bell at the forge rang, telling me that Saamya and Diana were coming home.
Oh, just in time.
"Yes. I'll just clean up here.
Yes, please.
 Rikke and I quickly clean up the forge and return to the house. Samija and Deanna, who had just returned, were unpacking their belongings, including their bows and arrows.
Welcome back. How'd it go?
I'm home. Oh, we killed a big deer.
Well, that'll be fun to pull out tomorrow.
Oh, you can count on it!
 Samija is proud and proud of herself. Deanna, on the other hand, looks a bit smitten. She has a soft glow around her face, if you will.
"Hey, Samija. What's wrong with Deanna?
Oh, you know, .......
 Samija sighs, as if to say, "Good grief.
"I killed a deer and was gutting it when I ran into a family of wolves. There was a baby wolf with them, and I said it was cute, and it's been like that ever since.
"Oh, I see. ......
 You can imagine the wolf as a puppy wagging its tail, no wonder it's so cute.
What's wrong with the father and son?
"I gave him the intestines I pulled out, and he took them in his mouth and went away. It must have known we were hunting and was waiting for us.
 Samija continued, "I buried the heart, though. The wolves of this forest are so clever. But from the looks of it, Deanna won't listen to him if she finds out that she might be able to keep him if she's well fed. ....... I'll have to keep that out of her ear. If you find a child that's a goofball, but not a goofball, it has a parent. Samija and I could tell each other just by looking at each other and nodded.