78 Vacation and delivery.

 The next day, after Deanna had spent the whole dinner talking about how cute the little wolf was, we were walking through the woods to pull up the big deer after our morning routine.
 Deanna has been on edge for a while now, probably wondering if there are any more fawns today. In my previous world, when I saw a stray cat and its offspring, I started to look out for them when I passed by the area for a while, so I understand her feelings. However, they rarely appear when you are looking for them like that. It was the same when I was looking for a stray cat.
 I arrived at the lake without finding the wolf family. Deanna's spirits were visibly low, but that's how people learn: .......

 The boar that Samija and her friends killed before was quite big, but this deer is also quite big. This one is about two meters long.
This one must have been hard to kill, right?
It was Eizo's special arrowhead, and this time he must have hit it right, because it killed him almost instantly.
Oh, that's great.
No, if it had been a normal arrowhead, I think we would have left just before the sun went down.
 Samija complimented me in a roundabout way, so I thanked her honestly and said, "Thanks.

 I asked Rike to cut down a larger tree, and the remaining three of us worked hard to pull ourselves up. At first it was easy because we had some buoyancy, but the closer we got to shore, the heavier it became. Samija's (and now Deanna's) muscle strength is much stronger than that of a normal human being, so we are able to manage, but the weight makes me think that it would be a bit difficult if there were only two normal people. Together with the wild boar, the amount of meat stored will increase considerably.
 The four of us dragged it up on a large wooden carrier. This time, too, it took more effort than usual to pull it up. Of course, it took us longer than usual to pull it up, partly because of the size of the cart, but also because of the weight of the deer.

 Hanging the deer back at home was also a challenge, but the rest of the day was much the same. Part of it is that I'm able to handle it quickly with a sharp knife, but I think a big part of it is that I'm getting used to it. I do it almost every week. I took the meat and this time the tendon at Samija's request. The tendon will later be used as a bowstring. There is a limit to the amount of salt I can use, so I had to dry a lot of it this time. The forge looked like a butcher shop, with meat hanging here and there. I guess I need to build a smokehouse and a storage room somewhere. .......

 Lunch was sauteed venison. And since it was a complete vacation from here on, I served wine (fire wine for lychees) in the daytime. Even in a different world, drinking wine in the afternoon is delicious. In this world, it's not unusual to have a drink at noon (although it's almost never in place of water), so the other three enjoyed the meat and the drink.

 In the afternoon, the three of us went about doing what we liked. Samija tends to her bow, Rike works on her craft, and Diana practices her swordplay. I continued to work on the flower bed and vegetable garden that I had planned to build in the courtyard. Since it had been neglected for a while, the soil was still soft to a certain extent, but weeds were growing all over it. I guess I should re-till it.
 I grabbed a hoe from the workshop and started tilling. It's much easier than before, so I don't really need the help of the three of us. What I'm doing is similar to blacksmithing in a way, but since I'm not selling anything, it's much easier. I don't mind moving my body, and I should work in the fields once in a while.
 I managed to finish plowing the courtyard by myself. The soil is quite fluffy. It would be better to sift the soil here, but I don't know how much work I'll be able to do in the future. Let's just be careful not to turn this place into a weed field again.

 For dinner, I made venison stewed in wine. I'll buy more wine tomorrow, so I'll use it without worrying about it. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel like I'm on holiday. We had a good time talking that day, and I was able to get enough energy for the next day.

 The next day was the day we would go to the city to distribute our goods, so we all loaded up the cart and went through the forest. I also remembered to bring two gold coins. There was no danger on the way, except for the occasional deer or other animal. The reason why ...... Diana was scurrying around more than necessary was probably because she was looking for a baby wolf.
 The streets were as tranquil as ever, though we kept our eyes peeled. I checked in with Samija and Deanna, and everything was fine. I was able to reach the city.

 On duty today is the guard I saw on my way home. I wonder what happened to Marius' colleague. I'm a little concerned because he bought my product too. I hope it's not like the one with Marius. With that in mind, I bade him adieu and walked into town.

 When I arrived at Camilo's place, it was business as usual. However, today I would be unloading the mithril rapier from the cart and bringing it directly to him. I couldn't just leave it there, you know.
 As I waited in the business meeting room, Camilo and the guard appeared as usual. As soon as Camilo entered the room, he looked at what I had in my hand.
"Oh, it's ready?
"Well, I guess. It took a lot of work.
 I give Camilo the rapier I brought with me. Camilo takes the rapier from its sheath. The fine sword I struck was itself glowing faintly, and combined with my protective fist, it was quite divine. Camilo looked at the blade and nodded in satisfaction.
"Indeed. I knew I made the right decision asking you.
"I see. I'm glad you like it.
 I tried not to show it on my face, but inwardly I felt relieved.
"So, about that Apoitakara you were talking about..."
"Yeah, what happened?

"We've got a plan in place to make sure we get it.
"Oh, you got it!
Well, yeah. It's just that it's more valuable than mithril, so it'll take a little longer to get it.
Oh, really? Well, that's just as well.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault, don't worry about it.
 I said, and took out two gold coins from my pocket.
I'll pay for them now that I've brought them with me.
 I then handed them to Camilo, who took them with a nice smile.
"Thank you.
 He smiled and said, "Good day.