79 client

 It was business as usual, except for a few special details. The bannerman leaves the room to tell us what to load onto our cart.
"Oh, and five halberds.
What's going on?
"The Count has graciously agreed to purchase them."
Well, I wasn't too sure he wouldn't, but...
"So, what did the Count want?"
"Oh, yes. What is it?
He wants me to sell him three more of those halberds. He wants the guards at the villa to have them.
I see. I'll do it.
 If it's a request for a custom model, you'll have to come to my house, but if not, I'll simply accept the request. I'll make it when I get home before I forget.
 After that, we'll talk about the state of the world as usual. At the moment, this is the only opportunity I have to hear about what's going on in the world. Considering that in my previous world, I was able to catch stories of riots on the other side of the world via the Internet, it's a big drop to hear about a limited area once a week from just one person. I wonder if it would be better to secure some other means of communication. I'm not in a hurry, so I'll explore slowly.

 There seems to be no talk of a major war somewhere, or a major campaign to defeat a dragon or ogre, so I don't think there's any urgent need for me to do anything. I may or may not accept it.
 However, although it's not confirmed, there are some fishy stories, such as small-scale skirmishes with demons in remote areas, or skirmishes over borders or water rights, which may or may not occur. Hopefully, none of them will be on a large scale.

 Leaving Camilo's store and passing the entrance to the city, I noticed that the man standing guard was not yet equipped with a halberd, but it takes a certain amount of time to train. I guess he couldn't deploy it right away. I just barked at him again and passed on.
 Nothing major has happened on the road or in the forest. We are always vigilant, but as usual, things are relaxed. We went straight home and carried our belongings in, completing our purpose of going to the city.

 The next day we started blacksmithing. I'll make the sheet metal, I'll make the halberd, and Rike and the others will make the other weapons. We had made halberds before, and we made three of them without much trouble.
 It took us about two and a half days to make the halberds, and today, the third day, we have half a day free. Since the idea was to give the halberd to the guards of the house, I used the free half-day to carve the halberd.
 Perhaps it was because I had strengthened the screwdriver for engraving mithril before that I was able to engrave the halberds with ease, and the three halberds were completed. The three halberds were completed. They are a bit too rugged to be used as a guard of honor, but they are bluff enough for the guards of the mansion to hold to guard the gate.

 Having completed the production of the ordered items, the next day he moved on to the production of the items to be distributed to Camilo's store. Rike continued to work on the general models, while Samija and Diana went hunting. There was enough meat to go around, so half of it would be patrolling the forest. And so the "usual" routine begins.

 Since Samija and the others will not be hunting tomorrow, today we will work on the knife. Rikke and I each heat up a piece of sheet metal and hammer it to make a knife. The forge is filled with the sound of slow flames and regular hammering. In between, there are the sizzling sounds of quenching and the slurping sounds of sharpening. After lunch, they continued until just before dusk, and then it came.

 The sound that had been echoing like some kind of music was mixed with another sound. It was a knock on the door of the workshop and sales room. It wasn't as unobtrusive as Helen's, but more of a whisper. No, compared to Helen's knock that made me think the door was about to break down, it was mostly quiet.
"Yes, yes, I'm coming.
 I got up and went to the door, "Here we go. The knocking stops, as if it heard my voice.

 I unbolted the door and opened it to find a woman standing there. She is taller than Rike, but a little shorter than Samija. Her overall shape is slender, and she is dressed in traveling clothes. Her slitted eyes and fine silvery-white hair trimmed around her shoulders are impressive, but it is her ears that catch my attention above all. Long, thin, pointed ears.
 The knowledge I gained in my previous world and the knowledge I gained in the installation gave me the same answer. She's an elf.

 She's an elf, she says in a thin voice.
"Are you sure this is Eizo's workshop?
Yes, this is where I, Eizo, work.
Good. I've come to ask you for a favor.
I see. It's not a good place, so come on in.
Yes, sir. Thank you very much.
 I lead her inside. She obeyed and came in. I gestured to her that it was okay and asked her to bring me a glass of watered-down wine.

I gestured that I was fine and asked her to bring me a glass of watered wine.
 The elven woman nodded, set down her luggage, and sat down in a chair (a log) without making a sound. A simple table had been set up, and as Rike placed the drinks he had brought on the table, the woman bowed her head in thanks.
What do you want me to do for you?
 She took out a cloth-wrapped item from her luggage and spread it on the table. I looked at what was wrapped inside and my eyes widened.
"I need you to fix this for me.
 The woman looked at me with begging eyes and said.

 On the table was a mithril sword, in many pieces.