83 a change of policy

 It took me until late afternoon to attach one side of the fragment. I checked the glued parts. Liddy said that the magic was not collapsing, but there was a break at the joint. I traced it with my finger, but I couldn't feel any seams. This means that this is not a material seam, but a pure break in the magical power here. It didn't feel like that, but there is a possibility that it is not completely joined internally.
 If you continue to use it in this state, you will eventually have some problems. It had been abused to the point of breaking into several pieces, and once it was repaired, it would be abused again. It's a weapon, and if something goes wrong with it, it's likely to be fatal.
"Mr. Liddy, do you see this?
 Point to the part you just joined and show it to Ms. Liddy. Liddy-san stared at it for a while, and then said
"I see, the flow of magic power is cut off here.
 He muttered.
Can you see it, Rique?
 I handed Rique the sword. I handed the sword to Rique, who spent more time than Mr. Liddy checking it out.
"I can see it, but I'm more interested in a clean joint.
 He returned the sword. If you can understand it even vaguely, I think you are doing well. I hope you will continue to grow at this rate. The other two are not experts in blacksmithing or magic, so it goes without saying. I wonder if it's because of the nature of mithril, or because the two of them have been helping with the forge work.

"Mr. Liddy, it's not good that it's in this state, is it?
 I'm sure I don't need to ask this, but unless you're saying that you're going to use it for ceremonial purposes because it was broken once and you just want it to look nice.
"Well, yes. I'd like it to look as good as it did when possible. ......
That's right .......
 I crossed my arms and thought. I thought about it, crossing my arms. If I hit it hard enough to make it flat, it might stick, but now I have to put it back. Hmm, if that's the case, I think it would be better to pile up the pieces on top of the remaining part of the root, like a "pile boil", to make a forged mass, and then stretch it from there. I'm confident that I can get it back to its original shape. ...... It's a bit of a cheat, but with this kind of power, it's probably not a problem.
 The question then becomes whether or not Liddy will allow me to do so. The materials that make up the ship are exactly the same, but it will be almost as good as a new ship. It's like the reverse of the Ship of Theseus, but the essence of the question is the same: "Is it really the same thing?" But the essence of the problem is the same.
 However, even if we say "just stick it together," there is a high possibility that even the smallest fragments will not be recovered when it breaks. In the first place, it is impossible to completely "restore" the device in the literal sense. If you think about it, it is not so different from sticking or reattaching. The point is that the appearance can be perfectly repaired, so the choice is between continuity as an object or performance.

 I explained something like that to Liddy. I explained to her that the shape could be perfectly restored.
After all, you can either stick the pieces together, or you can re-shape them. I assure you that both will look exactly the same.
 Hearing these words, Liddy is troubled. Perhaps two weeks would be enough time for a new hammer. Unlike the fine sword, I can't make the shape as I like, and the blade is wider this time than that time, so it will take more time.
 However, I don't know what other problems will take up the time, so if you want to get it done in time, the sooner the better. Ideally, of course, it should be done now. However, I can't just say "I've decided not to do it" after I've decided to start over, so it's not a decision I can make easily.

 The sound of charcoal burning quietly on the fireplace flows through the workshop. The sound alone tells us that time has not stopped. We quietly waited for Mr. Liddy to make his decision.

 Liddy kept his head down, but then he looked up. There was a serious look on her face, her brows furrowed.
Please type again.
There's no turning back, is that all right?
Yes, please. Yes, please. It's best if I can use it as it was.
All right. Then leave it to me.
 In contrast to Liddy's rather sorrowful expression, I gave him a cheerful smile. Rikke, Saamya, and Diana are also relieved.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 I puffed my cheeks and put my energy into it. I'm not sure what to make of it.
 The shape itself is a standard longsword, with no particular engraving. In order to keep track of the width, length, and thickness of the blade, I brought in some lumber from outside and assembled it into a sword puzzle with the same width, length, and thickness. I thought that this would make it easier to address the pieces in the middle of the puzzle.

 I put the base of the sword, to which the pieces were attached, into the fireplace and heated it. When the temperature had risen to a point at which it could be processed, I hammered the pieces together to form a square. It feels even harder than the fine sword. It is important if there are any gaps left inside, so I hammer carefully and carefully.
 After several repetitions, the sword looks like it has a small square board attached to it. The pieces were placed on the board to prevent it from collapsing. The pieces were then covered with straw rope and placed in the fireplace to heat. Unlike with steel, it is a little easier not to have to worry about the oxide layer.
 Remove the mithril from the fireplace when the outside of the mithril is slightly melted, hammer the straw rope to remove any remaining embers, wait a moment to lower the temperature slightly, and then tap the mithril together. As you might expect, it doesn't feel like it's all put together in one go. It still has the same hard texture as before.

 I repeated the process of heating, beating, folding as it stretched, heating, beating, and folding several times, but I still couldn't get the feeling that it was completely put together, even with the cheat.

 Suddenly I realized that it was already getting quite dark. This mithril is going to take longer than I thought, I thought, as I told everyone that I was done for the day and got ready for dinner.