84 a hard fight

 The next day, Rike and Liddy were the only visitors for the day, while Samija and Diana went to collect fruits and other things, saying that there were elves in the area. I guess there is a certain image of elves in this world. Last night, Liddy was eating meat as usual, but images don't leave your mind that often.

 Plunge the sword with the lump of mithril into the fire and heat it. When the time is right, take it out and strike it. The response seems to be getting harder and harder. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but it's also a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. .......
Yes. What is it?
Is there any increase in magic power in this?
Yes, it is. As expected of you, Mr. Eizo, you're very skilled at incorporating magic.
 Oh. So this is it. I saw some particles like this on the steel too.
It seems to be getting harder by the minute.
I guess. I knew I made the right decision asking you.
 Liddy is alone and satisfied. There is no explanation. Mr. Liddy is the type of person who thinks that if he knows something, the other person knows it too. There was a person like that in the company I worked for in the previous world.
 Anyway, since you don't deny that it's getting harder, could it be that mithril in this world gets harder when it contains magical power? But this didn't happen when I made the fine sword. .......
 For now, throw that out of your mind and just think about the fact that it gets harder when it contains magic power. I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with this, but I'm sure I've had a problem with it.

 I hadn't been aware of it until now, but apparently I'm putting a lot of magic into this. With each downward swing of the hammer, the response when I hit the target is getting heavier, though only slightly. This is hard work, because the force of the hammering needs to be increased.
 Repeat the operation several times. Each time, the response became heavier, but eventually it became less heavy. Perhaps I've reached the limit of "weaving in magic power". I hope so. If it were any heavier, it would be too difficult to process.

 In the end, it took me until late afternoon to finish the forging. This is going to be a lot of work after this. ....... The three of us had a little late lunch, and then we continued in the afternoon.
 This is where we need to get serious. Heat it up on the fire pit, then pound and stretch it. There is no difference in the process and content from the steel. However, the level of difficulty is much different. As was the case with the joining of the pieces, the temperature at which it is possible to work while maintaining the magic power and the point at which it is safe to hammer are very strict, and it is necessary to reheat the piece before it can be stretched much.
I can't help but complain, "This is even more difficult than the fine swords.
 I complain.
"Is it hard even for you?
"Yeah. It's like being asked to run as fast as you can over a thin rope on a high place.
 I replied honestly to Rike's words. At this rate in Mithril, I'm not sure what will happen when Apoitakara arrives.
 I looked over and saw that Liddy was looking at me with concern. I'm not sure I'm a good enough craftsman to say something like this in front of my clients.
It's going to take some time, but I'll make sure it's back to normal.
 I say to Mr. Liddy with as much smile as possible. Liddy's expression became one of relief. Okay, let's go for it.

 In the end, all I was able to do that day was to extend it about a third of the way. It was still far from the shape of a sword. I wonder if this is a lesson for Rike. Tomorrow is the day I'm going to the city, so it might be better to have Rike work on the sword from the day after tomorrow until I've finished it. In addition, I'll let you go back in two weeks. I think it's better to hedge our risks a little too much. I still have enough money to live on, so I'm not in a hurry.

 Samija and Deanna, who were out gathering, picked up a lot of blueberry-like fruits and peppermint-smelling leaves. Before dinner, I soaked the rinsed blueberries in a small jar of fire wine. I'll use some of it to make a sauce for this evening's dinner. The peppermint-smelling leaves, when washed well and nibbled a little, have a stronger leafy smell than the peppermint of the previous world, but they are almost peppermint, so I'll make mint tea with them tomorrow morning.
 Both the sauce for the dinner and the blueberries themselves were well received by everyone, not to mention Liddy. When I told them that I was soaking the blueberries in fire wine and that we should drink it together, they all looked at me with a bright smile. All the girls, including Liddy, are girls in this way. Let's just ignore the fact that Rikke was jumping up and down. Such is the nature of dwarves. .......
 We talked about the food we had eaten in Liddy's village for dinner that night. As I had said before, they eat birds and deer. However, there is a big field in her village, and she said that they eat more root vegetables and leafy vegetables. He assured me that he doesn't have any likes or dislikes when he leaves his village like this.

 Well, tomorrow is the day I go to the city. I have work to do the day after tomorrow, so I have to work hard.