85 "Cute is righteous."【イディオム·格言的】

 The next morning at breakfast, I added some mint (or something like it) to my usual menu, like mint tea in boiling water. It tastes a bit herbaceous, but it's refreshing to the palate. It might be a good substitute for tea. I'll think about it.

We're going to the city today to distribute our products, what about you, Liddy? You can come with us if you want.
 There's probably nothing to do if we leave her alone. There are four women for every man, and three of them are beastmen, dwarves and elves. It's a bit conspicuous, but I don't think it'll be a big deal as long as the Count is doing his best. What I'm worried about is the mithril sword. I wonder if it's safe to leave it behind. If Mr. Liddy wants to stay here to protect it, that's fine. There's nothing in particular that you can steal away in a flash. You can earn gold again. The only thing I'd like you to avoid is pots and pans, because I'll have trouble eating if you take them.
"I'll go with you. The sword should be safe here.
All right. Then just get ready.
Yes, I understand.
 Liddy nodded and disappeared into the drawing room. It was surprisingly easy for her to ask me to accompany her. I think there's more to this place that I don't know about but you do. ...... Well, I guess we'll find out more about that in due course. I went into my room and began to prepare to leave.

 It's my job and Rike's to pull the cart. We can't just ask Mr. Liddy to do it. She seemed to have good eyesight, so I decided to ask her to keep an eye on the area with Samija and Diana.
 However, it might be a good idea to continue pulling the car by hand. I'm sure we'll be carrying more luggage soon, and more importantly, we'll be conspicuous, so it's better to have a little more mobility. So, although there is the problem of food, we should consider introducing horses at some stage. But that's a story for later.

 In the green light, a black vertical line - a towering tree trunk - moves forward. The leaves rustle and a pleasant breeze flows through the trees. I wonder if Liddy can hear these trees. Is that too much of a dream for the elves?
 Deanna is still scurrying around. I know exactly how you feel. And then Samija stopped dead in her tracks.
"Is that a bad thing?
 I also stopped and asked her.
"No, ...... hmm.
 Samija's ears twitch and her nose twitches. Her ears are twitching and her nose is twitching, as if she's trying to focus her mind and find out what's out there.
"Oh, that's it.
 She stops moving her ears and nose, and starts rummaging through her pockets. She quickly pulls out something and tosses it near a bush some distance away. If you look closely, you can see that it is dried meat.
 Immediately, the bush shakes with a rustle and a small shadow jumps out. It was a brown puppy-like beast, a wolf cub.
 Deanna cries out, trying not to startle it with her loud voice. You're handy.
 But it's adorable. It's almost like a puppy. It's wagging its tail and gobbling up dried meat. It's really cute. I can't help but feel my eyes drooping. Before I knew it, Deanna, who was standing next to me, slapped me on the shoulder. It hurts like hell. I know what you're impressed by, so calm down.
 Eventually, the puppy, or rather the wolf, finished eating and wagged its tail at me.
 and squealed. Another bang, bang, bang, bang on my shoulder. Calm down.

 The little wolf was about to come towards me, but I don't know when it got closer, and a big wolf appeared. That must be the mother, given the situation. Then the little wolf ran towards the mother wolf and started to play with her. It's a very soothing sight.
 The mother wolf nudged the cubs with her nose as if to comfort them, and then left with them behind the bushes.

The mother wolf nudged the cubs with her nose, and then the mother and cubs left behind the bushes. "Well, as Samija said before, that sure is cute.
You know, !!!!.
 Deanna screams so loudly that it's almost a roar. I feel a physical pain in my ears.
It's definitely cute enough that I can understand why you would want to find it.
I know!
But it would be a pity to separate them from their mother.
Oh, yeah. ......
 Diana's shoulders slumped a little.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that there are some people who have been abandoned or separated from their parents.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. If that's the case, it's probably a good thing.

That's right! Okay, if there's a girl like that, I have to help her right away!
 She was breathing hard and making fists to strengthen her resolve.

 Me, Rikke and Liddy looked at each other and sighed unconsciously.