89 the story of one's residence

 In the end, it took me a total of three days to finish stretching the mithril. Of course, as it is, it's just a stick with an elaborate grip, so I'll need to start shaping it tomorrow.
 But that's all for today. You can't do a good job by staying up all night. That's what the animated movie I liked in the previous world said.

 The next morning, when I came back from fetching water, Liddy was outside the house with his hand on the tree trunk.
Good morning. I thought there was basically no danger ...... of being outside.
 I was about to say that it was dangerous, but then I remembered that she said it wasn't, so I rephrased.
I was going to say it was dangerous, but then I remembered that you said it wasn't, so I rephrased. With this kind of magic power, no ordinary beast would come near it.
 Liddy replied in a clear, bell-like voice.
Do you mean that it senses danger or something?
Yes, it does. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.
 I was shocked to hear that.
If there is a lot of magic around here, does that mean that demons will suddenly appear?
No, that doesn't happen very often. Even in this forest, a beast may turn into a demon in some cases, but its nature is basically the same as that of the original beast. Although in rare cases, they can become violent.

 That's a tricky thing. I'm sure the beast that became a demon will come here regardless of how strong or weak its magic is. Wait a minute, the bear we killed before might have been a demon. ....... It's possible that when Samija was injured (which seems like a long time ago), she wasn't quite there yet, but then she turned into a demon and I sensed that she was in trouble. I don't know what kind of demon it would have turned into in the end, but I'm glad I was able to get rid of it early. Hmm? Wait a minute.

"So, keeping animals here is ......
"I wouldn't recommend it. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. As I said before, the nature of the original beast is not that different, so those smart wolves will basically remain smart.
 The real worst case scenario is that it will be a very sad goodbye. ...... That's a tough one. Some people think it's okay because it doesn't happen that often. It's just fate. And I'm relieved to know that if I do keep a horse, it will be okay.
In caves, magic stagnates, and demons are born from it. This one, on the other hand, is basically violent. They don't know the cause, though.
 Liddy-san, who simply tells us the mechanism of demon birth. Is that so? I haven't heard of any caves in the vicinity, even from Samija or Diana, but if I do find one, I'll tell them to stay away.

"Speaking of which, what were you doing out there?
 When I asked this, Liddy's eyes narrowed.
When I asked this, Liddy's eyes narrowed, "Oh, I hope you don't mind me asking. If there is a problem, please forget what I just said.
 I took her response as a rejection and hurriedly tried to take back what I had said.
No, I'm fine. No, it's okay. I was just taking in the magic.
Yes. Food is necessary for eating, but elves also need magic power.
I see.
 That's why you don't see many of them in the city. I think it's natural that there were no elves in the city, because they need magic but can't get it in the city or the capital. I nodded my head and went back to the house, carrying the water bottle I had fetched.
Where's Mr. Eizo?
 I nodded and went back to the house.
You won't ask any more questions?
 Her face and voice were almost emotionless. I answered.
I'm a man myself, and I'm interested in a beautiful woman like you, but I just know that there are many things that are better left unsaid.
 Then, with a deliberate grin, he entered the house. I guess I was being a little too cool.

 For today's work, I'll still be working on the Mithril Sword, and Rikke and the others will continue to work on the general models. Mr. Liddy will be my observer, or watcher, or something like that.
 Up until yesterday, I could just focus on stretching it, but from today, I can't do that. It is necessary to compare with the wooden pattern that I took before I started playing again. Even though there is a cheat, the work progress is naturally slowed down by the cheat. How can I work with less stress? That will be the key to the future.

 After praying to the altar as usual, I set the fire in the fireplace and furnace, and start working. After heating the mithril and removing it, place it on the anvil, and hammer it while looking at the wooden mold you placed next to it for reference. I use cheats to figure out where to hammer. With each swing of the hammer, a clear sound and beautiful sparks appear in the forge.
 Liddy is watching from beside me, but we're a bit closer today. It's clear that he's getting close to the end of his work, and he's starting to get interested. That's a good thing. With that in mind, I plunged the mithril sword into the fire pit.