90 The workmanship is sloppy.

 The mithril sword is heated and hammered to change its shape slightly. It's basically a repetitive process. He compares it with the shape it had before the hammering, and uses all of his cheats to manipulate the hammer so that it takes that shape.
 The clear sound of the hammer echoed in the workshop all day long.

 On this day, I was able to complete about a third of the process of shaping the sword. It looks a little like a sword. So it will take another three days. This means that it will take another three days to shape it, and then three or four days to finish it. I'll be able to meet the two-week deadline with a bit of time to spare, but I don't think I'll be able to make the wholesale products in time. It's a good thing I skipped one week of delivery. At this pace, it would be possible to take a day off in between.

 The next day, I came back from fetching water, but Liddy was not there. At breakfast, I asked the other three not to recognize me, and they replied, in summary, "It doesn't have to be every day. Well, if not, it would be difficult to replenish magic power on the way here, so I guess it's natural.

 Today's work is basically the same as yesterday. I will do what I did yesterday morning and start working again today. The sound of fire and hammer echoes in the workshop. During the work, Rike, Samija, and Diana do not work in silence. They talk and talk and talk. Sometimes Rike is quiet when she needs to concentrate, but other than that, they talk a lot about their daily lives here, such as mending things, and Deanna's life in the capital.
 I don't really say anything, because it doesn't break my concentration. I can't work while playing music on my phone like in the previous world, so it's like a radio.

 As for me, I talk to Liddy from time to time. Most of the time it's about food, and I talk and she answers or nods. Today, I asked her something that has been bothering me for a long time.
It's okay if you don't mind answering.
 I've been wondering about this for a while now.
I'm sure you're not the only one.
 It's a difficult one, even with my cheats. It's not hard to imagine that it must have been quite a work of art to begin with. If it was, it would not be something that could be broken by just a little bit. What is the situation that would cause it to be shattered into pieces of various sizes?
 What would I have to do to shatter the mithril sword of karma? If it is possible for me to recreate the process, I would like to recreate the process and make something that is still shatterproof. I was genuinely interested in the question as a craftsman.

 Mr. Liddy looked down a little. She was probably thinking about whether or not to answer. After a moment, she turned her eyes to me.
I can't give you too many details because it's related to magic, but mithril armor can be used for magic by drawing out its magic power through certain procedures. That's why the sword was kept in the village as a prized possession, just in case of emergency. Something happened in the village, and you had to use it, but if you pulled it out beyond the limit, it would ......
He said it would break.
 I took over, and Liddy nodded curiously. This is the reason why I asked someone who is good at weaving magic power to restore it.
 If it is not a human (or an elf or a dwarf) who can put more than a certain amount of magic power into it, it cannot fulfill its role as a "magic battery". On the other hand, it is an important cultural asset of the village, and we can't leave it in a state of disrepair.
I see. ......
 I swung the hammer down on the mithril and put it in the fire pit. I was a little off. We can't break it in the way Liddy just said, and there's no way to prevent it from breaking in the first place.
 It's like "Dutch tears". We can smash the head of the tadpole, but we can't break the tail, and if we break the tail, there is no way to prevent the whole thing from breaking.

 But that doesn't mean that what I just said was pointless. The method of drawing out the magic power was faked, so it is probably a secret of the village or the tribe, but the fact that mithril can be used as a magic battery is enough useful information. As for the other things that had happened in the village, Ms. Liddy did not want to talk about the specifics.
 I could easily imagine that it was not something that I should force out of her, so I said, "I understand very well. Thank you very much." I thanked her and decided not to talk about it any more.

 The next day, the rough shape was finally ready. Compared to the wooden model, of course there were still some minor discrepancies, but it was almost as good as the original. All that remains is to see how far I can take this thing to perfection. I put my hands on my face to brace myself even tighter.