91 begin to finish

 Today, I'm going to start the finishing touches. Before starting work, I look at the sword carefully to see what needs to be fixed. The shape of the sword has changed a lot since the beginning. I have checked it over and over again, and there seems to be no particular loss of magic power. I need to keep it in this state for the final touches.

 Put the sword in the fireplace, and use cheats to adjust the placement of the coals and the way the wind is blowing so that only the area to be processed is heated. When it is hot enough to be worked, take it out and hammer it. When the hammering is done as expected, compare it with the wooden pattern to make sure it is the same. The process is repeated.

 Today, Samija and Diana are out hunting. So the conversation during the work is between me, Rike, and Ridhi, and between Rike and Ridhi while we are comparing the sword with the wooden pattern. Rike's work is to make knives for general models.
 In the beginning, their conversation was awkward, but now that they have been living together for about a week, they seem to be getting to know each other.
I'm not as good at grasping the flow of magic as my master. ......
I've heard that many dwarves are better at grasping the state of the ore itself than the magic itself.
"How can I become a little more like him?
He seems to be far beyond the capacity of a normal person, so it may be difficult to aim for him. ......
I know that, but just some tips would be nice.
I won't be here long at ......, but in the meantime, shall we practice?
Are you sure? No, please!
 Rikke bowed his head, and Liddy smiled, a little annoyed. I've seen that look before. It's good to see dwarves and elves, two races that in my previous world would have been at odds with each other, becoming friends, teaching and being taught. Thus, for a while, Riddy-san taught me about magic while Rike was working. I was exempted from supervising my work, because I already knew how good you were.
 However, since he kept glancing at me from time to time after that, it seems that he was at least checking on me. If that's the case, I can have confidence in my own work. The most annoying thing is when someone says something is wrong here or something is wrong there after I've worked on it to a certain extent. I can't tell you how many times I've been boiled in my previous world. ....... It makes me sad, so I'll stop here. Sometimes I just have to ask Liddy to check with me.

 On this day, I was able to finish the work with the progress I had planned. Rikay's progress was not so good, as he had to practice watching the magic power. However, the next delivery is still a long way off, and there is no guarantee of the amount to be delivered in the first place.
 What is more important is for Rike to grow up and become able to make high-end models. If he can do so, it will be possible to divide the work, for example, I will mass-produce the general models with priority on speed, and Rike will make the high-end models. In this way, I hope he will gradually gain confidence that he can return to his parents' workshop.

 As I was cleaning up the workshop, Samija and Diana came back. They didn't have anything special with them, so they must have caught a big one. When I asked them, they replied that they had killed a big boar. It seems that Deanna has been playing the role of "Seishi" again today.
 It would be better for us to be able to switch roles or play the same role, so that we have more options. It seems that the two of them have been practicing archery in their free time, and I'll have to make a bow for Deanna soon.
 As a side note, I should mention that Deanna was lamenting that she didn't see the wolf.

 The next morning, the five of us left the house together. Of course, we were not going to the city, but to collect the boar. Ms. Liddy could have stayed at home, but she insisted on coming with us, so we decided to go with her. But there was nothing unusual about it. Samija and Deanna were in the lead, Riddy and the axe-wielding, dwarf-looking Rike were in the middle, and I was in the middle, keeping an eye out just in case. Soon we arrived at the place where we sank the boar. A rather large boar is sinking. Me, Samija, and Diana pull it up to the shore of the lake, while Rike cuts down a tree to make a platform. Rike alone was more than enough to cut down the tree, so I asked Ridhi to help me tie up the rope.
 Thanks to her, the platform was ready by the time we pulled it up. We pulled the boar up and fixed it on the platform, and took it home after a short rest. After a short rest, we took the boar home. We wondered if we should ask Liddy to help us pull the boar, but he was not so strong, so we decided not to. I almost forgot, but I was a guest.

 When we arrived at the house, we peeled and dismembered the meat. Since all of us have special knives except for Liddy, we will work together for efficiency. If we split up the work, the meat would be ready in no time at all. Liddy didn't seem to have any aversion to this kind of work, so I guess the same kind of work is being done in the elven villages. They seem to live basically the same life as humans, except that they live in areas with abundant magical power, including forests, out of necessity.
 I asked Rike about it while we were working, and he said that most dwarves are blacksmiths by trade, so they live in areas close to mines and the like, not that their lives are all that different from humans. Unlike elves, they don't need magic power, so there are some "oddballs" who occasionally go into town to start a business or start a journey as apprentices. I wonder what about other races, such as the lizardmen I saw in the capital. I'd like to ask them if they ever come as guests.

 With these thoughts in mind, I returned to the house to clean up and prepare for lunch.