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 After separating the wild boar meat into those to be preserved and those to be consumed soon, I started preparing lunch. I sautéed blueberries in a blueberry sauce, using a little of the brandy I used to soak blueberries (or more accurately, "something like it"). I'm glad to hear that it's as popular as ever.

 After lunch, I started the afternoon's work. Naturally, I'm finishing up the mithril sword, Rike is working on the knife, Riddhi is working on her magic training while watching me, and Samija and Diana are practicing their bows in the garden.

 The sword, which is already very close to its wooden form, is placed in the fire pit to be heated. Of course, the cheat is fully utilized. When it's hot, I take it out, hammer it a few times to change its shape a little, and compare it to the wooden form to make sure it's exactly as I want it. I'm going to do this again today. It's a steady process, and it seems like we're doing exactly the same thing, but when I compare it to the wooden pattern, I feel like I'm getting closer to it, little by little.
 If the mithril is out of the best temperature range for processing, I'll reheat it, but in the meantime, when I check on Rike (and Liddy), they seem to be improving little by little. It seems to me that there's a sparkle in the knife that he's hitting that somehow increases the magic power. ...... Of course, that's just how it looks, and I'll have to take a closer look at it later to see how it really is.
 If Rike continues to improve and is able to put in a lot of magic power, the high class model will have two meanings. A general model is one that has only ordinary processing and little magic, while a high class model is one that has been processed to the fullest extent, or one that has ordinary processing but a lot of magic. Special orders are both.
 However, if possible, I would like Rike to be able to make a high quality model that uses only the material and is processed to the maximum. This is because it is more likely to contain magic, and it is a technique that can be applied in areas where magic is scarce. In fact, the heirloom sword of the Amur family that I struck was, even before it was enchanted, a steel sword of considerable prowess, if I do say so myself. I want you to aim for that first, and then think about taking it one step further.
 But I'm too much of a cheat to be able to teach him anything concrete. While Liddy is still here, let him learn what he can learn, and I'll take care of getting the materials out of him afterwards. I thought about this while I was doing the whole process. If Samija were here, she might say, "Eizo is thinking seriously. I chuckled and decided to concentrate on my work.

 The next day, me, Rike, and Liddy did the same thing. Samija and Deanna are going to collect, so I ask them to bring something for me. We all bow and clap to the altar and pray for safety during the work and collection. Now, let's start today's work.

 The work itself is exactly the same as yesterday. The sights and sounds are the same. Mr. Liddy is teaching Rike about magic. Liddy is a bit taller and Rike is shorter. At first glance, it looks like a mother teaching her daughter. That happiness I couldn't find in my previous world, but I guess I can say I found it in this one. I felt as if my heart, which had been frozen to keep concentrating on the same work for a while now, was being loosened.

 With this day's work, I could almost say that the work was almost complete. Even when compared with the wooden model, there is almost no difference. It could be called complete, but if you use the cheat function, you can clearly see that it is not yet complete. I'll finish it tomorrow.
 While I was cleaning up the workshop, Saamya and Diana came back. Today's harvest included raspberries, peaches, and...
Did you get what I asked for?
Oh, that's good, isn't it?
Yeah. Thanks.
 Samija brought out the mint she had picked the other day, the whole root.
 We'll keep it in water for today and plant it in the courtyard the day after tomorrow. If it's the same as mint, it should be able to thrive on its own. I grew it hydroponically in the previous world, and it grew like crazy. I'll think about it if I don't. If I can grow it, I'll be able to drink mint tea easily.

 The next day, as I was putting the final touches on my work, the other four stopped their own work to observe my work.
 We all paid our respects to the Shinto shrine. We all bowed and clapped our hands in prayer for the safety of the work and the completion of today's work. I feel a sudden change of heart. In this state of mind, I felt that lighting the fire, which I had been doing randomly, was somewhat of a ritual.

 It was a little past noon, and there was almost nothing left to correct. Finally, I compared it with the wooden pattern, used a cheat sheet, and finished it completely.
 There was still one last step to be done. Sharpening. The shape of the sword is already the original one, but it cannot be cut because it does not have an edge. Use the cheats to carefully and deliberately attach the blade. If you sharpen it, it will naturally be worn down and you may lose some of its magic power, so use all of your concentration to sharpen it. I could feel the hard edge of the blade in my hand, and I could hear the glassy clang of the blade, a different sound from when I struck it with the hammer.

"Okay, that's it.
 When I said that, the four of us, including Liddy, cheered loudly. Looking at the finished product again, I'm convinced that this is what the sword was originally designed to look like.
It's done. Please check it out.
Yes, sir. Okay.
 After handing over the sword, Liddy-san began to check it with a gaze as if he were looking at each piece of tissue. I'm confident that it will be fine, but I can't help but salivate because this is a request. It's not Liddy's fault, but the original is probably based on his own assumptions. If it doesn't fit that, then it's a failure in my opinion. In that case, you may have to redo it, and in some cases, you may not be able to meet the deadline. When I think about it, my body shrinks more and more. My three daughters seem to feel the same way, staring at Ms. Liddy with piercing eyes. I appreciate the sentiment, but if you stare too much, it might make it harder for Ms. Liddy to check you.

 Mr. Liddy put the sword on the table. The check is over. I stared at her for a moment. Liddy-san seemed to flinch for a moment as the four of us looked at her, but she quickly regained her composure and said
Thank you very much. It's more than I could have hoped for.
 She said.
 Samija was overjoyed and stood up, hugging Rike and Diana. I was happy too, but there was one thing that bothered me.

I'm happy for you, but there's one thing that's bothering me: what do you mean by "more" than you're looking for, ......?
 It wasn't anger, it wasn't sadness, it was purely a question that I wanted to ask.