96 the first day off

 We finished the day by making a good number of knives. From here on, there would be some work to be done between now and then to retrieve the beasts that Samija and Deanna had hunted, but basically, this was the beginning of a two-day vacation. I was getting excited, no matter what.

 As I was tidying up the workshop, Saamya and Deanna came home. When I asked them what they had achieved today, they said, "A big deer. If it's big, we can use it to make a tendon. I asked Samija about that.
"Yes. I'd like to give Deanna a bow soon.
 He said. I'm a blacksmith, but as you can see from the fact that I can make sheaths and such, I can make bows as well. Of course, I'm talking about using cheats, and it can't be as special as something made by blacksmithing.
I'll think about making one on my next day off.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to try to make a wooden bow or not. If I were to make one, it would be a single wooden bow, regardless of whether or not I would try laminating it.
 I've always thought that Diana would need a bow if she was going to hunt anyway, so this is a good opportunity for her. It's a good thing that you're here.
Thank you, Eizo.
I'll thank you, too. Thank you.
I've never made a bow before, so I'm learning.

You can make all kinds of things, from weapons to food to furniture.
 Rike, who had finished cleaning up her work, joined the conversation.
"Well... I've been dabbling in a lot of things, and I've learned to make a lot of things, I guess.
 I reply to Rike, but this is mostly a lie. Of the cheat abilities I received, the first priority was blacksmithing, of course, but of the remaining points I received, the priorities were the world's language, production, and combat.
 If you think about the fact that the combat ability you received from that was able to win a fight with a bear or compete with probably the best mercenaries of the day, you can get some idea of your overall production ability, even if you don't specialize in it. In other words, you can make things that are much better than those of ordinary people. In the case of my blacksmithing work, I can make general models that are one step ahead of high-end models. Apparently, the meaning of "production" is quite broad, and applies to almost all kinds of "making".
 That's why I can make a lot of things, not that I've done a lot of things. In fact, the reason why my food is so good is because of the cheat.

 However, conversely speaking, I am no match for the masters of my field. If Helen and I were to go head-to-head, I could outlast her for a long time, but if she were to come after my life completely, I might be able to withstand her for a while, but in the end, I would be defeated.

 As for the language ability, I don't know how much of it applies to me, since I'm only speaking the "common language", the language commonly used by various races in this world. At the very least, it's not the kind of language that can be used to talk to wolves, so it's possible that you can understand something more meaningful, such as the western dialect of lizardmen spoken by local lizardmen, although I'm not sure if it exists.

 Anyway, before I use my cheat ability to make a bow for my next vacation, I have to make a fishing rod and hook tomorrow for the day after tomorrow.

 The next day, the four of us pulled up a deer. It was quite a big one. It's one of the biggest I've ever seen, so I expect the tendons to be quite long. The longer the tendon, the longer it will be, since it will be unraveled and twisted into a thread. Samija knows how to do this, so I'll leave the actual work to her.
 Dismantle it quickly as usual, and separate it into meat, skin, and bones. The bones can be used, but they are not very good for the difficulty of processing, so they are thrown away. The skin is left to Cāmya, who knows how to handle it as well as the tendons. The rest of us work on preserving the meat. Of course, we save the meat to eat before it gets damaged. For this lunch, I simply grilled the meat, but it is good enough even if it is not elaborate.

 After lunch, I made a rod and hook for the next day. As before, I used the thinnest thread we had, so I didn't make any.
 I look for a branch in the forest for the rod. I'm an old man, but I used to be a boy, so I've already mastered the skill of finding a nice branch. I don't know if he actually has such a skill, but boys are good at finding such things, aren't they? Since I have a rod that I've used before, I'm going to get a couple of "nice branches" and shape them with a knife. The key here is to make them bend in a nice way. Of course, this is done with cheats, so be careful.

 Once the rod is made, it's time to make the hook. I usually make swords and knives, but this kind of detailed work requires more concentration. Perhaps it's a blessing that I'm 30 years young and my presbyopia hasn't started yet. Perhaps my eyesight has been strengthened in the same way as my muscle strength has been strengthened. I've heard in the past that seeing close is related to the muscles of the eye.
 You are practicing knife-making during your vacation, and the loud sound of a rickety knife is mixed with a small tsk-tsk-tsk sound in the workshop. Depending on how you listen to it, it may sound like a hi-hat being tapped. It's all rhythm and no melody, so it's not quite music, but it's not a bad session.
 There are moments when I wonder if it's a good idea to use cheats for this kind of thing, but when I think about the fact that the quality of the hook might affect the catch, I have to use them. Work hard, hobby hard.

 Thus, I completed seven hooks (including spares) with all my strength, and waited for the next day's fishing day.