97 the second day off

 The next day, today was the day we all went fishing in the nearby river. Unlike the last time, this time there is Deanna, who is probably not used to fishing, so there is another candidate for failure in addition to me. It's not that I'm competing with her, but it's always good to have a friend like that. ....... I carried the tinder, a basket with my lunch, a pot of water to boil, and other things in my backpack. Now we're off.

 The river we're going to fish today is a little far from our house. I checked with Samija and Deanna, and they said that the biggest river is further away from here. This is a tributary, or one of the rivers flowing out of the lake. It's a bit far to get to the big river, and it would take almost as long to get there as to get to the city. That's a long way. And the big river is probably very deep, so it would be difficult to cross it. I'd like to see it, though.

 The four of us search for a suitable spot for fishing. The area where we had fished before seemed to be good, but we looked for other good spots. Eventually, we found a good spot for fishing, so we laid out a rug on the riverbank and placed a basket with our lunch in it. After turning over some rocks and securing some bait, we started fishing.

 Deanna was able to put a worm on the hook as usual. I was expecting her to make a little more noise, but she didn't, and I was disappointed. When I asked her about it, she said
When I asked him about it, he said, "Because I used to play with my brothers like this when I was a kid.
 I played with my brothers like this when I was a kid. That's what I thought. ....... I feel a little sorry for my father's effort.

 The four of us scattered and dropped our lines on the surface of the river. The sun was shining brightly. The current is not too fast, and the breeze is blowing, making it a very nice place to relax. As I was thinking that this kind of calm holiday is nice, I heard the sound of water splashing. It seemed that Samija had caught a fish.
"Oh, that's a big one!
 I exclaimed. I shouted in surprise. A river fish of about 15 centimeters was flailing about at the end of the line. I was a little worried that the line might break, but Samija pulled it smoothly to her hand and quickly removed the hook.
What do you think?
 Cermiah proudly held up the fish he had just caught. It's a big fish, so I can understand why he would want to do that. We held the rod in our arms and clapped our hands. Samija was the first to spear the fish, but we were not to be outdone. Now we could have an extra dish for dinner, and there was no more talk of us all losing and splitting.

 After that, whether the fish were alarmed by our catch or not, or whether we made too much noise, we didn't get any bites.
I said, "It's about time, let's take a break and have lunch.
 I said, and the three of them agreed, so we all started to prepare. We found a broken branch and made it into a firewood, built a fire, and boiled water in a pot filled with water from the river. After boiling the mint leaves I had picked, I poured them into a wooden cup and started my lunch. In the previous world, I saw an anime where girls camped like this. Now there's an old man in the mix, though, and it's not so loose.

 We are eating lunch and talking. Samija, who had already caught one fish, was giving a lecture on how to fish with a relaxed expression. She said that when she was living alone, she once caught a fish with a rough net made of tree bark. I don't have a net at home now, and I'm fishing with a pole because I don't want to eat them, but if I want to fish for food, I'd better use a net or a longline (though I think it should be thick enough to be called a rope). I might have to think about making a longline .......
 After lunch, we settled down and took up our positions again to cast our lines. Perhaps because the position of the sun has changed, the surface of the river looks different from that of the morning. I hope the fish will be dazzled by the light and come out to feed.

 It was Deanna who let out a small scream. Apparently, the fish had bitten. Samija was standing right next to her, giving her various instructions. Deanna followed her instructions and safely caught the fish. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that she wields a sword on a daily basis in her training, but even though she was listening to the instructions, there was no waste in her movements. The fish was easily placed in Deanna's hands.
"There, there, how's that?
 With a smile of delight, she showed me the fish she had caught. It's a bit smaller than the one Samija caught, but it's big enough.
You're good. Congratulations.
 I praised Deanna honestly. I'm sure that in the previous world, you would have taken a picture with your phone, but unfortunately in this world, there seems to be no phone, let alone a picture. There may be similar magical tools or magic, though. If I ask someone to give me or teach me how to use a magic sword, I'll ask them to do so if I meet someone who might be willing to do so.

 After that, Rike also caught a fish, and I was the only one without a fish again. Since I had been spinning out of control in the past, I tried to keep my spirits down. While I was persevering, Samija caught another fish, and we went for a walk around the neighborhood, thinking that the Eizo family had reached their quota. No, it was Samija's kindness, thinking that the probability of catching a fish would be higher if she were not there. I'm sure she's right.

 Eventually, when I was about to leave, I decided to make one last throw. Of course, I didn't get any bites until this point. I waited for a while and thought it was over, but then I felt a jerk on my rod.
 Just as I was about to hook it, I lost the response. I had been caught. I fell to my knees with a crash. Apparently, the production cheat doesn't work for fishing. Of course not.

"Well, well, well, there's enough to go around. Right?
 Deanna asks Samija and Rique to agree.
"Oh, yeah. I'll give the big one to Eizo!
"That's right. This is what families do for each other, mister!
Thank you, .......
 Your follow-up is really heartwarming.

 The time was almost up, so I quickly cleaned up and went home.
 I thought I had salted the grilled fish just right, but I felt that mine was strangely salty.