108 arrival

 Soon, tents were lined up here and there, and smoke was rising from the kamado. Firewood is piled up on the bonfire pit, but the sun has not yet set, so it will not be lit until later. After setting up their tents, the soldiers took a short rest until the food was ready.
 Since there is no water nearby, we will use the water in the barrels for both food and supplies. Tomorrow's lunch break will be near a water hole again, so we'll fill up there. Miss Frederica is keeping a record of how much water we have used. Once we arrived at the encampment, Miss Frederica seemed to be quite busy running around.

 Considering that a total of about fifty soldiers, twelve days' worth of food, firewood and three days' worth of water, cooking utensils including a stove, a set for blacksmithing work, and the fodder for the horses that carry them are carried in wagons, a considerable number of wagons have been mobilized.
 In the case of war, the number of soldiers moving around is different, so they don't need to be carried by wagons, but are made to walk, and to some extent they are requisitioned, so the number of wagons is reduced in proportion, but in any case, logistics are hard work.

 Whenever food is available, there is a long line. There is no way to get rid of this. We'll head for the supply convoy after the lines are gone. We're going to have dinner with Sandro's men. The dinner is dried meat cooked and rehydrated, and put on bread baked into a hard dish. The bread is hard but not tough, so it can be eaten as it is. It can be used as a plate. The bread is hard but not tough, so it can be eaten as is.

 The supply team ate together with Delmotte and his escorts in a friendly atmosphere. It's best to eat together and get to know each other so that you can help each other in times of need. We finished eating while talking about many things.

 After the meal, we had free time until the sun went down. I asked Miss Frederica if she had any spare rags, needles and thread. Then she walked quickly to the wagon. The way she walks is like a squirrel. In general, she is a young lady with a small animal feeling. I followed her, feeling somewhat relaxed.
This wagon will be fine. It's from the Amur family, and we're allowed to use it freely.
"I see. Thank you very much.
 After I thanked her, Miss Frederica bowed and padded away.

 It took some searching, but I found a blanket, a piece of cloth, and a needle and thread. I guessed they were for spares or to mend the clothes I was wearing when they were torn. There were other spares for everything, and as long as we could put them back, we should be fine.
 Back at the tent, we make a bag out of scraps of cloth. Don't cut it so that you can put it back together, just fold it in half and sew the ends together. Since you are not filling it with cotton, the seams can be rough. After sewing, turn it over, fill it with the blanket, sew the openings closed, and you have a simple cushion. I'll give it to Miss Frederica tomorrow. Women are in a different tent. I don't want to be misunderstood by a man who approaches me carelessly.

 The sun has set and the bonfires have been lit. All that's left for today is to go to bed. All the soldiers except the ones on shifts are going back to their tents. We're no exception. We quickly wrapped ourselves in blankets and lay down. We were unexpectedly tired, and soon the sleeper took us to the world of sleep.

 The next morning, I woke up just before the sun came up. The cooks seemed to be up already. They work hard. I lazily got up, took out a water bottle from my pack, took a sip, and went outside the tent to exercise. Since I'm going to be in the wagon all day, I need to be active.
 As soon as the sun rises, breakfast begins. All the supply troops take breakfast together. We eat together, talking about the day's itinerary. After that, we load everything into the wagon and leave. We got into the wagon too.

Yes, sir.
Here you go.
 I give Miss Fredrika a cushion I made yesterday.
"What's this?
Uh, put it under your butt. It'll probably help a lot.
"Oh, I see. Thank you very much.
 Miss Frederica took it smilingly and put it under her buttocks. I'm starting to think I needed that thing. Well, okay.
 Miss Frederica, who is in a good mood on the cushion, looks more and more like a little animal. The sight of her makes the people in the carriage feel much more relaxed. This alone was worth the effort of making it.

 This day's lunch break was also near the watering hole, as the day before. When I got out of the carriage, I said to Miss Frederica
The pain in my buttocks is much better now. Thank you very much.
 Thank you very much. She's a lovely girl, and I'm honestly happy. It's no different in blacksmithing or in this kind of work to be happy when people are pleased with what you've made. I almost patted her on the head, but managed to hold it back.

 After that, it was the same thing as yesterday until I reached my destination. Not many thieves or beasts would attack a large number of armed men on the march, and the weather was not particularly bad.

 And so, on the evening of the third day, we set up camp in the plaza near the cave. Tomorrow morning, we will start setting up our camp.