109 Mission Initiation

 Last night, we only set up camp here because we were on the move, but from today on, this will be the frontline base for the strike force. From today on, however, this place will be the frontline base of the strike force, so we need to set up additional facilities accordingly.
 The tent for living space is sufficient as it was during the encampment, but a larger tent for the command center is being newly set up by the soldiers. In another place, stakes have been driven into the ground to create a kind of simple stable.

 I also built a simple forge, which will be my workplace here. I dug a hole, set up two pillars, and covered them with cloth for a roof. It may be easier to understand the triangle if you think of the diagonal sides as the cloth, the bottom as the ground, and the rest as openings. I made a brick fire pit at the widest opening. It was difficult to assemble the bricks in such a way that the wind from the fugot would blow properly. One thing that helped me was that the blacksmith cheat seemed to work for setting up the forge as well, so I could "know" where to put the forges to get the most work done. I wonder if this is to rebuild the house when it has to be abandoned for some reason.
 I didn't see any efficient setups when I was watching the tent setup, so I guess it wasn't production or blacksmithing. I guess that's not production or blacksmithing. ......
 No furnace this time. I'm not going to put up a furnace this time, just something that can be fixed by heating it on the fire pit. If it takes more than two weeks or so, it would be better to bring a furnace and ironstone, though.

 I'll ask Mr. Delmotte to help me put the anvil near the fireplace. Then I'll bring a barrel of charcoal and a barrel of water. In addition, put the three small barrels that were emptied during the march up to this point on their bottoms, and place one near the anvil as a chair, another near the chair as a tool rest, and the last as a whetstone stand.
 The rest of the work is to get a hammer and a sawhorse (specially made) from the cargo in your tent, and a statue of the goddess, and set the statue on a shelf on a pillar. I'm afraid to put it on the ground.

 Put a shovel for throwing charcoal into the fire pit, a soldering iron on the tool rack, a hammer and a soldering iron from home on the top, and a whetstone on the grinding stone stand, and you have the Eizo workshop branch office. I think I can take on any number of repairs.

 While I was looking at the appearance of the workshop, Miss Frederica came pacing over to me, also looking at the appearance of the workshop and shouting in admiration.
Wow, it's amazing. You look like a blacksmith.
"Well, I am a blacksmith.
I can sell you knives and scissors.
 Miss Frederica smiles and jokes as she writes something on a document.
The prices are high because of the war zone.
The price is very high.
"Well, I'm a cheap blacksmith.
 "I'm a cheap blacksmith," she says, laughing and joking with me.
If you run out of charcoal and water, just let me know. I'll be at the command center when you're ready to work. Also, like I said before I came, I'll bring the repair requests. That's all I want you to fix. Anything that doesn't go through me won't be included in the reward, so please be careful.
 So if you don't care about the reward, you don't need to go through Miss Frederica? That's what I thought, but she didn't even bother to say anything.
"I understand.
 I said with a smile.

 It's a good thing I opened a branch office, but of course there's no work yet. As I walked toward the cooking area, I saw a lizardman in leather armor and a Marit soldier coming back. They were probably scouting, since they were coming from the direction where I had said there was a cave. They walked toward the command post.
 The other soldiers were building a fence with the trees they had cut down. As expected, there are no elves or giants in sight, but there are lizardmen and dwarves in the party. The dwarf soldiers were giving instructions on where to build the fence, and the human soldiers were listening to them and putting up the fence with wood.

 I walked past them to the cooking area. Sandro's father was cleaning the knives, and the two young men were nowhere to be seen. --I say "master," but my spirit and age are not so different. But my body is getting younger, so I have to call them accordingly.
"Hey, old man.
"Oh, you're Eizo. What's up?
Well, I built a workshop, but it looks like I won't be working for a while, so I thought I'd sharpen your knife.
Oh, I see. I'll be out at least once today, but it won't be for a while. Until you come back, there's nothing you can do, right?
That's right. That's right. I don't want to have too much time on my hands. It's the life of a chef, so I don't want to force you.
No, if you say so, please. I'm almost done with mine, but I still have some of theirs.
Well, where are those two?
They're out fetching water with the soldiers.
I see.
 They're busy. I wonder if I'll get busy too. If I get busy, it means my armor is damaged, and that's not a good thing. It's not a good thing. Considering this, it's not a good idea to get busy.

"This one, this one, and this one?
 I pick up the three knives and check them with the man.
"Yeah, take care of it.
Here you go. I'll have them back in an hour.
 I walk back to the office with the knives in my hand. If this were in the city, the picture would be completely horrible. It's still pretty bad.

 That's when I saw the soldiers assembling. I could see Marius's face high up on a platform. He's probably giving them a warning before they leave. If that's the case, he might come back while I'm sharpening knives if I don't hurry a bit.
 I stopped walking as if I were taking a stroll and hurried back to my work area.