110 branch offices, starting operations

 I rushed back to the office with three knives, wet the whetstone with water and started sharpening one of them. The knives were not in bad condition, but I had to show my professional skills, even with the cheat.

 Using the cheat, I sharpened the blade at an appropriate angle. At first, I thought of lightly resharpening the entire blade, but since time might be pressing, I decided to concentrate only on grinding.
 There is a limit to the extent to which even a cheat can improve performance just by resharpening the blade. Well, there's no need to improve the performance to that extent in the first place, since it would be a problem for the young people if the blade was made to cut the cutting board.

 Since I only sharpened the blade and it was already well taken care of, it didn't take as long as I thought it would to process the three pieces. Finally, I flushed them with water, wiped them with a cloth, and returned to the kitchen.
 On the way, we saw a group of fighters gathering, but there was no one there anymore. It seemed that they were finally on their way to defeat it. They were probably on a reconnaissance mission to see what kind of demons were around today, so they would probably come back before too much damage was done. I don't think we'll have time to sell too much oil.

 When I arrived at the kitchen, Martin and Boris had also returned and were setting up barrels of water in the kitchen. Sandro's wife was preparing the ingredients for dinner.
Sandro's father is preparing the ingredients for dinner.
"Oh, thank you.
 I hand the knife to him. I hand the knife to him. He stares at the knife, then takes the ingredients for dinner, quickly cleans them off, and starts cutting them on the pan. The ingredients, cut with a masterful hand, are almost the same size and fit into the pot.
Well done.
That's what I'm talking about. You've got good hands, Eizo. It's a shame to let them use it.
It's been well cared for, and it's ......
It's my job.
I see!
 The man laughed gaily.
I'll see it tomorrow if you want.
Oh, come on!
 I waved my hand and left the kitchen. I waved my hand and left the kitchen, but I was followed by a shout from the owner, "If you treat him badly, I won't care! I could hear him shouting after me.

 After stopping by our tent on the way, I came back to the station and immediately started to make a fire with charcoal on the fire pit. I could have started it after the party came back and I received the request, but I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, and there were some things I wanted to check while I was there.

 When the coals were hot enough, I grabbed a piece of sheet metal that I had brought with me when I stopped by the tent and put it in the fire pit. I had brought a few things with me, in case something went wrong.
 With your knives, you can't just leave your work in the middle and start repairing, but with this, you can stop your work whenever you want. I'm sure I'll use extra charcoal, but if Miss Frederica gets mad, I'll ask her to deduct the cost.

 As I manipulate the fuselage and add more charcoal, I heat the sheet metal to a workable temperature. Because this was not our usual workshop, and because of the inconvenience of not being able to use magic, it took us a little longer than usual.
 I placed the hot sheet metal on the anvil and hammered it with my favorite hammer, while keeping an eye out for the return of the attackers. This part of the work is done as usual.
 Yes, just as he always does when making the "custom-made model. The hammering is not done with a knife, but with the tip of a spear. This doesn't require a lot of sheet metal, and the handle can be used here if procured locally. The handle can be removed at this point, and the spearhead can be reused by bringing it back as a small piece and casting it.
 After beating it a few times to get the material uniformity, I made full use of the cheat to coat it with magic particles.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
I see.
 If you combine what Liddy told me about demons being born when magic stagnates and the fact that there are demons in the nearby caves, it was easy to understand, but when you actually work on it like this, you can actually feel it.
There's a lot of magic here.
 I thought to myself. And what's more, just as I'm thinking this, I sense someone coming, and I discreetly place the tip of the tool in the corner of the workshop.

 It was Miss Frederica who came. She was followed by two soldiers with a barrel in their hands.
Eizo-san, please repair the armor in these barrels. Here is the list.
 Miss Frederica held out a document, which I took and looked over. A couple of longswords are chipped and bent, and a couple of round shields. It looks like she messed around a bit and came right back. This shouldn't take too long.
"Yes, sir.
 I confirm, and I reply.
"Well, thank you, sir. Please come to the command center when you're done.
 Miss Frederica bowed with a gesture reminiscent of a small animal, and then left with the soldiers. If you're using a bow, you'll need to calculate how to replenish your arrows.
 Thinking of Miss Frederica's hardship, I pulled out the sword from the barrel and plunged it into the fire to start my own work.